Former Congressman Tancredo Endorses Sam Crump

Border Hawk Tancredo praises Crump’s proven track record

Phoenix, AZ, May 12, 2010 – Former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has endorsed Sam Crump in his campaign to represent Arizona’s Third Congressional District.

Tancredo served 10 years in the U.S. Congress, where he became a leading advocate for securing the country’s borders and working tirelessly to fight illegal immigration.  Tancredo is considered a leading conservative voice upholding the principles of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater, and he compiled an impressive 99 rating from the American Conservative Union.

In his endorsement of Crump, Tancredo said “I heartily endorse Sam Crump for the U.S. Congress and urge every voter who cares about the issues of border security, national security, and fighting illegal immigration, to stand with Sam and cast your vote for him in the Republican Primary on August 24th.”  Tancredo added “Sam has the experience and a proven track record of fighting for those ideals and the people who make our country great, and those qualities distinguish him from the rest of the field.”

Crump thanked Tancredo for his endorsement and commented “It is an honor to gain the support of a true patriot like Tom Tancredo.  He understands the dangers posed by illegal immigration and spoke on this matter long before most others had.  I look forward to continuing to fight to secure our borders and defend our nation when I am elected to Congress.”

Sam Crump is a U.S. Army veteran and a founding partner in the law firm of Boates & Crump.  He was the charter President of the Rotary Club of Anthem and founded an orphanage in Uganda.  He is also a member of the American Legion.

While serving in the Arizona House of Representatives, Crump was an original co-sponsor of S.B. 1070.



  1. Oberserve says

    Tancredo supports national ids. Does that make Crump a big government liberal or RINO?

  2. Moon Valley GOP says

    When you consider how many folks like Jim DeMint and his 98 ACU rating, I’m thinking Tancredo must have been very conservative to get that 99. Oberserve can react react how he wants regarding national ids, but I don’t read anything in here about national IDs, so I’m guessing that’s just a random slam at Tancredo. What Tancredo is definitely solid on is the border, so its a good endorsement on that score.

  3. watching says

    Good job, Tom.

    You made the “right” candidate to endorse!

  4. TrueAZConservative says

    The right candidate and the candidate with proven leadership on conservative issues is Pamela Gorman. Gorman stood up against her own party when they tried to send the sales tax measure to the ballot when she was in the senate; a vote that “actually mattered”…according to Crump. Gorman also supported bills for privatization and government accountability that Crump voted no on. Gorman is the true conservative in the CD3 race.

  5. Yeah, right. says

    As obnoxious as Overswerve can be, he is right.

    Gotta have a real national id, or all of this immigration disaster is for nothing.

    REAL ID- or you are just another illegal Aussie, or a Canadian.

  6. Oberserve says

    Dont forget that while Gorman stood up to the party to ensure that tax cuts would get paired to a referendum to the ballot, she quit, resulting in the referendum for a tax increase with NO paired tax cuts.

    I’ll never forget that. Neither should you.

    She felt she was too good for the AZ legislature, cut and ran, leaving the principled position first in the lurch and then completely dropped and abandoned.

  7. TrueAZConservative says

    Observerve…so no one can ever quit a job? That doesn’t make sense. Or does that mean you are voting for Quayle, since he has never really had a job in the first place?? Well, actually he quit two law firms, so that leaves him out as well. I guess you’ll just have to not vote, since everyone running in the race has had a job that they have quit. Wise up! Gorman is the true conservative, with the leadership and record to prove it!

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