Feds investigating McCain campaign donors; campaign lied about money

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

McCain with BFF Scott Rothstein

Phoenix, AZ (JUNE 10) – Sen. John McCain must personally and publicly explain why he allowed his staff to lie to the media about returning all $1.1 million given to his presidential campaign by a convicted felon; if he accepted even more from the felon’s law partners; and why he has not donated all the dirty money to charity as his campaign claimed.


Federal authorities have been investigating 30 lawyers who worked in the now-defunct firm of Scott Rothstein, who yesterday was sentenced to 50 years in prison for running an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

According to his lawyer and media reports, the convicted felon is giving up the names of people involved and has even gone “undercover” which will likely lead to the arrest of lawyers, business associates and perhaps even politicians.

Tomorrow, Rothstein’s chief operating officer, who personally gave McCain’s political committees at least $30,000, is scheduled to plead guilty to assorted criminal activity.

The lawyers, along with 15 other Rothstein employees, made about $2.2 million in state and federal campaign contributions while he was running the Ponzi scheme from 2005 to 2009.

“McCain is knee-deep in this scandal and he needs to come clean,” said Mark Sanders, spokesman for U.S. Senate Candidate J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ). “He first lied to the media when his campaign said the entire $1.1 million Rothstein collected was given to charity and it was old news. Then he tried to cover it up by saying he gave back the few thousand dollars Rothstein and his wife gave directly.”

Federal officials are examining Rothstein’s use of money from his $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme to pay salaries and give huge bonuses to senior attorneys on the condition that they donate generously to his favorite politicians, including McCain.

“Rothstein and his wife Kimberly held fundraisers for McCain,” Sanders said. “His partner Stuart Rosenfeldt and his wife Susanne gave to McCain and to others, including Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

“McCain likes to say character matters, but he is displaying his lack of it by keeping the $1.1 million and returning to Rothstein two small individual contributions,” Sanders said.

One employee close to Rothstein, chief operating officer Debra Villegas, donated about $46,000 to McCain, other politicians and political committees in Florida. They gave the dirty money back, while McCain kept his million.

“Everybody seems to get it but McCain,” Sanders said. “He needs to fully account for the distribution of the money he collected from everyone at this corrupt firm and explain to Arizona voters why accepting and keeping money gained from a criminal activity makes him worthy to serve in any public office.”

The racketeering charges against Rothstein allege that the firm’s donations to politicians and campaign committees were largely illegal because they were funded with money from the now-disbarred lawyer’s illegal Ponzi scheme.

“According to media reports, agents for the FBI and the IRS are investigating campaign records to determine how Rothstein used his investment scam to fund the political donations,” Sanders said. “Their next stop needs to be in Phoenix to interview McCain. If he didn’t know how his top contributor was making money he should have. Ignorance is not a defense when this contributor is the number one donor to the ‘McCain Victory 2008’ fund and the ‘McCain-Palin Victory 2008’ fund.”

Sanders said McCain should not try to hide behind his spokesman when it comes to answering these questions.

“McCain’s mouthpiece is the same guy who lied to the media in the first place and prior to joining the Senator’s campaign  was the research director for Al Gore while Gore was trying to convince everyone that planet Earth was about to turn into a fireball because of global warming,” Sanders said. “It’s time for Mr. McCain to step up and personally disavow his acceptance of more than a million dollars he took from a convicted felon.”

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  1. Tom Dodson says

    The question is: Will the media do this story justice ? Or will McCain get his standard establishment FREE PASS ? It is really up to us to insist the story gets the fair coverage it deserves. How deep are the mainstreamers willing to stoop to protect this RINO ?

  2. It is ironic considering McCain is supposedly this big champion of campaign finance reform. Obviously it only applies to others, not himself.

  3. Stephen Kohut says

    As I have told my children and grandchild, “You are who you hang with”. This was predictable given McCain’s history with Charles Keating and the sense that the rules do not apply to the political class. As Nixon, Clinton, Rostenkowski, and many others have found out, a lack of morals and ethics will catch up with you in the most public and spectacular manner.

