Former Congressman John Shadegg Endorses Matt Salmon

CONTACT: Robert Johnson

“[Matt] recognizes that growth of government constricts this nation’s fundamental value of individual liberty.”

EAST VALLEY – Former Congressman Matt Salmon announced today that Former Congressman John Shadegg has endorsed his bid for Congress. Shadegg was elected to Congress in 1994 alongside Salmon as part of the “Republican Revolution.” He is a long-time fiscal conservative who has fought for lower taxes and against government waste. Shadegg was also a leading advocate in Congress and in the National Conservative Movement for limited government.

Shadegg said, “I worked with Matt Salmon for many years in Congress. He recognizes that growth of government constricts this nation’s fundamental value of individual liberty. He is a solid conservative and I know he will fight to reduce government spending, bring federal tax relief to hardworking Americans, and re-establish state and individual rights. Courage is a rare thing in Washington and Matt Salmon has proven time and again he has it. He has proven that he will work to change Washington without Washington changing him. I support Matt because we need someone who knows his way around and won’t be intimidated by the old bulls and the power elite. You won’t need to bet on Matt because of his rhetoric you can count on him because of his actions.”

“I am truly thrilled to receive the support of Congressman Shadegg,” said Salmon. “He is a great statesman and was truly a model for fiscal responsibility while he served in Congress. I cherished the time I was able to serve with him and pledge to continue his commitment fiscal conservatism, lower taxes and limited government.”

About Former Congressman John Shadegg
John Shadegg, a native Arizonan, grew up in the shadow of Barry Goldwater, one of our country’s and Arizona’s most revered statesmen. Shadegg’s father, Stephen, was Senator Goldwater’s campaign manger and speechwriter. From these two men, Shadegg learned that the most important thing in politics, and in life, is integrity. Throughout his fourteen years representing Arizona’s Third Congressional District, Shadegg has remained true to his principles and acted in the best interest of Arizona and the nation, regardless of consequence.

About Matt Salmon
Matt Salmon was first elected to the United States Congress in 1994 and served until 2000, honoring his term limit pledge. A proud fiscal conservative, Salmon was rated in the top five among all 535 members of the House and Senate by Citizen’s Against Government Waste for all six years he was in office. He is a lifetime member of the NRA with an A+ rating and also earned a 100% rating by the National Right to Life. He was also the proud recipient of the American Cancer Society’s “Top National Elected Official” award.



  1. Oberserve says

    Two neocon peas in a pod. Both Salmon and Shadegg helped contribute to the 13 trilion national debt and did nothing to stop it. Now, we’re paying $500 billion / year, about the size of the DoD budget, just on the INTEREST on that debt.


    Thanks, guys!

  2. Tiny Elvis says

    Sweet — Matt joins the ranks of other successful Shadegg endorsements such as Ron Carmichael, Sydney Hay, Tony Bouie and Jim Ward.

  3. amattclarkson says

    Shadegg can’t seem to catch a break. I hope he didn’t bet on the Kentucky Derby, because he’d probably lose himself a lot of money. Shadegg is no longer political so his endorsement of Salmon is more of a good ‘ole boys endorsement.

    • Well, if I was a betting man, I would bet that the endorsements of Trent Franks & John Shadegg will do more for Matt Salmon than the group of liberal establishment endorsements that have gone to Kirk Adams.

      But here’s my even bigger bet, most voters don’t pay much attention to endorsements, but they will remember that Matt Salmon was a very good conservative while he represented that district in Congress before the RINO Jeff Flake was elected by faking to be a conservative. Salmon should win the race going away. Adams shouldn’t have quit his day job.

  4. Matt

    I wonder if that logic applies to Jon kyl. Or dose it just apply to those that choose not to go with Kirk?

  5. AZGOP2012 says

    Definitely some good ‘ol boys stuff goin on here. Kyl endorsement trumps Shadegg and Franks.

    • Not with conservatives it doesn’t.

      • Tiny Elvis says

        Thank you for speaking up on behalf of all conservatives Tyler.

        Just curious Tyler if you can take a look at Salmon’s lobbying clients and honestly come back with a straight face and classify all of them as “conservative”?

        • That might be the most absurd comment of the day.

          Do you take your paychecks from only conservatives?
          Did you make sure that when you moved into your house that only republicans worked on it?
          When you ordered lunch did you check the servers party registration?

          And don’t come write some inept response about him choosing his clients. If we had to make money based on political ideas, this country would be a third world economy.

          Get real.

