False Reasoning.

     You can tell a lot about the strength of someone’s view by the rhetoric that they use. The current talking point for the Senate Immigration Compromise is that the only alternative is to round up and deport 12 million illegal aliens. This is a total canard.

     First, none of the reasoned voices against this bill are even talking about a mass deportation. Second there are always other options but McCain and Chertoff keep talking as if the only two options are pass the flawed Senate bill or have a mass deportation. Opinion polls tell them that deportation is very unpopular so they juxtapose it with the Senate Bill to make the flawed comprise bill look better by comparison.

     There are several other options. First, focus on securing the borders in a meaningful way. Second, enforce a real employment verification system so that only those here legally are hired. That is a very reasonable option. Some people may not like these ideas but they are options. Options that the political elites do not want to mention because they may be preferable to the current Senate Bill. They would rather give you only two choices, their flawed bill or an unpopular alternative that no serious scholars are recommending. It is a sign of how desperate those behind this bill are and how weak their case for this bill is.

     Thomas Sowell has penned another well-written article titled The Amnesty Fraud: Part II. Great reading.


  1. nightcrawler says

    Ah, but therein lies the rub. Something must be done with the 12 million undocumented workers. In the absence of deportation and in the absence of this latest bill, those folks will simply stay in this country indefinitely. Establishing strict employer sanctions will not send undocumented workers running across the border. Rather they will stay put, out of work, out of school, further taxing our social and penal systems. I whole heartily agree we need a secure border fence. That however, is a very separate issue. We can use help in the military and in boosting the social security coffers. With an able bodied manual workforce to offset the soft baby boom generation, perhaps there can be a muted win-win situation yet to be discovered. Think outside the box.

  2. Nightcrawler,

    I am afraid that for many the purpose now is not to work towards finding a way to make this bill workable, or even evaluating it with any sense of objectivity, but in discounting it as having no value. The rest of that story is to establish all those associated with the introduction of the bill as flawed in both their character and intent. It is wrapped in subjectivity and a far cry from positive.

    We can only hope it is not the majority, merely the loudest. I fear the possibility of a successful election in ’08 is too much to hope for after the decimation waged by our state party leaders and some elected officials. Now our state chair has appeared on national TV, made the Washington Times and other national papers with his one-finger salute and disparaging remarks. I can only imagine how Republicans in other states must perceive our state party. As if the McCain bashing wasn’t enough, now Senator Kyl is being called a traitor and a liar and having his picture plastered in the press. WE should be so proud!

    This bill will see some changes and then it will pass in the Democratic majority. And when the dust settles and we are looking for leadership all we will have is the bloody, bruised, and beaten ranks of what was once a very powerful and honorable Congressional Delegation from Arizona…..unless you count the perpetrators of the vicious attacks as qualified leaders.

    It appears the race for the ninth floor and Sen. McCain’s seat has already begun and at least two have positioned themselves as likely candidates. Duplicity on steroids!

  3. Oro Valley Dad says


    By listing the drawbacks of my other option you have acknowledged that there is at least a third option. To you not a good one and that is fine. But at least another option exists. The political elites will not even admit that there are more options, good or bad. They make it seem as if it is their plan or mass deportation – period. They are doing that for a cynical reason and it weakens their case.

  4. Everyone who supports Amnesty and the current bill says that there is no other alternative, so we have to take this piece of donkey dung. Well there are two other alternatives. I remember clearly that there was a plan printed and open for discussion all last year during the Republican Primary – the Goldwater Reform Immigration Plan – GRIP.

    Also, I read the following alternative recently that hits the key points comprehensively – to coin a well used word.

    Immediately and concurrently implement the following:

    1. Secure the border with a real fence and mandate that the National Guard actually perform the duties they are trained, equipped and routinely perform in natural disasters and urban riots/looting.

    2. Require all employers to use the Basic Pilot Program for ALL new employment. It is 99.86% accurate. Revoke the business license permanently for any employer who knowingly hires illegals.

    3. Require all law enforcement officers to verify legality when already in contact with violators – criminal and traffic – eliminate Sanctuary City policies.

    4. Require all government agencies to verify legality of persons applying for and/or receiving benefits.

    Within one year require the following:

    1. Mandate that the Attorney General file suit in the Supreme Court to get a legal opinion that “anchor babies” do not qualify as citizens. The Constitutional reference is that this section was passed specifically and singularly for slaves who were brought here against their will.

    2. Require all employers to run current employees through the Basic Pilot Program.

    3. Conduct an independent survey as to the REAL necessity for foreign workers. Mandate that the employer contribute any savings accrued through hiring foreign workers to domestic training entities that will reduce the need for foreign workiers over the long haul.

    4. Mandate a 30% surtax on all personal money transfers of under $100,000 per transaction (to eliminate adverse effects on legitimate international corporate business needs) to help defray the social, criminal and medical costs borne by legal workers/taxpayers.

    Historical evidence from the fifties demonstrates that when you have a real risk of apprehension in combination with the elimination of the enticement of illegal employment, the majority of illegals voluntarily return to their home country. The only ones left are the lawless which law enforcement can take care of with the reduced demand on their services due to the reduction in the vast numbers of illegals.

  5. nightcrawler says

    GOP PK,

    All alternatives should be considered and up for discussion. The one you propose smacks of bureaucracy and excessive taxation, neither of which become the GOP. Once you interfere with the free market system through taxes and penalties, the business community will react. Who do you suppose will ultimately pay for the 30% “savings” tax? Taxing personal money transfers of whom? How do you identify those to tax? That would immediately set up a cottage industry of financial intermediaries. The model of the fifties also brings to mind McCarthyism and blatant racism. The world is a different place now and the demographics have changed. That old dog won’t hunt any longer.

  6. Ann,

    The State Party Chair did not draw the middle finger drawing. Someone angry at the Republican Party because some prominent Republicans are supporting the latest amnesty scheme drew that and sent it. Pullen was just reporting how angry Republicans are at what they perceive is a betrayal by the President and several Republican Senators. Stop blaming Pullen for everyone else’s anger and actions. Neither has Pullen called Kyl or McCain ANY names despite your claims that he did. Pullen simply called for opposition to the legislation. Some folks decided to make that personal.

    On the other hand, Nathan Sproul has appeared on national TV disparaging BY NAME the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, telling the world that Pullen is “destroying the party” and making other ridiculous, inflammatory claims. If anyone is bringing embarassment upon Arizona and the Republican Party it is Sproul with his smears against Pullen and also the Republican Senators and Representatives who are associating themselves with Teddy Kennedy’s scheme to give amnesty and rewards to millions of illegal aliens.

  7. nightcrawler,

    When I remember the fifties – and I do remember them, not just in the context of news articles or distorted reprises in the national media – I remember DDE, winning the Korean War (the last one won), Ozzie and Harriet, the beginning of the Interstate Highway system, Baccalaureate services, walking to school, and most of all elected officials who listened to and voted for the people who elected them, etc.

    70% of Arizonans are opposed to this bill as currently crafted and the Republican State Committee passed UNANIMOUSLY a resolution in January opposing such legislation and calling on our elected officials to vote against any type of amnesty. Kyl, McCain, Flake, Shadegg, Franks and even Renzi should listen to and represent those who put them in office, not the Chamber of Commerce and la Raza

    The reason your old dog won’t hunt is you have fed him too much Alpo on the public dole and he can’t get up and earn his keep by huting. In addition, you have justified that action as compassion for the poor dog who should not have to hunt, but should be taken care of while the roof is full of holes and there is no food in the icebox because neither he nor you will do what is necessary to protect the homestead.

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