Fenger Exposes Pete Rios

Here’s a great column about State Representative Pete Rios, resident of Apache Junction, uh, er, Dudleyville.

Columnist Beck Fenger did the work and posted the photos to expose this residency scam in which Pete Rios does not represent the people of his district. The photos below are from Fenger’s column showing Rios’ Apache Junction home on the left and his Dudleyville trailer on the right:

Pete Rios' Apache Junction homePete Rios' Dudleyville home


Some time ago, blogger Greg Patterson posted an ongoing conversation that occurred between he and Rios that ended with a threat of a “punch in the stomach.”

I better be careful in what I post here as I don’t want to bring on any similar threat. In the meantime read what Becky Fenger and Greg Patterson wrote.

On a similar note, there’s another website detailing the legislative office/home of State Senator Toni Hellon located in Pima County.

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