Family man?

father-&-son.jpg     Steve Huffman makes a big deal of being a husband and father, featuring pictures of his family on campaign material. He has 2 and 4 year old boys at home.

     When asked about missing 30% percent of the votes in his last job he replied that he was gone because of his son’s surgery. There is a message there for Steve. BE A MAN and stay in town to raise your boys! I cannot believe that he is willing to be out of state all the time with a 2 year old.

     You can run later when your children are older and you are free to show up for work. 

     Kolbe made a big deal when he selected Huffman that the other guy could not win. Jim miscalculated and the Democrats are already softening the ground. Steve is a terrible campaigner and misses a lot of events. He is too busy with his young family and other obligations to give his all in the general election. He is the one who cannot win. The single Giffords and grown up Weiss both have clear schedules to campaign full-time and wipe the lackluster Huffman off the political map.



  1. District 8 Goldwater supporter says

    And what about the candidate you are supporting? Any kids? Married? Is he ruling out the possibility that some additional kids might come his way?

    I recall last election in the 8th District Colette Rosati attacked Royce Flora for not having kids (his wife had miscarried several times) and Michelle Reagan for being unmarried (I think Colette was suggesting Michelle might be a lesbian)

    WHO Cares!

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    First thing, we are talking about CD 8 not LD 8. I am sorry about what happened in Scottsdale in the past but it has no bearing on the congressional race in Southern Arizona.

    Second. The other 2 contenders for the Republican CD 8 primary both have grown children. In fact I believe both Mike Hellon and Randy Graf are grandparents. So, no they do not have little ones at home. I am not going to discuss marital status because it is irrelevant to my point.

    Third. All I did was mention facts already in evidence. Huffman has a poor attendance record. He is the one who used his child’s illness as an excuse. He is also the one who plastered a picture of his family all over his literature. I am only discussing facts introduced by the candidate himself.

    Fourth. Going 2 hours to the state capital is much different than going back to Washington. Steve was not able to juggle working out of town with his family obligations (by his own admission.) How is he going to be able to serve his constituents by being even further away from his other commitments? The answer, based on past EVIDENCE, is not very well.

    If Huffman does not want his family and kids to become issues in the campaign he should stop bringing them up in his speeches and using them as an excuse.

  3. District 8 Goldwater supporter says

    It is possible that Steve will be moving his family to DC, in which case he may see his children more frequently than he did when the AZ legislature is in session.

    I for one like the idea of a Congress that reflects American families. Families with young childrren, families with grown children and grandchildren, families with no children, gay families, single/divorced.

    One of the problems with our AZ Legislature is that we pay our legislators so little is we tend to get an over-representation of older retired people, who could care less if they are in session six months of the year.

    One of the problems with our AZ legislature is

  4. Oro Valley Dad says

    Steve could move his family to DC but that still leaves the two funerals and a wedding. Why would he see his family more than when he was in the legislature? Oro Valley is only about 2 hours from the state capital. Huffman will still have a commute wherever he lives in the DC area. If he could not handle the commute for a part time state office how will be able to handle the greater demands of a federal office?

    The bottom line is Huffman always seems to have an excuse for not showing up for work.

  5. Regaurding Royce Flora not having children….Then why is his name on the birth certificate of a child born in July 1978, at Yakota AFB in Japan?

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