Fallout …

     The senate immigration bill is dead for now. The contentiousness of the debate will reverberate for some time, especially through the Republican Party. John McCain’s presidential aspirations continue to fade into the ether.

     Senator Kyl’s senate seat is quite secure with 5 years left in his term but his status as a leader within the Arizona Republican Party has sadly been compromised. I say sadly because we really needed him as a unifying force to help us regain congressional and legislative seats. If he were to show up at an event now it would be more of a distraction than a help.

     Kyl did at least avoid going off the deep end like Senators Graham (NC) and Lott (MS). Graham played the race card several times too many and Lott’s attack on Talk Radio was idiotic.

     Due to his adept handling of the issue the state Republican Party may be entering the post-Kyl era and heading quickly to the Shadegg era. Congressman John Shadegg carefully avoided attacking others within the party while making clear he did not support the senate immigration bill. His performance over the past 30 days may have assured that he receives his party’s nomination for McCain’s senate seat.

     President Bush does not have to visit Yuma any more for his sham photo ops. Results are the only thing we want to see out of him and he seems to have a problem producing them. The hit on President Clinton was that he left a trail of dead people behind him. For Bush it is just a trail of people in jail, from Border Patrol agents, to Army enlisted trying to extract intelligence for his War on Terror, to members of his own administration trying to defend his War on Terror. The Anti-Truman. It’s like the buck never stops until some underling is in jail. His new name is George (Lord Kitchener) Bush. He is not a lame duck, just lame. (It is not fair to insult ducks like that.)

Update: Espresso Pundit further confirms that the Republican Party in Arizona will soon be entering the Shadegg era.

George Bush has even lost the pro-amnesty conservatives.


  1. gop4ever2008 says

    US Senator-elect John Shadegg (what’s wrong with a little foreshadowing?) has been a great voice of calm, a great voice of reason, and a great voice for not only Arizona Republicans but for all Arizonans throughout this debate. But let’s not forget that Mr. Shadegg isn’t just a great voice for Arizona Republicans on border security and immigration. As a Member of the Republican Study Committee (note the RSC’s PAC, the House Conservatives Fund, was founded by now-AZGOP executive director Sean McCaffery), Shadegg has been a national leader for fiscal responsibility, for tax relief, for strengthening our schools, for protecting families, and for keeping America safe by maintaining a strong defense and honoring our veterans. If Republicans retake control of the US House and miss the boat by not electing John Shadegg Speaker, we have a real opportunity to send a strong voice to the US Senate with him — especially when he showed the guts to stand up to the White House by doing what he knew was right and opposing this amnesty bill. In the meantime, it’s good to know we have folks like Shadegg AND Trent Franks working for us in Congress!

  2. gop4ever2008 says

    By the way when Senator Jon Kyl introduces legislation in the near future to simply secure the border and prevent businesses from hiring illegal immigrants (what Republicans should have done to begin with), we all need to keep Harry Reid and the Chappaquidick Kid’s phone numbers handy. If we for a minute are going to think that it’s going to be easy for Senator Kyl to get the Democrats to let a REPUBLICAN-ONLY bill by Jon Kyl get a fair shake in Congress, we are deluding ourselves. Reid/Kennedy won’t let Republicans get a victory like that when they are barely holding onto their Senate majority. Not even with 75% of the nation supporting it. But in a battle between Harry/Ted and Jon, I’d bet on Jon anyday!

  3. Can you say Senator Shadegg?

    Start getting used to it!

  4. Brass Pair says

    I really would like to see Kyl get his head uninserted and get back on the right track regarding this issue. I do think he’s a smart man and in the long run would be good for AZ. Then again, I was fooled by Bush. But we definitely need to get Amnesty McCain out, and if we can replace him with Shadegg we could have a great duo in the senate.

    McCain is as bag as an embarassment to the state of AZ as Mommy Janet. Shame on us for allowing these losers into office.

  5. kralmajales says

    Senator Shaddeg???? Most people in this state don’t even know who he is. If he faces Janet Napolitano…then he…and anyone else in her path loses.

  6. Senator Shadegg??

    I’m sure he says that a lot in front of his mirror.

    He’s been quite unremarkable. Time for someone new next time.

  7. John Shadegg was a key player in the Gingrich 1994 victories that resulted in the Republican majority in the House for the first time in fifty years. He was the special assistant attorney general in the State of Arizona 1983–1990, and was the Chairman and driving force of the Its Time anti-tax initiative of 1992.

    Shadegg was recently elected Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, the fifth-ranking position in the House Leadership below the Majority Leader. He was the only member of the Republican Class of 1994 serving in leadership until resigning the post to run for Majority Leader in January 2006.

    From 2000 to 2002, Congressman Shadegg served as chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), the largest conservative organization in the House of Representatives. Under Shadegg’s leadership, the organization grew from 40 to more than 70 members, and became the most influential and respected force in the U.S. House shaping conservative policy for the country.

    Shadegg is a strong free-market conservative, opposing tax hikes, supports funding for US troops, and is considered a taxpayer hero by Citizens Against Government Waste, [1], as well as a Taxpayer Friend by National Taxpayers Union, [2].

    Shadegg is also the son of Steve Shadegg of Arizona, who managed Barry Goldwater’s 1952 and 1958 US Senate races and organized the Draft Goldwater movement in the 1964 presidential campaign. Steve Shadegg wrote the book Flying Upside Down a Primer for challenger candidates.

    I have not always been a fan of John Shadegg and feel that he has been inconsistent in working with the grass roots, but he seems to have grown into his job and is ready for Prime Time.

    If he will just make sure his staff is working for the people and not their next job, he will be better served and be able to serve better. He is no Len Munsil, as Trent Franks will attest, and if he is running against Janet, he will graciously slice and dice her in a way she has never experienced.

  8. gop4ever2008 says

    Ummm, I thought Joe Gaylord wrote “Flying Upside Down”. In fact, I just went and got my copy off the shelf. Joe Gaylord, 1991. Whatever. So Senator-elect Shadegg doesn’t walk on water —– I do believe he would beat Janet Napolitano, and if she dares run against him, I say this: BRING IT ON!

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