Florida: McCain vs. Romney

The primary election in Florida is shaping up as a two-man race. Senator McCain and Governor Romney are trading the lead in different polls like a game of ping-pong. The big story is the drop to 3rd place by Rudy Giuliani. This is news because Rudy was the long-time leader in the Florida and has staked his campaign on the state.

It is hard to predict the winner in Florida with the shifting poll numbers but it is becoming clear that the Giuliani and Huckabee campaigns will be the losers. The same pattern seen in Florida is also present in the latest poll from California, where Giuliani has also lost his previous lead.


  1. Good post and spot on. Both sides have become two way races. If the GOP picks Romney, the White House goes blue. If the Dems pick Obama, the White House goes blue.

    McCain against Clinton is the best GOP scenario.

    I don’t like her either.

  2. Cactus Wren says

    If McCain’s on the ticket, I won’t vote.
    Or maybe I will.
    For Clinton.
    A Dem in the WH might cause more Rep Senators to grow a spine.

  3. Wren,

    If McCain picks someone like Mark Sanford (Gov SC) then I will be pretty tempted to suck it up and vote for the ticket. If McCain surrounds himself with a bunch of liberals and goes for a Lindsey Graham type running mate then count me out.

  4. Aaron Charlton says

    McCain versus Clinton is the best scenario? Tell me then who I should vote for in this scenario because, frankly, I can’t tell the difference. Nothing against either of them, but I am hoping for a conservative candidate. The idea that no true conservative can win the general election is liberal propaganda.

  5. kralmajales says

    wow…this is telling…although unrepresentative of course.

    Seriously, nationally, McCain is your strongest candidate in 2008…Giuliani would have been, but he has run the worst campaign I have ever seen.

  6. Mr. Conservative says

    McCain vs Romney? Romney, in a heartbeat is who I’ll pick. Romney hasn’t sat around in D.C. since 1982 and done all sort of “great things” like our Senor senator… Romney has worked in the private sector and knows how business gets done, how to run large, unmanagable organizations and how to take on the huge challenge we have with China.

  7. Oh, PLEASE pick Romney. PLEASE! Even better, nominate Huckabee.

    My preference lies elsewhere, but I fear the Democrats will nominate HER. An Independent, I cannot vote in either primary.

    The GOP is precariously close to passing on the one candidate that beat her (McCain).

    The others can’t.

    The blogosphere is not mainstream, and you underestimate the average Joe’s respect for McCain. You overestimate esteem for a rich stalker of rats and a Baptist preacher who wants to amend the Constitution to eliminate freedom of religion.

    Both parties commit the same error. If the Dems pick Obama, this race is over. Sadly, they won’t. If the GOP picks McCain, they have a healthy shot.

    Don’t take my word for it. Do the research. Talk the to people in the cigar shops, coffee shops, and bars.

    The White House is the Dems for the taking. All they have to do is pick Obama. They’ll screw up and choose her. Your best shot is in your lap, McCain. If you screw up, Hillary Clinton becomes the 44th President of this country.

    She eats Romney in two bites and remains hungry, easily topping 50 while he can’t reach 40.

    Oh, Bloomberg?

  8. Sorry for the html slip. It happens

  9. kralmajales says

    X4mer is beyond correct…he is a prophet…with respect to this.

    Seriously, listen or we will laugh.

  10. I am hearing the same thing from many, many folks who have the priority of defeating HER or HIM. McCain is popular in the average R household and is seen as the one for the job.

    How many people at work or church have ever gone to realclearpolitics.com? How many really listen to talk radio? How many have never heard of Rob Haney, have no idea if they even have a precinct committeeman if they even know they exist, and can’t name one person in the state or county GOP party offices?

    They know they pay too much in taxes, they want to be safe, and have a job next week. Whoever sends that message will win the R nomination and hopefully the White House. In the mind of many, that bill is best fit by McCain.

    We are the aberration not the norm.

  11. x4mr,

    Oh, PLEASE pick Clinton. Please! Even better, nominate Edwards.

  12. I can’t choose, but sadly you will get your wish. The Dems will pick her.

    If I had my way, they’d pick Obama. He would trounce anyone on the other side and handily.

    Instead, she gets the nod which results in a bad scenario period. I don’t like McCain or Clinton.

    Make no mistake, if you pick Romney you put her in office. Just watch.

    All of this erupting in the press. From this Indy’s perspective, it is rather ironic that the GOP is choosing the next president.

    Pick McCain and his chances are strong. Pick someone else and you’ve just elected her.

  13. You are totally wrong about Romney. I can still remember people saying he was just a blip on the radar. He has made himself nationally known and competitive in just 6 months when people like McCain have been know nationally for 30 years. Romney can focus in on a target and position himself for success. He can beat Hillary. Tell me, when was the last time the country elected a senator to the office of President? Yeah, it was Kennedy! And he only won b/c it was the first election where the debates were on TV, and Nixon looked like a sweating pig. Perception was what won it for Kennedy. Senators don’t win! They don’t run anything.

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