Former Mexican Military Launched Hit Squad in Phoenix


Former Congressman JD Hayworth is reporting on KFYI-550 of an incident that local liberal media is apparently too frightened to report as the incident it really was. (See “Man killed in home invasion; drugs suspected”)

Hear the audio:
JD Interviews Mark Spencer
JD talks about the police ambush

This last weekend, former Mexican military operatives hired by drug cartels conducted a “hit” on a man in Central Phoenix. This is probably in retaliation for violence and crack downs which occurred in the last week by Mexican troops on the drug cartels.

Bloomberg reports:

June 24 (Bloomberg) — Thirty-eight people were killed in violence tied to Mexican drug cartels yesterday, the highest single-day tally this year, El Universal reported.

Eighteen of the deaths happened in the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez, the Mexico City-based newspaper said, citing its own tally. More than 2,800 troops have been stationed in the state where Ciudad Juarez is located to crack down on the cartels, the newspaper reported.

More than 1,833 people have been killed this year in violence tied to the drug trade in Mexico, the newspaper reported.

This latest incident is a frightening indication that the drug war has become even more brazen as it continues to spread across the border into Arizona.

JD Hayworth reports that three suspects were captured in an attempted ambush on Phoenix Police which may have turned deadly. The three suspects, one who was identified as former Mexican military, were captured with two AR-15 assault weapons, full body armor AND dressed in black assault gear impersonating a Phoenix Police Tactical Team.


  1. I’m not really sure why the fact that they’re former Mexican military is germane to the situation.

    I don’t think anyone doesn’t know that Mexico’s drug war has been spilling into the US for years – heck, the Mexican Mafia got its start in US prisons and the current situation on the border was caused by the take down of the Sonoran cartel by the Mexican Federal Police and the DEA, and the resulting vacuum that was created.

    Is J.D. going to report soon that water is wet? That ice cream is reported to have been associated with deliciousness?

    Quickest way to stop this kind of stuff is decriminalization and legalization, but of course, that’s not ever going to be on the menu, so let’s just continue to flush money down the drug war toilet.

    Oh, and 83rd Avenue and Encanto isn’t in Central Phoenix, that’s well into West Phoenix. And how is a Federal Police raid associated with a local hit? It’s really specious reasoning to assume something happening in Ciudad Juarez on the Texas border is related to something in AZ. Just sayin’.

  2. “an incident that local liberal media is apparently too frightened to report as the incident it really was.”

    right. too frightened. not like you tough no holds barred conservatives. look at you all gallantly riding across the desert on horseback with your lassos in the air! LOL

    If I were to make a picture mocking you people and this site, that is EXACTLY what I would use.

  3. Hey Guys,

    Does anyone know their legal status?

  4. Anonymity says

    Klute, if it’s illegal and bad, how does making it legal make it good? Does that apply to ALL crimes or just the ones you decide are okay? How do you make the distinction? A strong argument has already been made that open borders are bad. How does making it legal change that?

  5. Making something legal doesn’t make it “good” or “bad”, it makes it “legal”. When this country hitched its wagon to the idiotic idea of alcohol prohibition, we saw the rise of the Mob. The prohibtion of drugs has led to the rise of the street gang. If Merck was enforcing its patent on MDMA or if the average person was allowed to grow pot on their own land, you’d see the Mexican Mafia and MS-13 go out of business – you don’t need an entrenched criminal organization to provide the supply to the demand (which is never, ever, ever going away) if you’re able to buy drugs from state run store (like Utah has with alcohol) or if you can make it yourself.

    But like I said, it’s never going to happen because society will come crashing down if they get their buzz from a joint or a pill rather than the good old fashioned way of pounding back a glass.

  6. Personally I support legalization, however this is not the issue, as long as they are illegle, lawbreakers and violators should be punished. The impetus for the assault is not the problem. The fact that former Mexican soldiers were in our country illegaly and threatening US residents is the point. This is why it is germane. The first thing a state must due is maintain legitimate control of force within its borders. This situaiton needs to be brought under control. Either a fence, a system of gates and patrols…etc. Immigrants should come through the proper legal channels and the border secure from criminals

  7. Be sure to get them to their consulate office for legal help or their death penalty convictions will be thrown out by the world court.

    Make sure they face the stiffest of penalties for illegal entry and murder

  8. Because they are in the US illeagly and pretending to be police you could quiz the Mexican Govenment about them and if they wash their hand of responibility for them treat them as terrorists instesd of normal criminals. I think that may be enough to ensure they end up dead or in a camp in Cuba for longer than they would spend in gaol depending on if they will tell who hired them.

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