  4. Pamela Mills says

    This is another example of McCain’s lies and distortion. He needs to accounnt to us – the people – about what he’s done with every dollar he got. Of course, McCain expects his spending of these and other dollars to allow him to put ads of distortion against JD. When will the people of AZ wake up and send him packing? Hoepfully this August!

  5. Michael Holliday says

    Here we go again!

    McCain is, once again, embroiled in more finance chicanery and intrigue.

    Can’t this guy stay out of the grey area?

    Why is McCain always close to some shady deals?

    Why is McCain always to wishy washy on major issues like illegal aliens and multi-billion dollar bailouts?

    All he can do is try to attack JD Hayworth’s excellent record of looking out for Arizona!

    This is why JD Hayworth will win as the next US Senator from Arizona!

    McCain is too much of a lame duck Senator with skeletons galore peaking out from his closet.

    Need I say more?

  6. I call shenanigans on McCain!

  7. The Mole says

    Sounds like they just put a price on character. McCain will never give up the money. He sold his soul years ago.

  8. So, to be clear, a pretend Hayworth “newspaper” reports that Hayworth’s “mouthpiece”, Mark Sanders, said that McCain should not speak through his “mouthpiece”? And then signs off with an appeal to join their campaign with a note that the whole thing was paid for by JD HAYWORTH 2010, INC.

    I hope you guys are laughing when you post this stuff, cause otherwise, it’s scary.

  9. Once Travis gets his head out of whatever dark place he keeps it he might want to check this link. http://beforeitsnews.com/news/77/607/Feds_Investigating_McCain_Donors,_Campaign_Lied_About_Money.html

    The national press is also starting to move on this. But if it is what you want to hear, it must be made up.

    Your hero is on his way to retirement. get used to it.

  10. That’s funny ’cause I just saw JD on C-Span as they were talking about Abramoff and they were showing JD’s picture all over it. Quick turn it on!

  11. Jane 001 says

    I’m more interested in what McCain did “for” the money. Which of the numerous economy-busting pieces of legislation he sponsored was a favor to Rothstein’s lawyer cartel?

  12. Jane 1005467

    Asking smarmy questions is different than having facts.

  13. Hey Senator Keating McCain

    Tell us about more people who you don’t know.

    Arizona’s lsat line of denial.

  14. Jane 001 says

    Awwwww…is reality offending Travis again?

    As you know, this wasn’t the first big time con artist bundler for McCain. In 2008, McCain was the third biggest recipient of campaign donations from R. Allen Stanford, an $8 billion investment scammer. While everyone was complaining about Hillary’s China money, McCain was ripping off Americans! As usual…

    McCain was getting tens of thousands from attorneys he “hardly” knew. The only logical question to ask of such a smarmy candidacy is “what did you do in return.”

    Let’s not be naive. McCain’s personal gain comes out of our collective hides. We deserve to know what McCain promised Rothstein in exchange for all the contributions. For example, we know how happy the pHarma donors were with the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010. We know how happy McCain made Keating’s Lincoln Savings and Loan. We also know how happy McCain made the Wall Street bankers who sank $6.9 million pre-TARP dollars into his campaign.

    It’s only natural to wonder which of McCain’s other brilliant anti-consumer ideas might have been inspired by Rothstein donors?

  15. There was nary a word from this site last year when McCain was your darling for the big house on Pennsylvania Avenue about his Keating 5 connections. I call that selective hearing.

  16. Wonder why Molly didn’t write this article? Since she wants us to pack it in for JD. Interesting. What else is being hidden?

  17. Roger,

    Did you really just refer me to another fake “news” source to source this fake, paid for by Hayworth, story?

    Is there a sourced fact anywhere? The same person who wrote this fake news post also probably wrote the fake news you linked to.

    You said the national press is “starting to move” on this story. Really? What does that look like?

    Do you guys just sit around and tell each other stories? And then post them here with each other as a source?

