Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas Applauds Governor Brewer for Signing Senate Bill 1070

PHOENIX, ARIZONA APRIL 23, 2010.  Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas applauds Governor Jan Brewer for signing Senate Bill 1070 earlier today.
Thomas is currently campaigning for Arizona Attorney General.

While in office Thomas supported and advised the legislature about the legislation.

“This will give state and local law enforcement officials important new tools for the fight against illegal immigration.  I strongly support its passage and look forward to defending the law in court next year should I be elected Attorney General,” Thomas said.
During Thomas’ time in office, crime rates have plummeted.  The 19 percent drop is more than twice the national rate of decline, and in despite of an 11 percent increase in the county’s population during that time.  The illegal immigrant population has dropped by anywhere from 18 percent (Dept. of Homeland Security estimate) to 30 percent (Center for Immigration Studies estimate).  Like the fall in crime rates, this dramatic decline in illegal immigration is far greater than the average in the rest of the nation.
Thomas’ office successfully prosecuted the Baseline Killer and Serial Shooting suspects.  During his tenure he has pushed for harsher penalties against child predators and, more recently, launched an innovative program to restore Gila River habitat and pursue charges against environmental pollution there.  Thomas is in favor of the death penalty and has been criticized by defense lawyers for his toughplea bargain policies.  He has tackled tough public corruption cases and led innovative programs to ensure better food safety and crack down on graffiti and cruelty to animals.
Thomas is married with four children.  He is a graduate of Harvard Law School.  Prior to serving as Maricopa County Attorney, Thomas served as an assistant attorney general for Arizona, deputy counsel and criminal justice policy advisor to the Governor, special assistant to the Director of the Arizona Department of Corrections, and a deputy county attorney.
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  1. Where was Tom Horne?

  2. the horne has been silent

  3. Good for Thomas. He has always stood for the right thing. First thing Romley does is side with illegals. Fits right in with the Board of Supervisors agenda of open boarders. Once again Romley and the board find themselves in a position opposite the will of the voters. They do however line up with with the Obama administration.

    With Thomas as AG and Martin as Governor, Arizona will again be for Arizonans.

  4. 78% of Arizonans are for SB1070. Where is Horne & Romley (HA HA)?

  5. Can’t wait for Andrew Thomas to take office now that Mexico has warned that SB1070 will affect cross-border relations. 🙂

    Although it’s not clear what they mean by that. Perhaps Mexico going to ban Western Union transactions from Arizona? Maybe they’ll be defunding border crossing cell phone apps at American universities? They could be planning a jobs bill of their own, that’ll teach us!

    Then there’s groveling Grijalva calling on DHS to ignore AZ law enforcement. Maybe that’s their punishment.

  6. WOW! I did not know that Press Release was a writer on Sonoran Alliance. So in the future, everytime I get an e-mail from Press Release, I will know who that is.

  7. Where are Ann and Travis?

    Holed up with Glen Hamer?

    Inquiring minds would like to know?

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    Sonoran Alliance: a branch of Rose and Allyn Public Relations?

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