Forget a July 4th Tea Party at the Capitol – Sinema reserved every single day through July 29 for SB1070 protesters


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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sinema exploits the poor

Speaker Adams and Sen. Pres. Burns are complicit


sleeping in parkThey have no lives, but instead of helping them change their luck, AZ State Representative Kristin Sinema reserved the House and Senate lawns at the Arizona State Capitol to allow squatters to sleep there until the 29th of July. We can now celebrate the Fourth of July at the capitol by socializing with fragrant masses protesting the rule of law. How quaint. In reality, how un-American!

You might expect that from someone as irresponsible as Sinema, who has an unblemished record of support for unpopular causes. This time, despite overwhelming voter endorsement of SB 1070, the new legislation that enables police to actually enforce existing law, Sinema wants to engage in protest, outrage-theater by collecting drifters at the Capitol. But what about Kirk Adams, the Speaker of the House, and Robert Burns, Senate President? They ought to know better, but gave their official blessings for this traveling circus. We elect people to serve us, not engage in community agitation, or so we thought.

How much it is costing to pay for the extra police manpower? We don’t have the precise number, but do know the costs are huge. What happens if there is an incident or worse? Who is liable? Why are we allowing people to sleep overnight on the Capitol grounds? It seems as if these legislators are serving some misguided ideology, while draining our wallets to create their own, private, three-ring fiasco, clowns and all.

Did you know this was happening? Neither did we, but we now know Sinema’s army will be camping out every evening so she can promote her opposition to SB 1070, the anti-illegal bill that almost everyone loves except for people who believe laws were made for breaking. It is especially galling that Sinema has sponsored her lawn “festival” even for people from California.

Rep. Sinema is violating her Oath of Office, and maybe more. 1070 was passed in the light of day and has enormous support. If she doesn’t like the bill, let her come up with a better one, but it had better address how to eliminate our burden of illegal aliens, not encourage more to come. Don’t hold your breath. Sinema wrote a bill a few years ago with mandatory sentencing to put Americans in jail if they reported the presence of illegal aliens. Yes, you read that correctly. Are you mad as hell, yet? Are you going to take it anymore? 

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  1. A simple requirement that Rep Sinema be required to sleep there every night would have made this nonsense quite self-limiting.

    So, she also providing toilets?

  2. Sinema is what Sinema does!

    I’d be more wary of Burns and Adams!

    Have McCain and the Chamber issued “Marching Orders” with a primary around the corner?

  3. Every reason-based foreigner has used the SB1070 grace period of three months deciding what to do with the family after the law goes into effect. Already in the media, Mexicans with families were quoted as mulling options of leaving for Colorado, Nevada or simply back to Mexico. Since remittances from Mexicans working in the USA sent back to Mexico run over a billion US$ a year, that means that most maintain a household in Mexico, so they do have something already established to return to. The day SB1070 takes effect, those people will have already given one month’s notice, closed out their houses in AZ and been long gone, spending the rest of the summer getting settled in new digs or in their own homes elsewhere and getting kids ready for their new schools in September, right on schedule.

    THis law gave everyone three month’s notice, long AFTER all schools closed for the summer, and time for families to get their kids enrolled in schools elsewehere.

    Not a soul of that common sense demographic who have families is gonna waste their precious time laying around on the grass for the purpose of being political theatre for grandstanding politicians in downtown Phoenix (120 F) for the month of July. It’ll be at loose ends single guys, transients, druggies, alcoholics, with sour-faced community organizer agitators who can’t get them out of their dazes enough to demonstrate for anything.
    They’ll have to bus in paid professionals from out of state.

  4. Jill Arizona says

    Here’s my encounter with Sinema –

    Check your 1st Amendment Rights at the Door: 8-20-09 Pro-Obamacare Forum

    “I infiltrated the pro-obamacare forum up at Dove Mountain in Tucson this morning. This time, I left my tea party shirt and protest signs at home and put on a dress suit to look like one of the organizers. I arrived right before the meeting and passed out a bunch of anti-obamacare flyers (2 different kinds) as fast as I could. It was SO much fun!!!! Here is the video of Kyrsten Sinema laying down the riot act, letting us know that we could check our 1st Amendment rights at the door.”

  5. “Sinema wrote a bill a few years ago with mandatory sentencing to put Americans in jail if they reported the presence of illegal aliens.”

    This is a lie, as I suspect the rest of this article is.

