Faux republicans for economic stagnation.

     Steve Emerine has an excellent article at AZBIZ.com about Pima County’s misplaced effort to get involved in federal mining law. In the story Emerine asks:

Why is a Democratic-controlled Board of Supervisors, which claims to support high-paying jobs and stronger unions, working so hard to kill a high-paying project on private land

     Another good question is why are the two Republicans on the board also opposed to working class residents getting a decent pay check? One of them, a Democrat turned Republican from Chicago, touts his efforts to protect lower income people from tax increases. How about letting them move from low income to middle class by having a decent job? The other nominal Republican on the board, a cowgirl born in Texas, is so busy pontificating about sustainability I am not sure she understands that the average person need to work for a living. It is sad that these out-of-staters are reflexively set against any kind of mining. After all this is Arizona, a state that was built on mining, especially copper mining.

     Ms. Texas was even on the radio attacking the project because it is owned by a Canadian company. It’s called foreign capital and most communities seek to attract it’s job providing benefits. She added that a Japanese firm was also funding the project: ditto on the foreign capital thing above. Then she added that the copper would just be sold to China. Yeah, because buffoons like her ran all the manufacturing jobs out of the U.S. so there is no one left in the U.S. who needs copper. What does Ms. Texas want the rest of us to do for work? There are only so may $65,000/year jobs at the county and they only need so many greeters at Wal-Mart. As a so called Republican she should support using foreign capital for good paying jobs so the U.S. could possibly make or produce something for other nations to buy. Maybe she has not checked the foreign exchange value of the dollar lately. If we keep importing everything and refuse to produce anything the dollar will continue to weaken, inflation will increase, and the standard of living will drop. Not very Republican sounding to me.

     Even worse is the fact that Pima County had a chance to buy the mine site and head off the whole controversy but chose not to act. Now they are all grandstanding to make up for previous inaction. Too bad the taxpayers of Pima County will once again be stuck footing the bill.

     I have not even discussed the implications for the Tucson Gem Show if the area gets a repution as anti-mining.

     Speaking of the board of supervisors, Tedski has an interesting story about some of the primary races.


  1. Strange that Ann Day should be upset about the Japanese investing in the U.S. since that is who made the tax-payer funded imported car that she drives.

  2. As a real estate appraiser with a lot of time on my hands, I’d like one of those $65k jobs.

  3. Rich the new Wal-Mart in Oro Valley is hiring.


  4. Rick,

    If you’re referring to the County Supervisors’ salaries, they will get a raise to $76,600 effective January 1, 2009.

  5. “Then she added that the copper would just be sold to China.”

    The copper is sold to the COMEX or LMX exchanges and purchased from there.

  6. A Canadian Corporation mining US minerals, smelting in Mexico and selling the product to China? You also forgot about the 1000’s of acres of public land the mine wants to use for the tailings and the biggest issue, depleting the aquifer of water and then degrading the same aquifer with CAP water. The issues are vast and complex. Why should we allow a Canadian Corporation to mine our minerals and sell them to other country’s?

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