FEC Reports.

Chair1.bmp      The September fundraising reports for AZ CD-8 race are posted on the FEC web site. At first glance looks like Gabby is way ahead with $632,625 for the period. Graf raised $289,841 during the same period. 

     Looking at the cash on hand gives a different picture. Gabby has $376,645 and Graf $254,684. Looking further we see that Giffords has debts of $20,622 vs. zero debts for Graf. 

     Sure Gabby has raised more money but she is burning through it fast and the cash on hand is not that far apart. 

p.s. The NRCC has stopped running ads in the CD-8 race but their ad lives on at youtube.com 

Monday 10-16-06, 9:40 am


  1. Of course, Giffords will continue to raise more money between Oct. 1 and the election as well.

    Looks like Graf is trying to keep some money in reserve for a push in the last two weeks, while Giffords seems confident she’ll be able to raise whatever money she needs as she goes.

  2. kralmajales says

    I wager that Gabby has already spent the money on ad space on TV to be run in the coming weeks. The money spent has been on the things that Randy is saving for…and she still has more money than him on hand.

    I hope he can find a spot to run his ads? Maybe Public Access?

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