Extreme-ultra-far-right Republicans.

beverlyhillbillies.jpg     It looks like Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly is a reader of Sonoran Alliance. Check out our post from August 19th and Jim’s article on August 24th (see paragraph 5.) We welcome Jim to our audience.

     Jim must also be reading from Hillary’s manual on the vast right-wing conspiracy. He came up with a new term for mainstream, platform Republicans; extreme-ultra-far-right. Nintzel goes on to talk about a campaign consultant from another part of the state as if there were no conservatives in Pima County. I have some shocking news for Jim, there are a lot of extreme-ultra-far-right people in the county and they have set up base camp in the Oro Valley / NW region. They are also bringing in massive reserves every day in the form of new residents. Something tells me Jim will not enjoy Pima County as much in 10 to 15 years when Marana closes in on Tucson’s population numbers. It ain’t wild eyed young liberal couples moving into those tract homes to raise their 2 year olds. Them’s true believers! (At least that has been my antidotal observation while walking for the primary.) 

     I have not yet seen a poll on any of the legislative races but the CD 8 results were heartening in that the conservative beat the combined numbers of both moderates. And another thing about that poll, if you don’t know for whom you are suporting by this time there is a good chance that you might not be that excited (or motivated) about voting in September.

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