Face it…We Need A New Strategy

The Arizona Republican Party is in need of a makeover…

Some might even say an extreme makeover.  I would like to think that with a new focus on building our Party and working against the Democrats rather than fighting amongst ourselves, we can be not only prepared in numbers for 2010 and beyond, but we can be significant on many fronts.

Lisa James is a proven leader.

Lisa is well-respected across the state for her hard work on the Bush campaigns and within the Party for her experience, skills and knowledge to ramp up registration, increase the donor base, and bring home the vote without compromising the Party Platform.  Lisa has a track record of leadership on the national, state and local levels as well as where it counts most…at home.

Lisa is innovative and involved.

Lisa has worked hard to recruit new faces to the Party and bring the thrill and excitement of being involved in Republican values  to life.  Through the Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series, women of all ages are educated and trained to take on leadership roles in Arizona. Lisa helped developed the concept and sits on the Dodie Londen Board in order to “increase the number and influence of Arizona’s Republican women in government and politics.”  Lisa has also worked hard helping strong conservative Republicans run in national, state and local elections, both as a volunteer and professional consultant.

Lisa has the know-how and savvy to win in 2010 and beyond.

Personality and grass roots support are very important. However, the bottom line is registration and money. We may have won seats in the state legislature in 2008. But, the reality is we lost in fundraising and we continue to lose in the registration battle. The re-districting lines are what saved our majority this year in the legislature, not registration or funding.  Lisa will be able to use her professional campaign and political experience to prepare us for victory. Her willingness to give her strengths and talents to the Party as a volunteer Chairman should not go unnoticed. Although she has volunteered for plenty of grassroots activities and campaigns, having someone of her professional caliber is certainly a huge bonus.

Lisa has the facts.

If we do not start immediately giving citizens a reason to come back to the Party, we will be in the minority in four more years. 80% of those who registered in the past two years registered Democrat or Independent. That has to change. Lisa has the foresight to appeal to new voters and displaced voters without ignoring our principles.  We have much work to do between now and the 2010 election. There is no reason Bob Stump, Kris Mayes and Gary Pierce should have to work with Sandra “I am liberal and proud of it” Kennedy and Paul “County Car Toting” Newman.  Lack of funding killed our team. Just ask Marion McClure and Barry Wong what went wrong.

We need Lisa.

Kim Owens has a nice way of describing why, at this particular time, the Party needs Lisa, “Lisa James has the knowledge and skill to keep our party relevant and successful while staying true to conservative principles. She understands the changing landscape of Arizona and American politics and can navigate them well without sacrifice to the Republican platform.”

Most of us understand the Republican Party is in trouble. Let’s put a new face on and do something about it before it is too late. 


  1. You’re right. Why would we want to keep winning races when we could turn it all over to the architect of our 2006 drubbing?

    As for “Her willingness to give her strengths and talents to the Party as a volunteer Chairman should not go unnoticed”, whatever… She lost the chairman’s race last time and disappeared on us. She donated nothing and did nothing, except what was good for her firm.

    What a crock.

  2. Goodyear GOP says

    So, we’re just posting brochures now?

    I suppose Pullen will get equal time in any case, but geesh, that post was pure cheerleading without even the pretense of news or editorializing.

  3. Just ask Marian McClure and Barry Wong what went wrong? Are you serious?

    Marian McClure and Barry Wong ARE what went wrong. And Stump wasn’t much better. What a lousy race those three ran. They had $750,000 between the three of them. Three quarters of a million dollars! And they blew it.

    LJD has a lot of nerve suggesting that its Randy Pullen’s fault that McClure and Wong lost, but that the wins were all the result of “district lines”. McClure and Wong were leftie Republicans who ran lousy races in spite of having plenty of money. How is that Pullen’s fault?

    McCain was winning by nine points while those two ran behind the Democrats, and LJD says it was Pullen’s fault?

    Okay, I get it now. Everything bad was Randy’s fault. Everything good had nothing to do with Randy. Thanks for the info!

    Sounds like the James team is getting pretty desperate here. I get the feeling its going to get ugly as they get more desperate.

  4. Secure the Borders says

    This is ALL about amnesty and McCain’s desire to champion Obama’s next push for it. They want Pullen silenced and the AZ GOP silenced along with him. If you value our precious freedoms, reject James, McCain, Sproul, and the rest of the open-border crowd. Vote for PULLEN!

