Fear and loathing in CD 8

On Tuesday, another Sonoran Alliance contributor linked to video of Jesse Kelly commenting on Sarah Palin. Since then the story has really taken off and was covered by Hot Air and Politico.

The video is really not that surprising and the fact that Palin has not always endorsed the most conservative person in the primary is a simple fact.

One item from the end of the Politico story was quite interesting,

In the past 10 days, Paton has hired the Lincoln Strategy Group


That’s right, Paton has hired Nathan Sproul’s firm to try and rescue Jonathan’s campaign by trashing fellow Republican Jesse Kelly. Nathan has a mixed record of wining and losing, mostly losing. He gained a lot of attention for waging a vicious smear campaign against now State Senator Russell Pearce. Read one of several Sonoran Alliance stories on that race at this link.

Can Nathan Sproul save Jonathan Paton? There are only 4 days left and Kelly seems to be taking the high road. There was a time when Paton had the money and the momentum to bury Kelly but Jonathan chose to ignore Jesse. Nathan’s last minute, over the top attacks will probably not be enough to change the final outcome of the CD 8 primary.


  1. Jonathan Paton is going off a cliff.


    Fact is that Jesse Kelly will lose against Giffords in the general. Who’s is going to support someone who collects checks off of Obama dollars?? Really?

  3. Kelly is a college drop-out with no accomplishments whatsoever, and should have started small instead of running for Congress at the get go. That alone displays a certain arrogance, doesn’t it?

  4. Nathan Bashing is so 06 and 08 says

    Geez people. So what if Jonathan decides to hire Nathan to help him win. Just proves that despite the attempts to bash him and his firm he is still in demand.

    So, Jonathan finds himself at the beach-head on Normandy and he is deploying the marines not the coast guard.

    Who ya gonna call?—not ghost busters Nathan and his firm.

    Quit sniveling and get to work for your candidate of choice cause now it will be a harder uphill battle.

  5. Common Sense says

    Ah the Patonistas are out in full force. So lame.

  6. Paton is desperate. The “Patonistas” (h/t Common Sense) just can’t fathom that their guy is getting his a$$ kicked by a politcal novice. A CONSERVATIVE political novice.
    They are already crying. Whah! Get over it! It’s time to rally behind Jesse Kelly!

  7. Is Jonathan Paton’s hiring of Nathan Sproul enough for Senator Pearce to pull his co-endorsement of Paton? (Pearce has endorsed both Jesse Kelly and Jonathan Paton)
    Rumor is Senator Pearce will be down in CD-8 tonight…

  8. Jeremy Buchanan says

    This Final Bomb Attempt by Paton is Too Little, Too Late. Jesse Kelly is Running for Congress as a Conservative Republican. Jesse’s Not trying to Wina Popularity Contest within the Republican Party Establishment. Jesse’s More Interested in Fighting the Liberals with Free Market Solutions and Limiting Government’s Intrusions into Our Daily Life. Jesse Kelly doesn’t is an Independent Free Thinker Who Stands on is Conservative Principles & is Fearless. Jesse was Only disagreeing with Palin about a few things. Who says ALL Republicans have to Agree All of the time? When You Find Three that do. Let Me Know. Vote for Jesse Kelly Today if You haven’t done so already.
    Hiriing Sproul Really has Russell Pearce Ticked off. Maybe Pearce Will take back His Endorsement of Paton after Paton HIred Sproul. We’ll See.

  9. Again, I’m not interested in a college drop-out who spouts sound bites, but has no legislative or life accomplishments, representing me in Congress. Anyone name any achievements? Any?

  10. Paton sure has a record, “Friend of Big Government” AZ Federation of Taxpayers, 2007.

  11. Deborah Read says

    Kelly taking the high road? Where have you been the last 8 months? Kelly didn’t earn the nickname “Huffman Light” because he was playing the nice guy. His hit pieces (10 pages worth) are notorious at Republican clubs and forums. Do you ever read his emails? He can’t tell the truth about Paton’s record, who the tea party really supports, who attacked him on his living off of stimulus, and who really endorsed him.

  12. Paton just convinced me – to vote for Kelly!

  13. The benefactors have dimmed the lights and said it’s time for the slow dance with Nathan. Eeeeeeewwwwww.

  14. Something tells me that all of the haters on this post have asked for a job from Nathan Sproul and been denied. That explains a lot.

  15. Hey Nathan! Do you still beat your wife? Ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah, cause that was all fun and games when you pulled that with Pearce last year wasn’t it.

    So Nathan, do you still lose elections for people?

  16. This is bad news for Kelly. First he insults Sarah Palin and now he has to deal with Sproul.

    I think the people who post here are missing the big picture, Sproul is the establishment, he is the guy Jon Kyl and John Shadegg and Jeff Flake all turn to when things get dirty.