  6. Kenny Jacobs says


    How could this be a lie? Isn’t this the same bunch who told us Donna Brazile was to be McCain’s campaign manager? 😉

  7. I thought they killed Kenny?? Todd and Kenny must be in bed together. Sinema has done this several times. She, unlike Todd and Kenny is an admitted Socialist. He is a link to just one of the bills she tried to pass making it “ILLEGAL ACTIVITY OR TO INDIVIDUALLY PATROL FOR THE PURPOSE OF DETECTING ALLEGED ILLEGAL ACTIVITY”

    Can you imagine not being able to patrol your own property?

    There are many more where she tried to protect illegals. they are on line if you care to look and even on video at the legislative web site.

  8. Thanks for posting Roger. It backs up my claim that what is being said here is a lie. Also, your claim it would make patrolling one’s own property a crime is absurd.

  9. Hahahahahhaha. Losers!!!! Your hate bill will be shut down in court. In the meantime we will protest it every day.

    BOYCOTT AZ until the right wing extremists are out of power.

  10. todd are you a product of Horne’s public schools? The bill would have clearly make it illegal to patrol anything with the “purpose of detecting illegal activity.”

    learning is fun isn’t it. And Sarah is a great example of the human scum Sinema supports and is infesting the Capitol. Just drive by and you can see them yourself.

    Since you like links try It’s a the legislative calendar. Try hard and to will be able to read it clearly. So I guess everyone is in on the lie.

  11. The Mole says

    Since the federal government has the same law, why don’t you boycott the United States? Just all leave and teach us a lesson. We deserve it.

  12. Roger,
    The law would have made it illegal for armed groups not working with law enforcement to patrol and attempt to enforce laws. It also allowed local governments to recover damages or request an injunction against these groups. It did not make it illegal to protect one’s own property. More to the point, it most certainly did not make it illegal to report illegal aliens. I assume the authors of the above article understand that and therefore are lying.

    As to the calendar, the fact that SInema has reserved the square is not the point of the above article and I think even you understand that. The article contains a whole series of claims which are totally without any basis and seem to be completely made up by the author or author’s.

  13. Jack Hammer says


    If the “right wing extremists” are removed from power, who will you and your cohorts sponge from?

    Creating wealth or the skills to legally acquire it are not found on the political left or in the currucula of the government school system which instills it!

  14. Alicia Gegner says

    Sarah, what hate bill? 1070? No hate in there. I guess you also did not read it. Believe it or not, there are people who cross the border to do us harm, and/or without the intent of becoming one of us. Many are brutalized by those who bring them across. Some are killed by the same folks.

    1070 supporters hate nobody, but do want an orderly process of immigration to make sure you and your family – your family, Sarah, any you too – are protected. You and yours could just as easily be a victim from one of these folks.

    The boycott might actually be a good thing for Arizona, because if there is any success, it harms many of the people you want to protect – illegals. If they cannot earn a living, because of your boycott, they will go away, which is what we want. Now that sounds like a winning proposition.

    I guess you never thought of that, but then again, I notice that lefties rarely do think of cause and effect.

    Someone on radio today suggested that the reason lefties complain about potential abuse with 1070 is because that is what they do with laws – abuse them. We conservatives don’t, but you think we would behave the way you do, so you are sure we are haters, which is what you guys are.

    Sad you cannot see us for what we are.

  15. portrayal says

    Todd, we learned today that the article is accurate. One of our best known legislators confirmed the report. Sorry old man. Nice try, but no cigar.

  16. He is some of text. I’m an individual. If I go out to patrol my property armed, I would violate this.

    13-2320. Domestic terrorism; classification
    21 WEAPON.

  17. ………………..
    Sarah Says:
    June 14th, 2010 at 7:14 pm
    Hahahahahhaha. Losers!!!! Your hate bill will be shut down in court. In the meantime we will protest it every day.

    BOYCOTT AZ until the right wing extremists are out of power

    SO, what’s the correct position? Protect illegals so rich liberals can live the psuedo-nobility life and continue to hire servants at piss-poor wages and be confident the illegals don’t dare complain about work conditions, wages or treatment?

    Wow. moral authority. not.

  18. portrayal,
    Wonderful, who? And what did they say?

  19. Roger,
    Again, you need to understand what ‘patrol’ means. Think patrol officer.

  20. you need to understand English. Go back an watch the video on it and listen to her talk in Caucus.

