Famous Relatives Do Not a Governor Make

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Famous Relatives Do Not a Governor Make
By Bennett Irving

Len Munsil clearly outdistances the other candidates in this crucial Arizona gubernatorial race. We need to think smart and put our fond memories of Barry Goldwater to rest with him. There is little to recommend his nephew.

There is a lot at stake as Arizonans are nearing the final leg of the primary election. Since the advent of early balloting, we no longer have an election day—rather an election month. The first day voters can submit their ballots is August 10, 2006, well in advance of the official election day of September 12th.

The importance of early voting cannot be overemphasized. There are crucial elements in this election cycle that are unprecedented. For Republicans, this is a watershed year, eclipsing others in recent memory. The current governor must be replaced. Janet Napolitano has repeatedly shown her contempt for the legislative process, by vetoing reasonable legislation and holding the Arizona House and Senate hostage to her belligerence and obstructionism. Most importantly, she is poised to remake the state judiciary in her left-leaning image.

Currently, in a state that has twice given its electoral votes to George W. Bush, and has only supported a Democrat presidential candidate once since 1948, we have a supreme court that is predominately liberal. Three of our five justices are Democrats. The possibility of another appointment under her watch is a major concern.

Len Munsil is the lone candidate who has the ability to break this stranglehold on our state. The problem is a four-way primary that has the potential to split votes, allowing Napolitano another four years at the helm of state government. This is serious business, requiring Republicans to make difficult choices.

Here are the facts:

Len Munsil: Within weeks of his December 1st filing, Len Munsil had amassed all of the five dollar contributions and seed money mandated by Clean Elections, as well as the requisite nominating petition signatures. Munsil is founding president and general counsel of The Center for Arizona Policy, a nationally respected, pro-family, public policy institute. With countless legislative victories under his belt, his radio messages and public appearances have put him in touch with hundreds of thousands of Arizonans statewide. This built-n constituency was evident as he broke records in collecting the necessary funding and petitions. Without a doubt, Munsil’s widespread support, organizational skills and legal knowledge place him at the head of the pack. The last mandated state filing documents show him with $40,210 in individual contributions, having reached the limit allowed by law. He has been endorsed by Congressmen Jeff Flake, Trent Franks, Rick Renzi and John Shadegg. Numerous state legislators have added their names to his growing list of supporters.

Don Goldwater: Most recently employed by liberal Democrat governor Janet Napolitano, his campaign is perched upon the famous shoulders of his late uncle, Barry. Now championing pro-life issues (although rife with exceptions), he previously ran, and lost his bid for public office—carrying the support of Planned Parenthood and other “pro-choice” groups. Although recently referring to himself as a financial consultant, his last job as events coordinator with Napolitano amounted to arranging for seating and microphones at gatherings in Bolin Plaza. We simply can’t afford to have someone with such a spotty history as the Republican nominee. Goldwater entered the race last summer and still has not qualified for public funding. Perhaps he’s devoting too much time to his stated hobby of playing the favored British game of squash. According to his last financial filing, he has raised $12,483.33 in individual contributions. The slogan on his website declares: The name you know, the name you trust. That was Uncle Barry. Today’s Goldwater is clearly not the engine to pull this considerable train.

Mike Harris: A self-funded candidate committed to spending $250,000 of his own money on his campaign, recently petitioned the court to reduce child support payments to his only child, a seven-year-old son. Described on his campaign website as a “successful businessman” and “loving father,” Harris’s comment regarding the $1,000 a month child support won’t go far in winning him the women’s vote. “For one kid, for a four-year marriage it’s pretty darn generous,” he huffed. His former wife filed a petition after he fell thousands behind in court ordered spousal maintenance. Harris’s response as to whether $1,000 a month is appropriate support for a child of a successful businessman: ” It’s all a matter of perspective.”
We can count this guy out.

Gary Tupper: Also privately financing his campaign, Tupper, who calls himself a moderate, is a political newcomer. He is the lone Republican candidate supporting abortion “rights.” A Chandler contractor, Tupper has raised only $1580 from eight individuals–including his own contribution of $760.

So, we’re down to the wire. Analyze this list and come up with the one person whose experience and abilities to challenge Napolitano merit your vote in the Republican primary. Len Munsil clearly outdistances the other entrants in this crucial race. We need to think smart and put our fond memories of Barry Goldwater to rest with him. There is little to recommend his nephew. The job of governor clearly exceeds his abilities. Sharing a name with a famous relative does not qualify anyone for anything. Goldwater should return to his job as a state employee in the Napolitano administration and carry on with his squash racquet.


  1. I complete agree that Len Munsil is the only reasonable choice. I have said from the beginning to anyone that would listen that Goldwater is not running on issues or experience, but on a name. We need someone who has a verifialbe record, and Munsil is certainly that. I hope that Republicans recognize that he would not only make a great Republican nominee, but also a fantastic Gorvernor.

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