Fear mongering vs the facts

Some dufus over and a democrat’s lament has his/her panties in a bunch over lake levels. The picture is real cute but it does not tell the whole story. The Arizona Game and Fish posts lake levels and river flows on their web site. The Verde River drains a huge part of Arizona and provides water to the metro Phoenix area. The two major lakes in the river are full up according to the latest numbers. The Salt River system is also looking pretty good. Saguaro is even at 98%. If you’re looking for water go jump in a lake.


  1. W Phx Activist says

    What a joke!

    The Salt/Verde lake system is currently at 86% of capacity and we had to have releases from the Verde this month because there was not enough storage space to handle inflows. We actually have 40% more water in the syatem than last year at this time and the snow pack is way above normal. We could very likely have more releases due to not having enough storage capability to hold the runoff.

  2. And of course, one set of positive numbers in the face of what? Years and years and years and years of ongoing drought?

    That’s like saying: I feel fine today! Now I never have to worry about cancer!

    Statistical anomlies are what you base long term trends on. Ever hear of something called an “outlier”, people?

  3. George of the Desert says

    Hey, Klute:

    Who’s to say a wet winter isn’t an outlier?

    I seem to recall readin back in October that we’d be having a drier and warmer winter than normal.

    How’d that pan out?

  4. You know what George, you’re right. Because the NWS got the outlook wrong is obviously an indicator that the nearly decade long is over. That there won’t be further problems with water supplies in the future. That continued building won’t expand urban heat islands and turn more monsoon rains into pointless verga. That growth in Nevada won’t draw away water from Colorado to us.

    So yeah, let’s ignore the fact that the lakes and resevoirs are still below normal.

  5. This is about risk management. What is the risk to Arizona of not having sufficient water? A 50/50 chance of losing a major water source strikes me as something to be alamed about.

    Things can change, but 50/50 is a pretty big gamble when you are putting our state’s economy at risk. I am waiting for our leaders to acknowledge that it is likely that this will be a problem for us and make decisions now to mitigate the risk. I am looking for reasoned action on what could be a major problem for our state.

  6. nightcrawler says

    The real issue is what happens in the long term. There is a distinction between weather and climate. Many experts feel that we are in midst of a thirty year drought. Indian civilations simply disappeared a thousand years ago. I do agree the short term looks fine. There are underground aquifers in place to offset drought conditions in the next few years. The real question is what happens in 20 years ? 30 years ? Many who blog on this site will be part of the eco-system in that time frame, but what of the rest of us ? I believe water will be the topic of discussion for CA, AZ, NV, NM and UT politicians in the years to come.


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