  18. Stephen Kohut says


    Would the Huffington Post, Tucson Citizen, etc. better suit your liberal bias? One quick google of Rothstein and McCain generates more news on this topic than you would ever want to read including the Sun Sentinals database of political contributions detailing the vasts amounts raised by Rothstein for McCain.




  19. Another fake news story paid for by JD Hayworth on a fake news blog paid for by JD Hayworth.

  20. Stephen Kohut says


    You must not be able to read, just type, or did you miss the Tucson Citizen and Huffington Post articles above or failed to check the $$$$ collected by Rothstein for McCain in the Sun Sentinal database. You can have your own opinion but not your own facts.

  21. Paid for by JD Hayworth. Enough said.

  22. Kohut,

    I’m ignoring fake news stories by fake blogs and papers, such as:

    Tucson Citizen
    Huffington Post
    American-Post Gazette

    Credibility is severely lacking. Quote a respected, mainstream publication.

  23. Stephen Kohut says

    Spin away folks. Even CBS News gets it.


    Good old Alinsky tactics, #5 (ridicule) and #13 (pick your target, freeze it, polarize it, personalize it).

  24. Jack Hammer says

    And you can bet L.D. is aware of Alinsky’s tactics!

    I wonder what position he’s holding down in Ann’s campaign?

    As to Travis, he can return to his “gig” on an Izuzu parking lot after August 24th

    R.I.N.O. hunting is fun!


    Why won’t McCain give “all” the Rothstein money back?

    (1) He doesn’t care about people…not even those who had money stolen from them to give to him.

    (2) He can’t afford to part with $1.1 million and still win the primary.

  26. McCain got away with it before. I hope he doesn’t again.

  27. “Spin away folks. Even CBS News gets it.


    LOL! All CBS News is reporting is that the Hayworth campaign is making an issue of it. Big deal! Keep trying! LOL!

  28. “Why won’t McCain give “all” the Rothstein money back?”

    Because the money went to various state GOP Victory committees not to the McCain campaign directly. The McCain campaign had a limit on what it could raise because it took federal matching funds. So to compete with Obama, it raised money indirectly for GOP Victory committees in all of the states. That money went to pay for all Republican get out the vote efforts not just for the McCain campaign. Those committees had names like McCain-Palin Victory Fund, etc. but they were controlled by the state parties not directly by the campaign. So ask the state parties to give the money back, because that is where the money went. The McCain campaign already gave back the portion it controlled.

  29. JD ONLY gave back dirty money from Abramoff when he was told he must. JD and his friends can try as hard as they can to paint a terrible picture of McCain, but that would only bring up Hayworth’s own history of corruption. At least with McCain we get experience and intelligence.

  30. I am waiting to hear John explanation as to why he has been holding on to the money. Also while he is at it I would like him to explain why he accepted funding from
    George Soros and Teresa Kerry’s
    Tides Foundation when John was chairman of the “Reform Institute”.

  31. “So ask the state parties to give the money back, because that is where the money went. ”

    There can hardly be any trouble figuring out how much and where money came from since it’s all in a tidy online database. http://bit.ly/c5IuOq. Also, all of you claim that McCain has sooooooo much influence and only HE can get the job done. Except now, here you are bemoaning how little influence he has. Only recently, McCain announced that a couple of his staffers moved to “a 2010 Republican Victory operation.” I guess this is the first time he’s known anyone on a party committee. Hmmm… The idea that McCain spent time and effort befriending Sethstein with no idea how that money would benefit his campaign is laughable. Truth is, a significant amount of stolen money was spent on McCain’s campaign; there’s a way to return it, but there’s just no will.

  32. not Sethstein, Rothstein

  33. This is more politcally fabricated nonsense from the desperate I mean Hayworth camp.

  34. Stephen Kohut says

    The Florida papers, like the Sun Sentinel, are all over this to the point of having a queriable on line database for campaign contributions. As the major part of the Rothstein story is in FL, they have the most press on it. We are only getting the portions related to McCain. No fabrication McCainiacs. Just really painful truths. This reminds me of how the Keating scandal started its rollout with everyone saying “No me! I did nothing wrong.”

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