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GOP has some flakes, but they pale next to Dems

By Emil Franzi, Special to The Explorer

Vote a straight Republican ticket. The GOP has some flakes, and there are a few decent folks running against them. That pales next to the combination of incoherence, sleaze and statism now dominating the Democrats who deserve not only defeat but humiliation.

The Libertarian Party, which I once led to ballot status in Arizona, has degenerated from a coalition of Objectivists, Heinleinians, real conservatives and genuine liberals to a surly pack of quasi-leftists. They’ve morphed to clueless about the heritage of the movement they represent and often resemble a Code Pink rally. Glenn Beck was responsible for more sales of Hayek’s “Road to Serfdom” in one day than there are current LP members who have heard of it, let alone read it.

If the GOP is successful, a certainty in Arizona and other states, they’ll be on strict probation pending behavior modification for past sins. Get ready for 2012. Now the ballot props.

106 – Yes. The “no” argument says shut up and await judicial decisions, a typical liberal elitist argument avoiding the real substance. If you believe it’s wrong for the government to force you to purchase private health insurance, vote yes. If enough people do that in enough places, Obamacare might actually get repealed by Congress. Hearing the voters is part of the process, something liberals are apparently scared to death of.

107 – Yes. Minorities have been impeded, and worse further isolated, by so-called affirmative action programs. Promoters of them claim moral high ground based on noble intent. Reality and ultimate results contradict them. Arguments claiming job losses border on incoherency.

109 – Yes. The argument that it’s a power grab because it transfers decision making from an unelected bureaucracy to representatives we elect is a ludicrous attempt to mask the real opposition which simply doesn’t want hunting to be installed as a constitutional right.

110 — Yes. Selling public lands near military bases has little opposition.

111 —No. If you want a LtGuv, add one. Voters dumped that idea so proponents now want to call the Secretary of State something else. Making that office a satellite of the governor by having them run as a ticket simply further reduces voter choices.

112 — Yes. Petition deadline extension has no real opposition.

113 —Yes. Once again the “shut up and wait for the judge” argument masks the real one. Today’s unions are more interested in the agenda of the leftist coalition they are part of than taking care of their members. Unions fought hard to establish a secret ballot to stop worker intimidation. Today’s union leaders are such losers they want secret ballots eliminated so they can do the intimidating.

203 — No. You might get me if proponents would argue based on the freedom of the individual instead of medical voodoo and the phony belief that legal pot would somehow hurt the drug cartels handling it. Did ending Prohibition really slow down the Mob?

301 and 302 — Yes. If for no other reason that the sick arguments that claim allowing voters to reconsider anything they once supported somehow injures them. 30l allows the money for land purchases to be spent elsewhere while 302 does the same for early childhood education.

I support the acquisition of open space and reluctantly will vote yes on 301. I am happy to vote yes on 302 and repeal the allocation of funds to another program that transfers responsibility for raising kids from parents to the state.

Should either or both fail, the new legislature should come back in 2012 or earlier via special election with a sunset measure that gives all ballot props allocating funds an automatic reconsideration date.

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  1. Glad to see a confirmation of the suspicion that the Libertarian Party is not the distinct identity it once was.

    Apart from Liberal Left infiltration to dilute the “brand,” it seems that too many confuse “Libertine” with “Libertarian.”

  2. MY Tea Party Patriot friend tells me Dave S is looking at a 10-12 point win.

    If true, then the GOP takes 7/8 AZ House races

  3. Thanks, Emil, for blowing hot air up our butts.

  4. Emil Franzi says

    Hey Sure…

    Your briliant response reminds of the scene in CYRANO DE BERGERAC in front of the theater where the fop tells him “your nose is rather large”. I recognize that’s a rather obscure response that is probably over your head, but what else wouldn’t be?


  5. I do love it so – Still a mix of Royko and Mencken – you’re a gem!


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