Fisher gets it right, Sunnucks and Gonzalo act like journalists.

     The Borjas report commissioned by Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has received wide coverage in Arizona papers. Articles in the Business Journal and on AZCentral both site a Udall Center study that ambiguously states the economic contribution to the states economy from immigrants. I say ambiguous because the Udall study does not distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. Not to be deterred Mike Sunnucks and Melissa Gonzalo just say the economic benefit is from illegal immigration event though the report does not say that. It must be very convenient being a trained journalist. If the facts don’t fit just change them. Bloggers have nothing to go on but facts so we do not have the same latitude as the trained media.

     Kudos to Howard Fisher for noting in his story that the flawed Udall Center study does not distinguish between legal and illegal immigration and is therefore of little use in setting public policy.

     Sonoran Alliance has two articles detailing the multiple flaws of the Udall Center study authored by Judith Gans.

Immigration study deeply flawed

Update on flawed Udall Center study

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