For the record.

Napolitano campaign commercial.

I hope that Governor Napolitano does not try to blame the current budget crisis on tax cuts. The record clearly shows that she touted her support for tax cuts when she ran for re-election in 2006. The ad is full of other great lines. Here is another ad from 2006.


  1. Buddy Breon says

    For the record – the problem with the state budget is over-spending. That is Janet’s fault.

    What’s really amazing is that she simply won’t cut spending enough to help. The state needs to cut $1 billion in spending through next fiscal year. That’s a B for BILLION. There is no place else for the money.

    Except your wallet. She hopes to be gone before taxpayers have to ante-up to get the state out of this hole she made.

  2. Kralmajales says

    Overspending? Unbelievable, we have an enormously low tax base, lower funding levels in most categories than most states in the nation, and still want lower taxes and lower spending.

    I am betting that most here are not willing to cut prison funding, border security funding, or police, or fire, or anything else in the rhealm of conservative politics.

    The truth is that few conservatives REALLY favor less government, that is the way of the libertarian, they instead favor government handouts to some and not to others. Private prisons? Government program. Raytheon? Government program.

    We differ honestly on where that money should be spent. The deficits here are because we are taxed far less than in most states, but we all want programs…we differ which…but we all want them…and need them.

    What we should be arguing about is what our state needs and we should have the gumption to be brave and bold and to pay for what we do.

    I would like to know how much each of you would be willing to pay and contribute to pay for the deficit caused primarily by this war and national defense? We are not paying for it now. We hope to grow the economy out of it with some halfassed unproven economic theory that fails us time and time again.

    Yes, Janet and the legislature increased spending…both did. They did so after massive cuts to government in 2001. The spending increases, when considering inflation did not even pull us out of the hole we are in now. We still remain 2nd to last in student financial aid in college…near to last in education…poor roads…poor infrastructure…and all that equals fewer companies wanting to relocate here.

    I guess what I am saying is that increases came off of what was a lower base in the first place. It restored necessary funding for economic development (like the Phx medical campus, Bio5 at the U of A, and a host of other programs that business and the private sector wanted more than even the universities did).

    While the base budget has decreased under inflation, and spending may have risen in the short run to restore past funds, the GOP approved this and also forced more and more tax cuts down the legislative pike that pay for less of it.

    Last, most here believe strongly in limited government for thee, not for me. In lower taxes, but higher spending on defense, and in the gamble that lower taxes will spur growth and then more tax revenue.

    Where is that tax revenue now? The short fall was not 1.2 Billion in new expenditures over teh past, it was a lack of money collected.

  3. Buddy Breon says

    Let’s see, when is the last time Napolitano asked for a new tax? More taxes? Didn’t she run some ads during her second campaign claiming that taxes weren’t the answer?

    You liberals try to pretend that the issues is not enough taxes. The issue is more along the line of “why do you have to spend every dime you get?” If Republicans had not insisted on a Rainy Day Fund, there would be $700 million more that the state would have to cut in spending.

    As it is, the governor still isn’t asking for more taxes. She just wants things left alone so she can move on to a better and bigger job without any problem. Sorry, Janet, you have been found out. You are, and always have been, a spendthrift.

  4. Antifederalist says

    You’re wrong. There are PLENTY of truly conservative Republicans who want to see a REDUCTION in government. You’re also wrong that truly conservative Republicans favor corporate welfare. Welfare is welfare and should be opposed tooth and nail. But you’re right in pointing at the Legislature AND the pink gorilla for spending. She signs the appropriations bills into law. The legislature has to write and pass them. Blame rests squarely with BOTH entities. Yet, something tells me that the pink gorilla would veto any bill that deeply cut government to keep the state in the black because of her socialist, pro-big government proclivities. She’d rather raise taxes or borrow.

    I reject with your definition of “programs”. Public services, like state prisons, or state police, shouldn’t be classified as programs. Pure wealth redistribution, like government handouts, should be classified as programs. ALL the handouts should end, they’re unnecessary for the function of government. Whereas public services, where we get a RETURN on our expenditures, arguably, ARE a necessary function of government.

    Some of the things you mention, like fire and police, have little to do with the STATE budget and more to do with CITY budgets. Cutting state prison funding? Cool. Does that mean we let the dope smokers and prostitutes go while we make sure the pedofiles, rapists, murderers, and robber rot? I’m all for it. Granted, teh state gives money to the cities and counties, but if I had may way, that would end, and the resulting revenues would be returned to the taxpayers. Giving state taxpayer money hides the cost of local government and inflates the cost of state government. Let the cities and counties try to generate their own revenue. I promise you, if the cost of city and county government more accurately refelected their true costs, the people would sit up, take notice, and take the fight to their local elected officials…and well they should too. The cities and counties should be cut out of the budget cold turkey. Their addiction to state taxpayer money should end now.

    You also need to stay on topic and compare apples to apples. We’re talking about the STATE budget here, not the FEDERAL involvement in the war against radical islamics who want to see you dead. Bringing up the war in Iraq in this discussion is dishonest and a distraction. And the economic theory that fails time and again is your vaunted socialism, NOT the belief in free markets.

    I’m no fan of government sponsored student lending. All it does is flood college communities with cash, thereby devaluing the dollar locally and in turn drives up prices. Merchants know full well that if students are walking around with cash, they can get more for their goods and services. There’s also no incentive for schools to keep their costs down if the state and feds constantly throw more money at the problem. Finally, market distortions are created in that dollars are diverted to education that might be more efficiently invested elsewhere.

    Roads? Our infrastructure is in trouble everywhere nationwide. It’s why the bridge collapsed in Minnesota, it’s why the communists in Congress have proposed a federal infrastructure bank, it’s why the DC area METRO is claiming it needs MORE money after the Republicans in the 109th Congress gave away $16 billion of taxpayer money to the system and THEN METRO hiked rates. It’s also why Virginia is struggling with funding roads to the point where they’re seriously considering to moving toward toll roads. Duh! That’s 1 step away from having private roads. If Arizona wants cash for raods, cut our taxes that directly go to road-building, privatize the roads and have the economic impact fall directly on those who use roads.

    If you want to attract companies, you need to reduce the corporate tax rate to 0% (the taxes are passed on to the consumers in the end anyway) and eliminate regulation of corporations. Make it free to incorporate in Arizona, Nevada did. You also need well-settled corporate law, like Deleware used to have. A good law-and-economics set of corporate decisions would do a WORLD of good in terms of attracting corporations here. Do those things and you’ll create an environment that will attract businesses and generate wealth in the state.

    The government should have NO hand in “economic development”. It creates distortions. In addition, it’s corporate welfare. It robs the masses of their hard-earned dollars and then redistributes their wealth to government entities and corporations. It should end immediately. To the greatest extent humanly possible, those who earn dollars should spend them, not the government.

    If hoping that cutting taxes will spur the economy is a gamble that increased economic activity will generate more revenue, then the converse has to be true too. It must be a gamble that raising taxes in order to generate more revenue will not depress activity and rape the people of too much of their money. That you would consider raping the citizens of their hard earned dollars to pay for wasteful, unnecessary programs makes me wanna hurl. It’s SUCH a Dummycrat lie that they are of and for the people. Yeah, they’re of and for the people’s MONEY!

    Follow what I sugest, and you’ll see a reduction in the cost of government and a reduced need for the common man’s cash. It would go a long way to solving the budget problems.

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