First CD-8 Poll

Politicker AZ notes that a poll has been conducted in the race for Congressional District 8. The poll was conducted by telephone June 18-22 and surveyed likely voters.

The results did not bode well for Tim Bee and may be an indicator for Republicans in liberal regions like Pima County. Here are details of the poll:

Preference: Giffords 52%, Bee 32%
Adding leaning toward one candidate or the other: Giffords 59%, Bee 35%
Giffords currently holds 92% name recognition with a 57% favorability rating and a 26% unfavorable rating.

Politicker AZ also noted that, “Greenberg Quinlan Rosner is an admittedly “progressive” research firm, and information on Bee’s name recognition and favorables were not included in the data. Nonetheless, according to the data provided, Giffords currently stands well above the 50 percent threshold that is generally regarded as the indicator of whether an incumbent needs to worry or not.”

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner is headed up by CEO, Stanley Greenberg who is a well know Democratic pollster who has worked for Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry.


  1. Sonoran Alliance says


    Good link. If they want us to write about their polls maybe they should include us in their press releases. Our e-mail is Next move is theirs.

  2. kralmajales says

    One has him at 7% and before she has even started running ads…another has her 25%. Neither are good news for Bee. He is going to need every cent of what Bush brought him. I don’t suspect he will get every cent of it. In the mean time, even if he got every cent, he’d be down nearly a million in cash on hand.

    I know that there are some like Rex that like to keep reminding us of how close it will be…im no fool…but she will still win. Close doesn’t get you squat. As I have said since last fall, if he loses this race, he will never be heard from again as a politician. He had better bring it.

  3. Knuckle Dragger says

    After the way Bee played the traitor as Senate President and slammed through the Governor’s budget, Who really cares if the weakling get elected.

  4. Man, don’t tell Tony GOPrano. He’s already twisted himself into enough contortions trying to explain away the 7 point lead… I think he might strain something with the 25 point one.

  5. Klute your the one shaking in his boots! Your girl be in some trouble. Bee going to sting her good…..BTW SA, I received the Press Release from the Bee campaign:

    From the TIM BEE Campaign: “Largest fundraising event in Tucson history”

  6. Sonoran Alliance says

    Yes Tony we noticed that you received it. Good for you. I thought the campaign would want to have the news go to as many conservative blogs as possible but I guess I was wrong.

  7. Sonoran Alliance says

    And Tony, where exactly were you placed on the PolitickerAZ Power List of most influential politicos in the State of Arizona?

  8. Tony,

    You know who you remind me of? Katherine Harris, circa 2006.

    Hilarity ensues.

  9. Oh yeah Shane aren’t you special now? Politicker is a Liberal Blog, they hired the former AZ dem Party Chair. That tells me all they need to know. That guy bugs me all the time for access to the McCain campaign. Congratulations!

  10. Jeff,

    Tip: Celebrate a little diversity on your blog and you’ll get some attention.


  11. Poor Shane! I get plenty of recognition all over the Internet. You still don’t get it do you? Tune in Monday afternoon, THE BLOG BUNKER SHOW on Sirius Talk Radio Channel 110

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