    Now they have the front man for the establishment taking over Paton’s campaign. This must mean they are serious about winning, but like last time will take their cards and go home unless their hand picked consultant and their hand picked candidate win.

    Kelly loses either way, on election day, or when he has to rely on the same people who raised money for JD. I mean the people who failed to raise JD any money.

    For the sake of our party we need Paton because he is the only candidate that has a chance.

    And Kelly seems like he has some Ben Quayle type issues, but not as raunchy.

  17. Have you all looked at the website: thetruthaboutjonathanpaton.com? If not it gives you the facts about the claims the Kelly campaign made about Jonathan’s record while in the AZ state legislature.

    Have you followed Robert Mayer’s emails, etc. Robert is not using the Tea Party–he was assailed by the Kelly campaign when he didn’t endorse Jesse. The campaign even contacted Robert’s boss and tried to get him fired. That’s real Christian.

    Speaking of being a Christian, Jonathan attends Pantano Christian Church. Jesse Kelly attends at least two churches. One in Oro Valley and one at Camino Seco and Speedway. I have heard he attends two others, but will not attest to that until I find out for sure. Nice way to get votes–the phrase I’ve heard is ‘I’m voting for Jesse Kelly because he goes to my church.’ Knowing Jonathan he would not want a vote for him simply because he went to your church. He would want you to talk to him, ask him about the issues, his experience and learn about his character.

    Jonathan Paton has a record–you may not agree with everything he did, but at the very least you know where he stands. His opponent has no record, no experience and can’t seem to stand firm on any issue.

    I heard on the radio today that Jesse Kelly is the kind of candidate our forefathers would have liked–I don’t think so. Those gentlemen were all highly educated.

    The Democratic National Committee want Jonathan to lose the primary so badly, they are now sending out mailers and putting cards on people’s windshields in strip malls. Does anyone really think the Dems aren’t doing polls and finding that Jonathan will indeed beat Gabby in November. WAKE UP CD8

  18. The very conservative Bob Burns was also rated a “Friend of Big Government” certain years, and a “Champion of the Taxpayer” other years. Look it up. Sometimes you have to vote for a budget you don’t like because the votes aren’t there for a better budget. Nevertheless, you have to vote out a budget or the state shuts down. But that’s beyond the comprhension of many of Paton’s ill-informed critics. If Kelly wins, Giffords wins. It’s as simple as that.

  19. So all you Paton supporters posting here I guess this justifies the negatives on Kelly then is that it? Becasue we have to do anything to make sure that an “electable” candidate is put into office.

  20. Connie, I think you have crossed a line and I think you owe an apology. “Speaking of being a Christian, Jonathan attends Pantano Christian Church. Jesse Kelly attends at least two churches. One in Oro Valley and one at Camino Seco and Speedway. I have heard he attends two others, but will not attest to that until I find out for sure. Nice way to get votes–the phrase I’ve heard is ‘I’m voting for Jesse Kelly because he goes to my church.’ Knowing Jonathan he would not want a vote for him simply because he went to your church. He would want you to talk to him, ask him about the issues, his experience and learn about his character.”

    That is uncalled for and very, very far beneath you, Connie. You are a classy lady and I am very disappointed you would type such a thing. And no, not all the framers were very highly educated but that doesn’t mean they weren’t smart OR inspired. I wish you would get this pre-conceived notion out of your head that you must have some sort of Jedi training to run for US Congress. All of us know how to read. The framers desired citizen legislators, not professional politicians and that is not a slap at Jonathan. Give me a fired up 29 year old Marine who has gone to war for his country over a career politician any day and twice on Sunday.

  21. If I have offended anyone, please accept my apology.

  22. Anti-Federalist says

    Connie, you don’t think the Dems are worried about Jesse Kelly?
    They’ve had the same guy (colin) following Kelly (from Douglas & Sierra Vista to Oro Valley and Saddlebrooke) for a few months now. The only difference is that Jesse doesn’t cry about it.
    Oh, and please explain Arizonans Working Together???
    You may be interested in this group currently attacking Jesse Kelly.
    They have ties not only to Jonathan Paton, but also to GABRIELLE GIFFORDS!

    Everyone knows Paton’s record. That’s why we aren’t voting for him.
    It’s comical how desperate Paton and his Patonistas have become. The horse you picked in this race came up lame. It’s time to get over it and rally behind Jesse Kelly so we can defeat Gabrielle Giffords!

  23. I am stunned at the lies coming from Robert Mayer and the Paton camp. This is disgusting. You have all gone off the deep end. Attacking someone’s Christianity?? Hateful and ugly.

