Flying Soon? You Too Could Become A Dancing Chicken

Dancing Chicken

I don’t know about you, but I tend to believe that the Arizona Republic’s Plugged In Blog is generally substandard. However, hearing that they are revamping it briefly piqued my interest and I was looking through it today when I came across this post by Dave Petersen. If you don’t know Dave, he is a former one-term Gilbert Town Councilman and a proud member of the John Birch Society. Many in Gilbert believe it was Petersen’s strict adherence to JBS beliefs that cost him his seat two years ago.

Anyway, Dave is now a blogger for the SE Valley version of Plugged In. In his latest post Dave opines about the increased airport security in the post 9/11 era. Among other things, he refers to TSA agents as the Gestapo, states that the United States is becoming like East Germany, and warns we are all becoming Dancing Chickens. To be honest, I found the post so funny (though I don’t think Dave meant it to be funny) that I have been chuckling about it all day long. Whatever you might think of Petersen, he is a true believer and he does have a flair for the words. And while I don’t agree with everything he has to say in the post, I do think he raises some valid points about our personal liberties.

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