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     The nice things about blogs is that they become a kind of historical index. They are great places to store a choice quote or an important link that can be accessed at a later time. I will search for this post right after McCain and the rest of the Arizona Republicans win in November 2008.

Emily Bitner as quoted in a April 12, 2008 Arizona Republic story responding to strong poll numbers for McCain:

Bittner … predicts McCain’s polling numbers will go down as voters learn more about where he stands on health care and the economy.

Barack Obama at an April 6, 2008 speech in San Francisco:

these communities … get bitter, they cling to guns or religion … as a way to explain their frustrations.


  1. Sorry, Josey, not following ya… what’s your point?

  2. Kenny Jacobs says

    Perhaps if you quote complete sentences, Josey, your point would be more clear.

  3. I did not quote the whole sentence because I provided links to both stories.

    Bitner thinks McCain’s numbers will go down in Arizona when voters get to know his position on the issues. What planet did this woman come from? Arizona voters have been sending John McCain to congress since 1982. (Was Bitner even out of diapers at that time?) He will win the state hands down.

    On the other hand, one of Bitner’s possible candidates keeps making more and more strange comments. Linking peoples religion to bitterness is about offensive as you can get to middle America.

    The reality is that the vast majority of Arizonans know McCain quite well and will vote for him by a sizable margin. Obama on the other hand is still introducing himself to the voters of Arizona and if he keep up his recent series of gaffes will not be a viable candidate.

  4. Anybody up for some discussion of Gabby’s appearance on Arizona Illustrated? What’s the impression she left out there? Trying to figure out what she meant by the “Philadelphia Primary”. Also was amused by her commment that she didn’t want to answer a questionnaire from Project Vote Smart because she didn’t want to give her opponent something to beat her up with. Circuitous answers to several questions, notably earmarks “I’m against it but I do it anyway” and the virtual fence “technology doesn’t work but it’s a great technology that can work”…presumably if she talks in circles some more. The gem of the interview was how she was supportive of “growing minerals”. That’s good to know. I’m going to buy a few acres and start a mineral farm…wonder when the best time to plant is. I thing you plant things that grow underground during a waning moon. Two more years of this….ugh. Tim, get busy.

  5. Bob,

    Thanks for asking. I am very concerned about that issue. That is why I have formed a commission to study that important topic. When the results from that commission are finished I will convene a town hall forum to further discuss the matter and then hold a series of community round table meetings. That is the best way to address these crucial topics facing our future. Did I mention I support solar energy.

  6. Wow, can I buy some pot from you?

  7. Some of us on both sides of aisle were in diapers in 82. I am still allowed to have an opinion on things that happened then. Maybe it won’t be as good as those of people who lived through the times, but I don’t want to wait til I am 40 to become politically active. I think us young republicans can contribute to the party now.

  8. Joe,

    Please do contribute and be involved. Unlike Emily, make sure to turn on your brain. My point is that Bitner needs to do a little homework because her comment does not stand up to the slightest bit of scrutiny.

  9. Frank Soto says

    You’re right Josey, blogs are great because they keep a record not only of what other people said, but what your own co-bloggers have said.

    For instance, remember when you guys bagged on McCain over Romney because McCain can barely even get the support of his own state? (

    Or when you personally called McCain a “pompous hypocrite” (

    Or how about when one of your co-bloggers said that polls are meaningless for votes that will take place 6 months down the road? (

    So, Josey, after all of the McCain bashing you guys have done, you calling him a “pompous hypocrite” are you going to vote for him? Because that would make you, uh, a hypocrite.

    Remember when Klute predicted that you guys would completely turn around once McCain had actually won the nomination? It’s almost fun to watch.

  10. As one who was politically active in ’82 as a “20 something” mom from the ‘burbs, I was sometimes discounted for my youth and lack of experience. I lived in an LD that was almost entirely Sun City with a little bittty area of new homes primarily owned by young families. Boy, was I outnumbered as a PC. I did respect those who had more age and experience than I, yet did not relinquish my right to thought while appreciating their perspective. I accepted the challenge to my views by making sure I had more than an opinion, if it meant I found I was wrong or off base a bit….it was a blessing to have had the motivation to improve my depth and breadth of knowledge. Thanking those who offered information or a challenge was a good thing and brought me great opportunity.

    Now 25+ years later the idea that older means out of touch does not favor anyone. The condescension of Bittner toward all those who are different than her, either politically or chronologically, will not serve her or the D’s well. That is our good news.

  11. Tim W., this article isn’t too hard to digest. But since you asking for help I will break it down pebble level – Obama is an unpatriotic, elitist ingrate and Emily Bittner is a crackhead.

    si monumentum requiris circumspice

  12. Frank,

    You are correct that we were not fans of McCain’s and some still are not. Will we vote for him? It’s doesn’t matter since he is up by 18 points. McCain will clearly win Arizona and one more or less vote here will not have the slightest impact on other states. Remember it’s all about the Electoral College and not the popular vote.

  13. High Road, Frank…take the high road.

  14. Mr. Bretney, thanks for the help. Maybe it’s a problem in interpretation… because Obama’s comments won’t doom his candidacy and they are actually evidence that Barack Obama is the only candidate that is truly in touch with the American people. These “gaffes” haven’t hurt his numbers against Clinton or McCain, and they won’t hurt him in the general election. They aren’t even gaffes!

  15. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Yup; he’s in tune with the American people if the American people want to eschew their Second Amendment rights, accept socialized medicine, and want the nanny state to take care of them from cradle to grave.

  16. 1. When has Barack Obama advocated “eschewing” the 2nd Amendment? I believe he said that the issue of gun control is often a wedge issue used to convince people to vote against their economic interests.

    2. An overwhelming majority of Americans want universal health care. A slim majority are for single-payer health care.

    3. Nanny states don’t even exist in Europe, the most liberal and socialist of places, so what makes you think it’ll happen here?

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