  21. Let’s face it!

    Our state and society are on the verge of collapse

    Look no furhter than the mindsets of Sarah and Todd to determine why

    They’re straight out of Orwell!

  22. Sarah

    How are you going to earn a living, protesting every day? We that want 1070 are supporting you now. Get a job.

  23. Uhm no, Carlist.

    Orwellian is claiming a law to stopped groups of armed vigilantes is a law that makes it a crime to report illegal aliens. Orwellian is claiming that reserving the House and Senate lawns to hold vigils against SB1070 is an attempt to exploit poor people.

    Our state is not in a crisis because of illegal aliens, socialists or Sinema. It is in a crisis because we have had two decades of politicians that pursued policies that have destroyed the basic functioning of state and local government and have made us an unattractive place to do anything except buy a cheap house.

  24. # The Mole Says:
    June 14th, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    Since the federal government has the same law, why don’t you boycott the United States? Just all leave and teach us a lesson. We deserve it.


    AMEN Mole. 100 fold.

    And while they’re at this “boycott” take that wretched socialist HAG Sinema with them!

  25. Todd:

    And you have yet to grasp the fact that the same folks who created the economy and life style that we both abhor, make their living by the acquisition of cheap, unskilled labor and then using their political power to arrange for subprime loans to purchase cheap houses from the developers who also are in on the labor racket

    Of course the illegal labor is then dumped upon the taxpayer for basic benefits, as to keep sustainable profit margins!

    And oh yeah, the illegal can supplement his or her meager salary by “muling” for the coyote/cartel syndicate which brought him/her here!

    And don’t worry about any embarrassing employer/cartel revelations. Our newly appointed County Attorney has announced that he will NOT enforce human smuggling laws!

    Let’s face it!

    Corruption is bi-partisan

    Dems get cheap votes and dope while the GOP elites get cheap labor!

  26. Stephen Kohut says

    And the illegals cost this state $2.7B a year putting it to those, like me, that pay net taxes.

  27. Democrats are the wealthy Party and are very complicit in hiring illegals, so it isn’t just votes they want, but servants for their swishy lifestyle. Remember Bill Clnton’s search for an Attorney General? All high powered Democrats, all with illegal household help. Went down the candidate list to the scary Janet Reno – unmarried childlesss, no need for illegal nannies, and she probably gave any prospective household staff the eebee-geebees anyway.

    Went to several upscale suburban Washington CHristmas parties and get-togethers a couple years ago. Hard-core Democrats, including precinct treasurer, all very active in Democrat Party local and state politics, local state legislators, and ALL their friends, not a single GOP in the lot of them. Illegal household help from Salvador, and they were open about it, “helping the little guys” with lower wages than they’d pay an American, and of course no benefits. No effort at all to help them apply for legal citizenship.

    The Democrats love spending other people’s money on themslevs, but not their own money, yet they covet the lifestyles of the “rich.” (Checck out Nancy Pelosi’s new offices – 4 times the price of her old office.)
    With illegals accepting lower wages and under the table payments, the upper middle class Democrats can mimic the Lord of the Manor for cheaper.

  28. wanumba,
    So Democrats are the wealthy party but somehow covet the lifestyles of other people who are rich and are apparently not Democrats. And these rich Democrats got rich from other people’s money. Yeah makes a lot of sense.

    You really have to go through some pretzel logic to make your points, don’t you?

  29. Stephen Kohut
    Your claim is double even the highest claim made by nativists like FAIR. Do you just make these things up?

  30. Stephen Kohut says


    No. I read Fox News. Story has been out for a while. Sorry that your alphabet soup networks suck wind on reporting.

  31. Kristen Sinmore says

    comrade Todd, you can not convince these capitalist pigs our way is right. They insist on the rule of law. The working people must give freely to the poor or the poor might be forced to work. Then who would go to our protest and support our causes? Thank you for trying, if you weren’t a man I would kiss you. If you have a girlfriend, call me, we’ll talk.

  32. I don’t care who you. That right there is funny!

  33. Jack Hammer says

    Kristen Sinmore:

    Hey kid!

    You sound interesting, but since I’m white, male, Chrisitan and heterosexual I guess the interest will not be returned!

    Neither by you, or the Democrat Party!

  34. I read to the part where you said that protesting was un-American and then I had a good laugh at your ignorance. You’re the type of American that doesn’t care what’s going on in our world as long as you can sit on your tail and watch football, go to the bar, celebrate holidays without looking at those “horrible protesters”, your apathy disgusts me.


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