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I couldn’t agree more with Greg Patterson on his posting today so I am simply going to repost it here.

Like Greg, I am furious at the media for this type of b*llsh*t that the idiots at the Republic disguise as journalism. This also reminds me of the incident in 2004 when The Los Angeles Times asked a federal judge to release information about IL Senate Republican candidate Jack Ryan’s divorce proceedings which was no one’s business. Dennis Prager, one of my hero’s wrote an excellent column on this awhile back which you can read here.

Here’s the posting by Greg Patterson at Espresso Pundit:

Adult Supervision Required

I have always wondered why there are entire schools for Journalists.  English majors write better.  Heck, accounting majors write better.  Surely any philosophy, history, English or Political Science major who is considering a career at Starbucks could take a course encouraging one-sentence paragraphs and become a journalist. 

I’ve decided that J schools teach “news judgment.”  They allegedly train young men and women to examine an event and find a story.  They teach students how to avoid the salacious and the trivial and recognize the real news.  In theory a journalist knows what NOT to put in the paper.  The English Major/Barista may write tight prose, but he can’t tell you what stories to put in and what stories to leave out of the paper. 

The journalist and his editor have professional standards, training and institutional checks that allow real stories to be well covered and the dross to simply float by–or maybe not.

If that standard existed, there could be no possible explanation for this story in today’s Republic.

Abstinence backer Munsil says he had sex while single

Republican gubernatorial candidate and abstinence advocate Len Munsil admitted on Friday that he had sex before marriage.



Someone has done the math and noticed that, like Ronald Reagan and William Shakespeare before him, there are not 40 weeks between the date of Len Munsil’s wedding night and the birth of his first child. 

I hope that Phoenix Newspapers Chairman Robert Dickey and Publisher John Zidich rolled out of bed this morning, poured a cup of espresso, opened the paper and said “Oh, my God! What have we done.”

 Idiots at the Arizona Republic Dickey and Zidich

There is no reasonable explanation for a major newspaper printing a headline about a 42 year old gubernatorial candidate who has eight children and has been married for 20 years that includes the words Munsil says he had sex while single.

The genesis of the story is that a group out of Texas is conducting an illegal push poll in which the person masquerading as a pollster asks:

Len Munsil has been touted as a family values candidate. Would it affect your vote if you knew he had an illegitimate child?

This is a viscous dirty trick.  It is also illegal because the person who funds the calls isn’t identified.  It will also trigger matching funds from Clean Elections. 

The calls have been so pervasive that Munsil was forced to issue a statement that his 19 year old son was, indeed, conceived while the Munsils were engaged but not yet married. 

Instead of a headline reading:

“Munsil Victim of Viscous Attack” or, “Illegal Calls Target Munsil”

we woke up to the headline mentioned above while the online version of AZ Central lead with the headline:



Gubernatorial candidate acknowledges son conceived out of wedlock

Was the story an accident?  Did some cub reporter working on a holliday weekend get Munsil’s statement and not understand that the real story was the phone calls and not that Munsil had sex with his fiancée when they were in their 20s?

This was no accident.  The reporter didn’t simply get the story wrong.  The reporter, who is unnamed, used the phone calls as a hook to justify a story about Munsil admitting that he had sex before he was married.  That’s confirmed by the reporter’s use of the term “abstinence advocate” in an effort to lead the reader to the conclusion that Munsil is a hypocrite. 

Is it hypocritical for someone who wasn’t a virgin when he got married at 22 to advocate that teens should abstain?  My gosh, give me a break.  How many parents tell their kids to avoid the mistakes they made? 

Munsil is also a pro-life advocate and I will point out that he has eight children, not seven.  So much for hypocrisy. 

No, the articles are intentional.   Munsil is a victim twice.  The calls are an illegal, viscous dirty trick and the Republic’s follow up used the calls as a device to further humiliate Munsil and his family. 

Munsil’s a big boy, he stepped into this arena and now his face is marred with some dust and blood.  He’ll get over it. 

But I have a question

I want to know what the new rules are

I don’t think the Democrats and the Republic want to make this campaign about who had sex with whom and when. 

The last time candidates pointed out that Governor Napolitano is 48 and single, it was Len Munsil who called them to task.

Have those rules changed?  Under the old rules, the fact that the Governor is 48, single and likes to guest coach Mercury games was much discussed but never printed.  


I just want to know if the story about Len Munsil’s sex life is a one time event–one that deserves an apology–or if it’s part of a new paradigm. 


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Let’s not forget that the Ryan documents contained accusations of physical, mental, and emotional abuse… Leaving aside the sex clubs aspect of the story, those are things that you maybe ought to know about someone before you elect them to the U.S. Senate?

    This Munsil stuff, on the other hand, is really just stupid…

    There is a major difference between the two…

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    So who did it?

    Whoever it was used Goldwater’s name to damage him, and raised issues to damage Munsil… Who would want to damge Munsil AND Goldwater?

    Unless this was a clever ploy by Munsil’s folks to try and generate sympathy and try to make Goldwater look bad? Plus, he’s behind Goldwater in the polls and now 2-1 in the cash on hand category. Funny that he raced to the Clean Elections Commission to ask for matching funds as fast as he did…

    We’ll probably never know, but guessing should make for a fun thread…!

    We need the oddsmakers to post odds on “Goldwater Supporter”‘s next rant and whether he’ll blame Nathan Sproul, Chris Baker, or Constantine…! Or does he just rotate?

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    I’d basically agree with you on this Shane… But when you marry a TV star and then run for the U.S. Senate, no reasonable person can say “leave my personal life out of it.”

    It is an unreasonable expectation and Ryan knew it when he got into the race. He never should have gotten in… Sort of like Mike Harris cutting his child support, then dumping money into his campaign… By your standard, we should never have known about him going to the judge, pleading poverty, and getting the support reduced. But for the voters, that is likely the most accurate insight into that man’s personal qualities that we will ever have. It makes it very easy to decide whether he is worthy of our vote or not…

    So what’s your vote Shane? Should we have known about Harris’s support story or not?

  4. Let’s not forget it the role the media played that Prager hit upon. I’d hate to see all the personal things that we have all done aired in the public arena with our children caught in the middle.

  5. I also had a hard time with the issue of Mike not taking care of his child but again, it’s none of our business what goes on between he and his ex-wife and their son.

  6. Personal issues in candidates lives and politicians lives should be considered with integrity. Past (sins) and (actions or lack of actions) to those non -believers reading this…..should be considered without a pointing finger. We all have a past (Remember that!)

  7. In a heated election -it would be best if we look at the the candidate’s agendas, goals and plans rather than at their past!

    Faith grows –
    Habits are given up –

    Thank God for forgiveness of our own sins!

  8. DesertPundit says

    If we’re talking about hypocrisy, John, let’s not forget the liberals’ favorite anthem, that what goes on in a bedroom, and when, is no one’s business but the parties’ involved. Seems that cardinal rule was forgotten when this nasty little strategy was launched.

    Regardless of the Munsil’s guilt, what on earth did their son do, other than be born, to have HIS life made the subject of attack and humiliation?

  9. I don’t know, maybe it’s called judging Len Munsil on the same standards that he and the Center for Arizona Policy have used to judge everyone else for years.

    If you’re going to decide you know what God wants, then make sure your own house is in order first…

    What was that line again? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

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