  24. What has Jesse achieved in life that merits his election to Congress? What are his community contributions and personal qualifications, besides being a good speaker? Can anyone tell me?

  25. Oh, I don’t know. What are Barack Obama’s? Our nation is the greatest in the world because anyone can accomplish anything if they work for it. There simply are no prerequisites for serving in US Congress. Is it nice to be able to say you’ve owned and run a business? Served in the military? Served in state legislature? Sure is. But the US Constitution clearly outlines the requirements for holding office and stopped where it stopped for a reason. So that people who had power already didn’t expand that power and so that “citizens” could run and hold office. It was truly inspired that no pedigree was required. It’s provided the greatest form of Republican government in the world.

    If that’s your argument against any candidate you’ve already lost the argument. Oppose their ideas and philosophies and solutions if you will but the “he or she has no experience” argument is a false one if you revere the framers.

    I turn that question around to “Who are you and what are YOUR qualifications to tell somebody who wore our nation’s uniform in war and is a citizen of this country who meets the Constitutional qualifications to run that he or she is not qualified to do so?”

  26. “What are Barack Obama’s?” You just proved my point for me.

  27. Heck, Andy, by your logic, Jesse should just run for the U.S. Senate or the presidency!

  28. Pragmatic Conservative says

    Who ever started the rumor that Sproul was hired by the Paton campaign is lying. How do I know? Unlike most of you cyber cowboys and cowgirls I asked them.

  29. Happy Camper says

    I guess desperation makes people really, really bitter.

  30. I don’t think Jesse is old enough to run for either of those yet, Robert. Remember the Constitution? The question still stands; who are YOU to say he is or isn’t qualified if he meets the criteria set forth by the Constitution? Jesse meets my criteria and many others’ criteria and will likely win this primary Tuesday. He’s conservative, lives personally within his means and I believe he will uphold conservative ideals while eschewing liberal or progressive goals and efforts. He understands the Constitution and right and wrong. He will vote conservatively and not apologize for it. That’s what I expect and will be thrilled to get. I think this district will benefit greatly whether it is Jonathan or Jesse. I just believe the greater benefit will be with Jesse.

  31. Of course, I’m not talking about formal constitutional criteria for holding office, such as age or being a U.S. citizen. I’m talking about life experience, education, a history of accomplishment, and a history of working for the Republican Party. Jesse comes up empty on all fronts. If he wins, we will have another two years of Giffords. That is why the Democrats are now mailing hit pieces against Paton and are ignoring Kelly. Very telling, and what most everyone knew all along: Paton is best positioned to beat Giffords, based on polling and an understanding of the dynamics of the district.

  32. Irony; according to you Paton is best suited to beat Giffords but for some reason is not expected to win his own primary. Interesting dichotomy, wouldn’t you say? Why do you think that is? I’ve got nothing against Jonathan and will gladly support him if he wins. I just believe Jesse is the better choice. So, if Jonathan loses, being best suited to beat Giffords, why do you think he could not win his primary whom you think ill-prepared and unqualified?

  33. Oh, Andy. There are many examples of candidates who are better suited to beat incumbents in general elections, and are more solid candidates overall, but are not nominated by their party (think Ford over Reagan). And I never said I didn’t expect Paton to win the primary. I said “if” Jesse wins, then Giffords will most surely win (as the polls indicate). There are also many examples of voters picking candidates who are ill-qualified, obviously. I hope this doesn’t happen in CD8. Republicans, in my view, should pick the candidate best positioned to beat Giffords. That candidate is Paton.

  34. Agree to disagree

  35. Gee, Andy, you might have hit the nail on the head–what are Barack Obama’s qualifications? Do we want a US Representative who has no qualifications and the same change? The big thing to me is not really that Jesse doesn’t have a college degree–the big thing to me is that he has NO, Nada, Nyet,Nein experience in the field of politics–career or otherwise–no matter what language you use or how you say it.

    Did he start in the Marines as a General? Did he even start in Don Kelly Construction as a Vice President? NO!! It takes training and experience to reach the upper levels of a field. He needs to start out as an apprentice/not even a journeyman then work his way up to master.

    If he wins the primary battle, the Republicans (who are by nature conservative) will loose the general war.

  36. Give me a break, I did not attack anyone’s Christianity. Take off the blinders and look at the big picture. Jesse is attending at least two churches with the membership in each church believing he is with them. As I said, I see nothing wrong with visiting churches to meet the members during a political campaign. But if the campaign strategy is to belong to churches in order to obtain votes-that to me is at least unethical.

  37. Pragmatic Conservative

    Paton’s campaign did not deny that Sproul was involved. Read Nintzel’s post in the Weekly blog. Scarpy did not deny it. Nor did he admit it. Who would?

