The Constitution is under attack from the Federal Government.  The rights of states to make laws and determine, as authorized by the 10th Amendment, how to govern is at risk. 

 Immigration, Healthcare, Cap & Trade, Gun Rights, Education, Taxation….

The frontlines of the battle will be the courts and the fight has already started.  Arizona may be the identified defendant before the courts at the moment but the every state in the union will be affected by the outcome. 

America must win and Arizona is the first line of defense.  The erosion of our rights, bit by bit, one by one cannot be passively allowed.  We must be prepared to fight back using the legal rights we still maintain…that requires a strong and capable Attorney General who is willing, ready, and able to do the job!

This is not the first time the rights of states over an encroaching federal involvement have been tested.  It is not the first time Arizona has had to fight back or the first time a Democratic Arizona Attorney General has refused to defend Arizona, instead siding with the interests that run counter to the majority of voters and the United States Constitution.

Arizona and America won then…and can, again.

So, who accepted the battle?  Who stood up for the rights of the state when the Democrat AG refused, someone elected and paid with tax dollars to defend us but chose to turn his back on Arizona…who took up the fight?  Who won the battle on behalf of Arizona, on behalf of the Constitution?


Tom Horne took up the fight that years of Democratic AG’s would not…the battle over how our tax dollars would be spent to educate English Language Learners, saving the state over $300 million dollars. Tom Horne accepted this decades long fight and prevailed.  He fought back against the special interests, the Ninth Circuit, and the Democratic government political machine, never backing down, never giving up. 

Tom Horne prevailed in the Unites States Supreme Court, on behalf of Arizona, preserving the Constitutional rights of all states. Judge Alito wrote the majority opinion and made it very clear, this was an extremely important 10th Amendment victory!

With the recent and upcoming Ninth Circuit activity; ruling on Arizona’s Voter Identification Law this week and the upcoming SB 1070 Hearing next week and with the likelihood of a challenge over government mandated health care,

Tom Horne is uniquely qualified for the current demands of Arizona Attorney General.



  1. Nick is embarassing himself.

    The founding fathers said NOTHING about an amendments convention nor that it is the proper way to reign in the federal government.

    The proper way to reign in the feds is

    FIRST) Federal elected officials upholding their oaths of office and only working within the constitution

    SECOND) State nullification of unconstitutional federal laws

    THIRD) Congressmen and Senators properly representing their states’ interests to Washington (not Washington’s interests to the states as McCain, Kyl, et al. do) and proposing a constitutional amendment that way WITHOUT calling a constitutional convention

    Nick continues to FALSELY assert that an amendments convention cannot result in a constitutional rewrite, yet he has yet to produce ONE IOTA of evidence supporting that false assertion other than his own opinions.

    There is nothing to stop delegates to a constitutional convention, once IN convention, from rewriting the constitution.

    Nick claims via his OPINION that Article V does.

    #1 The document you have the authority to rewrite cannot itself stop delegates from rewriting as they have a higher authority once IN convention

    #2 Nick has ZERO evidence to support his opinion, certainly no historical evidence nor data nor any writings from the founding fathers supporting his position.

    Nick needs to stop trying to be Tom Woods (tomwoods dot com).

    I have great respect for Nick as an well-educated, thoughtful person who is right on the constitution. However, on this one he’s just embarassing himself and needs to stop misinforming people.

    Nick, if you have DATA or EVIDENCE to the contrary, post it.

    Don’t just repost your same position and opinions over and over like you did last time.

  2. Sorry, I posted the above to the wrong SA post. It applies to the recent Nick Dranias nonsense post undr this one on the main page.

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