  5. Iris Lynch says

    ‘Secure’ has got it. And anyone who thinks that our current economic blowdown has not been aggravated by our so-called immigration policy (instead of Federal Immigration LAW), should stay home on any election day. Thanks to the laws that have been enacted in our state, we have had some cooling effect on immigration. OUR unemployment figures are not as bad as other states, such as California, where jobs taken by illegal immmigrants are rampant. We need to remember who pays the bills and see to it that OUR CITIZENS are the recipients of those tax monies and the rest of us are not unduly challenged to afford a decent living.

    I am always amazed that otherwise sensible people forget that in a true neighborhood disaster, earthquake, bomb, fire, hurricane, or? that they would check their OWN family BEFORE running to see to the care of their neighbor. Why do we forget that our citizens need to come before those who have snuck in to the area? Even the good book does not say that we should shirk our own in order to be good samaritans. The old saws, all have truth in them. Try this one: CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

    Vote for Pullen!

  6. I have decided to allow supporters of both candidates for chairman to post and make their arguments for who would be the best Chairman for the party.

    For the record, I have not taken a side in this race and will make my decision at the last minute and in private.

    Sonoran Alliance

  7. We have our new strategy and it’s working fine. We grew the AZ House by two more GOP seats and the AZ Senate by one. Plus “moderate” Republican members were sent home and replaced by new conservative GOP members. Pullen’s ’07 election had consequenses that benefited conservative candidates.

    Our new strategy (which is winning elections) is walking the walk of our conservative GOP platform. And maintaining a hard line against the illegal invasion. Our new strategy is in line with at least 70% of AZ voters.

    The last thing we need is the “new strategy” proposed by James and her gang of job killing amnesty supporters.

  8. What’s Lisa’s plan for improving Republican enrollment, hoping all the illegals she wants amnesty for register with us? Unbelievable.

  9. Sherlock Homie says

    I’m still trying to figure out when the GOP became the Conservative Party.

  10. Sherlock Homie Says:
    January 16th, 2009 at 10:36 am
    I’m still trying to figure out when the GOP became the Conservative Party.

    Sherlock, when the GOP was the conservative party, we won elections. When we tried to be “mainstream” and “bipartisan” and “compassionate” we lost elections. Solid conservative policies of limiting government, lowering taxes, supporting life, and supporting strong national security (including enforcing laws against illegal aliens and a strong, effective military policy) are what win the GOP elections. When we get away from that, we falter.

    After all, if voters want liberals, why shouldn’t they go for Democrats who will be better liberals than Republicans?

  11. Hunter, Sydney Hay is a liberal? David Schweikert a big lib? Jeff Dial, etc? Give me a break.

    The party still believes in Reagan principles. Just as it did under Matt Salmon and Bob Fannin.

    What has changed is that we have a party chairman now that spends more time attacking Republicans and putting himself in the spotlight than actually contrasting our Party with Democrats. Reagan also believed in the 11th commandment, and uniting the party, not dividing it for his own ego.

  12. Nice straw man argument Red. Except no one claimed that Hay or Schweikert or Dial were libs. So oh well, nice try anyway.

    And your claim that Pullen “spends more time attacking Republicans… than actually contrasting out Party with Democrats” is absolutely retarded. Outside of the skirmish over amnesty 18 months ago, Pullen has been nothing but positive about our Republican candidates and he has blasted away at the Democrats, just like a Party Chairman is expected to.

    And just so we’re clear, Pullen was right on the amnesty fight, McCain and Kyl were wrong, and both McCain and Kyl now say they “see the light” when it comes to border enforcement. McCain still supports amnesty and Kyl is backing off of it, but Pullen was right all along. That means of the three, it was Pullen who was defending our party and our principles.

    You are one of those who believe that Pullen should be a cheerleader for amnesty if McCain supports it, a cheerleader for tax increases if Bush supports it, a cheerleader for legalizing drugs and prostitution if Flake supports it, etc. Whatever our delegation wants is good enough for you and you’re ready to march lockstep with them over the edge of the cliff if need be.

    Thank God we have a Chairman who is loyal to our Party and our principles without your slavish devotion to those who temporarily wear the crowns and carry the titles.

  13. I’m a cheerleader for drugs and prostitution? Sounds like another Pullen ad!

    Seriously, I’m one of those who thinks that Kyl is better than Pederson, that Bush is better than Kerry, and that McCain is better than Obama.

    In a couple weeks hopefully we’ll have a chairman that feels the same.

  14. AZRed, we already have a chairman who thinks Republicans elected to office are better than Democrats elected to office. Your attempt to characterize Randy Pullen differently is false. To paraphrase you, “Sounds like another James ad!”

