Espressopundit: Good chance Andrew Thomas will win the GOP primary for governor

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Friday, August 1st, 2014

“Andrew Thomas can win if he’s the only GOP candidate standing up against illegal immigration and the gay lobby” 

Greg Patterson, no fan of Andrew Thomas, explains how Thomas is successfully capturing the right wing base as the only non-establishment candidate 

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Respected political pundit Greg Patterson of was interviewed last week by KJZZ about Andrew Thomas’s chances of winning the governor’s race. Here is what he said, paraphrased:Thomas has a good chance, because unlike the other candidates for governor, he’s not part of the establishment. The rest of the candidates are towing the narrow, establishment Republican line. 

Thomas has distinguished himself from the others by supporting SB 1062, the bill that was similar to Hobby Lobby, allowing businesses an exemption from the law if it substantially burdened their exercise of religion. There is a big chunk of the electorate that is not happy with the defeat of that bill. 

Of course, the establishment social conservatives like Cathy Herrod of the Center for Arizona Policy will avoid him. But the truth is, many people are very upset about what happened with SB 1062, especially considering at one point BOTH Obama and Clinton opposed gay marriage. Now those viewpoints are being targeted. 


Phil Boas of the Arizona Republic said this group of people is very frightened by what they see as intimidation tactics. Thomas’s statement that he will fight the gay lobby will resonate with a lot of people. There is a strong social conservative non-establishment segment of the electorate, and he’s the only candidate directly appealing to that group.

This is a large, split group of Republicans in the GOP race, so Thomas can win this with only 21-22% of the vote. He can win if he’s the only one standing up saying he will secure the border AND stand up to the gay lobby.  

I wrote an article about him in 2010 where I said he was unfit to serve in public office. However, I think his supporters will see he stood up to the liberal judges who disbarred him, so his background doesn’t hurt him. 

Supposedly the Democrats are going to come out in support of him, because they see him as the weakest candidate in the general against Duval. Well, it hasn’t happened – evidence they DON’T think he’s the weakest candidate. 


The truth is, independent voters, who might be more likely to vote against him, have a tendency not to vote in large numbers. 

There is no one in this primary going after hard right, the non-establishment conservative voter. Frank Riggs would be an underdog against Duval.

Chances of Thomas winning? Long shots pay more, better than 5 or 6 to one. 


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  1. wherewasi says:

    I had to laugh when I read this. Thomas has NO chance of winning the primary, much less the general.

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