          • Oberserve says

            It’s absurd to take as a foregone conclusion that Salmon is a conservative.

            Unfortunately, there are no conservatives in this race.

          • Observe-

            I don’t take as a foregone conclusion that Salmon is a conservative. I only defend his time in Congress when he was one of the most conservative members of the entire House of Representatives.

            Obviously, anybody can change. Barry Goldwater went off the liberal deep-end near the end of his life. Sandra Day O’Connor went off the liberal deep-end before she retired from the Supreme Court. It’s common to want fame & let societal pressures change a politician.

            I like people who make promises & keep them. I am absolutely opposed to term limits in concept since it takes the good out with the bad & term limit pledges because they cause unneeded lame ducks. But if a politician promises something, I respect that politician when he keeps his promises. Matt Salmon has done that in the past. I expect he will continue to do that in the future too. I have no reason to think otherwise.

          • Tiny Elvis says

            I realize the sarcasm could have been lost in the tone of my post AJ. Perhaps if I had put it in italics, or noted (*sarcasm*) it would have been more evident.

            Could the same be said then AJ for individuals such as Flake, for example, that single issues or votes should not define one as not being “conservative.”

            That is, if single clients (or a couple in Matt’s case) can’t be counted as defining a persons political ideologies, can single (or a couple in Jeff’s case) issues be counted as defining a candidate as a RINO?

            Yes, this is a serious question. As a conservative, I have no problem accepting the fact that candidates don’t have to agree with me on every single issue in order to be defined as conservative.

            Unfortunately, my political compass does not guide the world and I certainly am not arrogant enough to believe my personal values and beliefs are the only valid factor in determining a candidates qualified status.

            Only in Arizona would Republicans be arguing over whether Salmon, Flake or Adams are actual “conservatives.”

            It’s quite absurd.

  6. Uncle Father Oscar says

    Comparing the lobbyist/client to an employer/employee relationship is naive in my view. What Salmon lobbied for is absolutely relevant to what he stands for.

    I am also tired of hearing about the term limit pledge. Salmon “honored” his term limit pledge in order to run for governor. And now he is using his pledge as a talking point for this campaign when he is in fact running for another term. I don’t like term limits but is Salmon really running on te platform that he honored his pledge when he is in fact breaking that pledge by running for another term? Or do term limit pledges have expiration dates?

  7. Uncle Father Oscar says

    One more thing…

    Will Salmon’s tv commercials start off by saying “brought to you by Highground, the same people who brought you Prop 100 and the 1% sales tax increase”.

  8. Steve Calabrese says

    Tyler, I dispute your allegation that Goldwater went off the “liberal deep end” – there are usually two examples given for that, and both fail when examined.

    1. He endorsed the Democrat Karen English over the Carpetbagger Doug Wead. At the time, Goldwater stated, “I disagree with Karen on politics, but she’s an honest woman who has served Arizona a long time and I trust her more than I do someone who just moved here to get elected.” After Karen English voted for a massive tax increase, he said, “I believe endorsing Karen English was the right thing to do when her opponent was a carpetbagger. I wouldn’t do it again, because of her tax vote and we’ll have a good home-grown Republican to run against her next time.” And, indeed, Goldwater supported JD Hayworth next time around. (Goldwater’s remarks are paraphrased. They are taken from a talk he gave at Scottsdale Community College during these events).

    2. His support for gay rights. No surprise to students of Goldwater’s life. He was always a proponent of the theory that “You should be able to do whatever you want as long as it don’t hurt anyone” and did not particularly care about gay rights one way or another, defaulting to his “it’s none of the government’s business” stance. His behavior on this goes at least back to 1964, when the AuH2O campaign was given information that one of LBJ’s top men had a gay double life. Goldwater himself decided not to use it, saying that it was the man’s own personal life and had no bearing on politics.

    You may disagree with these stances of Goldwater, but to argue that they are evidence of any softening in his old age would be mistaken given that they are in line with how the man always behaved.

  9. Iron Eagle says

    I don’t care who endorses Salmon! While as a lobbyist he represented the City of El Mirage to defeat the F-35 from going to Luke Air Force base. I guess as a lobbyist he is fine with having $2 billion dollars a year go to the state of Florida instead of Arizona, so long as he gets paid.

    NO on Salmon!

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    Matt is one overcooked fish that’s beginning to go ripe. Remember Matt, it was because of you that we had to endure 8 years of Nappy. That’s on your watch.

  11. TruGrassroots says

    I’m told that JD will be endorsing Matt soon. If true, Adams is toast for sure!

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