    As for attacking other Republicans, McCain and Flake are among the worst offenders. Their attacks on Goldwater in 2006 were savage, false, and disgraceful. Ditto for the attacks on Russell Pearce in 2008. McCain’s people were also not too nice to Republican PCs in LD11 when they decided to go after Rob Haney and specifically targeted Tom Husband.

    Shadegg was not much better with his endorsement of Tony Bouie in LD6 and the attacks on Republicans who support strict enforcement of laws against illegal aliens (quoted in the New York Times). Also, Bouie and his fellow travellers ran a particularly nasty campaign against Carl Seel in the LD6 House race.

    When it comes to attacking other Republicans, Randy Pullen and his supporters are pikers compared to the Congressional delegation and their cronies.

    Certainly everyone who tries to accomplish things makes some mistakes, but if overall decency and civility as well as commitment to Republican values are the right qualities for leadership, then Randy Pullen is the right person for the state party chairmanship.

    Lisa James has demonstrated no commitment to helping the state party unless it helps her consulting business. I don’t fault her for lack of involvement in the state party over the last two years, but her performance as an LD8 officer seems to have been, at best, lackluster. Also, some of the people backing her are responsible for some of the most viscious, vile attacks on fellow Republicans.

    The root issue, though, is whether the Republican Party stands for certain principles or is just an adjunct of Republican incumbents’ campaign committees. Pullen is for principles, and James is an adjunct campaign committee chairman.

  15. AZRed, do you think Republicans would have done better with candidates more liberal (or less conservative) than Schweikert, Hay, or Dial in those races? Better enough to win?

  16. Take a deep breath Hunter. No, my point was that the argument that Republicans only lost races because they were RINOs / stupid whatever is ridiculous.

    All those candidates are solid conservatives like the kind you (and I) want to be in power. To answer your question, if we had a Chairman that could raise at least half as much as Salmon, not been asleep at the switch on voter registration and early ballot, and not been such a wincing embarassment (showing the middle finger on national television, the infamous masturbator ad, etc), I think they would have done better.

  17. We just can’t depend on the top of the ticket to carry us to some wins every year. McCain running against Obama was a huge boon to the state.

    But at some point, continuing to ignore voter registration the way Pullen has done is just going to kill us, and this will be a blue state in four years if we dont change something.

    Im all in favor of Randy running for some kind of political office. Let him talk about his ideas and views in that forum. But he just isnt the right fit for Chairman of a political party.

  18. nightcrawler says


    Re: Post # 15

    I believe that..Given the CDs involved.

  19. Saddlemaker says

    In 2008, why did the state GOP raise only half the amount it did in a non Presidential 2006 year? Why did Pima County have it’s own federal account that almost matched the State GOP fundraising ability? Wasn’t there a picture a while back of Chairmen Pullen giving the finger to a picture of Senator McCain thereby showing great party unity. Do you define a conservative Republican as a one issue person who only cares about immigration or is there a broader definition?

  20. Veritas Vincit says

    Where was this strategy in 06 and 08?

    Magic Question for Everyone here:
    Just because someone decides to run as a ‘Republican’ does that mean that the state party must automatically support them?

    Are there guidelines for being a ‘Republican’ office holder? Or is that designation fluid and circumstantial depending on public opinion polls?

    And while I’m thinking about it, whatever happened to Dan Quayle’s fundraising visit?

  21. 11th Commandment says

    No candidate who is vicious in their campaign against another Republican will get my support. That includes those candidates who do not restrain their supporters from nasty postings on this website. The candidate who exhibits the intelligence and integrity to truly BE unifying and NOT just talk about it, will get my support.

  22. Maricopa PC says

    11th Commandment- I’m with you. Thank you LJD for the post. And thank you DSW to allow supporters from both sides to contribute.

  23. Veritas Vincit says

    “The Arizona Republican Party is in need of a makeover…”

    No Lisa, make up is for actors reading someone elses lines or for public relations spin masters. The party needs no make-over. Poor choice of words Lisa.

    Its not about Branding – its about the core product. As long as we chase “make overs” and “re-branding” without seriously considering what a Republican is – we can never communicate that vision to the voters and consequently we’ll continue to loose in the national elections. (That are inhabited by white elephants from another era). Think about it.

    This is what the next leader of the AzGOP should be thinking about – strategic product development – not “make overs”

  24. Does anyone care that Kris’ agenda is off the base? As the conservative party we don’t believe homosexuality is the proper way to live and yet we have elected her to represent our party. We need to get her out of AzGOP

  25. up and out!

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