  38. My point, Connie, is that all this political experience you demand is not foremost on people’s minds right now. They are looking to be inspired and motivated. The Tea Parties are full of people who have no previous political experience running and people are starving for that. Look what politicians and their experience has done to the country. Almost wrecked it irretrievably. I didn’t go to college and never held the rank of general either and I and those who supported me never found that to be a detriment. Rather, it was and will be a strength when (if) I ever run again for something. We cannot underestimate the movement going on right now. It wants fresh, new blood and people are going to most likely vote that way. That isn’t intended to be a swipe at Jonathan, I don’t know how many times I have to say I respect him and Brian and if Jonathan wins, he just picked up two votes in my home. But smart money says Jesse is going to win this thing and I believe if we all keep our word and support him, he will beat Giffords. Guess we’ll find out Tuesday. If a nobody from nowhere beats an established politician in a primary, I’d say that makes Jesse quite capable and savvy beyond his years.

  39. You know what!! I’m finished with all this bantering back and forth. I am probably the conservative person most of you would ever know and I am voting for Jonathan Paton. End of story–

  40. Connie,
    You did it again in post #36. That shows me that your first apology was not sincere.

  41. Anti-Federalist says

    Connie is NOT a conservative… or at least not one who sticks by her principles.
    She once told me, when i asked her about Paton’s voting record, that…

    “a representative represents not only republicans, but independents and democrats too. Paton represented the democrats in his district too and had to take that into account when he voted.”

    Connie (who works for Paton) is one of the LEAST conservative republicans I know and only confirms that Paton is a wishy-washy moderate who likes to pander to the left.

  42. Connie, Jesse Kelly indeed attends church at two different locations. The fact is however that they are both branches of the same church. Alive Church has a campus in Continental Ranch and one on LaChola. A little fact checking goes a long way.
    Now move along and question someone else’s ethics.

  43. No, the two churches are Calvary Chapel at Camino Seco and Speedway and Alive Church on LaCholla–I asked him why he didn’t attend the one in Continental Ranch and he told me he didn’t want to leave his friends in Oro Valley.

    I did check the facts!!!

  44. From Politico.com, 8/21/10. Nice going, Jesse — you’ve just lost the general election, if you make it past the primary:

    “In a district in which nearly 17 percent of the population was 65 years old or older at the time of the last census, Kelly wants to phase out Social Security — going a step further than the plan in Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisc.) “Roadmap” that he also endorses.

    “We have to fulfill our promises that we’ve made to people who are on it now, because the government has stolen their money their entire lives, while phasing future generations off. You have to get the future generations off or you’re going to go broke,” he said. “Individual accounts is the key to it.””

  45. Robert–The above statement is why people must vote for Jonathan Paton unless they want Gabby Giffords back in the house with Nancy Pelosi

  46. Robert, if Soc Security was run the way it was supposed to from the get-go, maybe, just maybe, more people would want to preserve it. However, it is a ponzi scheme modeled after Otto Von Bismarck’s program and it is a failure. The first contributor contributed approximately $25 from 1937-1939. Her first check was for $24. In two months, she received more than she contributed in two years. It absolutely must be re-vamped. Jesse is correct to want to get much younger workers the capability to invest THEIR money how they see fit. Money I contribute now is paying for someone else’s retirement; not mine. I’m not real happy about that and I would hope nobody else contributing is either. It was never intended to be a sole retirement income and our government, namely Congress, has raided its coffers for decades. There is no fund and my money is not being set aside for me. So, yes, I would elect to opt out in a heartbeat and invest MY way if given the chance. Any politician who doesn’t have the guts to call that like it is isn’t worthy of my vote and isn’t a fiscal conservative.

    I can invest far better than the government can. With all the baby boomers retiring this program is already paying out more than it is taking in. This is a bunch of bs and must stop. If you’d prefer to trust the government with your money, seeing as how they have already done such a great job, be my guest. But don’t disparage people who aren’t happy with it and want another option. Jesse Kelly is going to win Tuesday and possibly win big. After he does, we have to let bygones be bygones and support him. Jonathan and the rest of us made that commitment and I hope everyone else will as well.

  47. You should have stayed in the race, Andy.

  48. Well, Connie, I wanted to but it was just too difficult working to support the family which required travel (more than anticipated, the optempo just kept going up)and it greatly affected my fundraising and ability to hit all the events I needed to. Maybe I’ll run again for something else after I get home from Iraq.

  49. I hope so, Andy. I’d much rather hear/see you standing up for yourself and your issues than Jesse Kelly’s. 🙂 While you may agree with him on many things–you state them with much more depth.

    Thank you for your service to our country and thank you for running for CD8 representative. God Bless you and your family.

  50. On the depth angle, that isn’t saying much, Connie.

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