Farnsworth rated as a loser

State Representative Eddie Farnsworth’s quixotic primary challenge to Senator Thayer Verschoor was tentative at best. Verschoor successfully navigated a primary challenge in 2006 and went on to easily win the general. PolitickerAZ correctly notes that with a third Republican, Joe Bedgood, in the race Farnsworth’s chances decline. So much so that they label him a Loser of the Week. Bedgood and Farnsworth will likely split votes leaving Verschoor the conservative base and party loyalty vote.

Farnsworth has a 57% from the Pachyderm Coalition while Verschoor earns a very respectable 87% from the same group.


  1. The guy hardly ever shows up to work, now he wants a promotion? Yeah right!

  2. Just Win Baby says

    If re-elected, Thayer Verschoor is the prohibitive favorite to be elected Senate President. That would be awesome for conservatives! Why can’t Eddie wait two years so we could have a conservative stud in charge? Is it just personal ambition?

  3. Charles Brannon says

    Senator Verschoor has proven himself a man of conviction and honor. He should be the choice of his district’s voters and will be the choice of his fellow senators to lead that chamber of the Legislature.

    Senator Verschoor has already demonstrated his ability to build consensus and compromise to get state business done. While strongly conservative, he is respectful of the ideas of other political stategies, taking the best of those ideas to build solutions that enough legislators will agree to in order to move the state forward. He knows that dogmatic obstruction fails the citizens, while communications can help make incremental progress.

    The choice for voters on the eastside is simple, do they want the Senate President to represent their interests or a new kid on the block with no influence and even less power?

  4. FreeAdvice says

    Is it just me, or are people over-writing their support for candidates? Did Charles just cut and paste something from Thayer’s website, or does he really blog like that?

    And the Pacyderms? Thanks for the link showing it’s just three guys. Some coalition.

  5. Just Win Baby says

    No Free, the rankings are compiled and maintained by three technically proficient guys, but the Coalition’s membership is significantly larger.

  6. FreeAdvice says

    Ok, JWB, one more thing: What does “prohibitive favorite” mean?

  7. Charles Brannon says


    I don’t even live in Senator Verschoor’s district. But, I know the man and follow the activities of the state Legislature very closely, as many of my friends are members and several other friends are on the staffs of the two chambers. Besides, I blog regualarly and have to understand what is happening in our state and local governments.

    I met the Senator in 2004 and he has not wavered from his conservative principles once, but he has worked within the limits of those principles to build for progress. His commitment to the people of Arizona is unquestioned. His sense of duty, unchallenged. I just have no room for those elected officials who see strident refusal to work with others as some kind of litmus test for being called a conservative. When we work together, while maintaining the basic principles of our beliefs, then we can move Arizona into national leadership.

    And, by the way, I don’t steal other people’s words and pass them off as my own. If my writing is too professional sounding for you, I suggest you should read more.

  8. FreeAdvice says

    Ok, Charles, I will buy into your expertise as a lobbyist, and that you are an expert because you say you are, and that you have a bunch of politicians as friends. Good luck with that. I can judge only your rhetoric. I will also grant Thayer is a good guy. But to call him “unquestioned” or “unchallenged” is just not helping him or any other conservative.

    And, as a conservative, I don’t see any value in moving Arizona into “national leadership.” I just want to be left the heck alone.

  9. Just Win Baby says

    For definitions of “prohibitive favorite” or any other commonly accepted phrase, I’d recommend dictionaries or numerous online guides. To dumb it down a bit, let’s just say most everyone agrees he has the votes if he runs.

  10. Charles Brannon says

    So it is with many “conservatives,” who want to close the gate now that they are here. Too late, the gate is not only unlocked, but off its hinges. We will grow. We can either grow for the better or for the worse. That’s the choice we have. I prefer to elect people who want to improve Arizona.

    Thayer Verschoor has proven to be a winner, not only for conservatives, but for our state. Losers can question his commitment to the state – I don’t. Losers can challenge his sense of duty – I don’t. The Senator would have my vote.

    But, I wonder if there is anyone willing to call the questionable and challenging actions that should be raised in this particular race.

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