Espresso in Tucson.

     The usually correct Greg of the popular Espresso Pundit blog (see What’s Up Doc? under June 29) missed the point in a recent story about the CD8 race in Southern Arizona. Responding to a comment posted on a Tucson area blog Greg said it was “wishful thinking” that the pro-life community may not work very hard for Huffman if he is the Republican nominee. Greg it is not wishful thinking, it is a Fact.

     Let’s back up for a second and ask why is someone a pro-life activist. The most common reason it to defend the worth of human life. There are no rewards here on earth for this thankless task. Abortions mostly happen in the secret confines of some non-descript “woman’s clinic.” The rest of the word wonders what all the fuss is about because they rarely see the true nature of abortion. When they do it is very easy to turn away and brand the pro-lifers holding a sign as fringe crackpots. The primary motivation for someone who advocates for the dignity of a human life smaller than a quarter is none other than the belief in the soul and some interest in serving the other kingdom, the one not of this world. I can most emphatically assure Greg that when push comes to shove pro-lifers do not care if a Republican or Democrat goes to Washington from CD8. In the end those are worldly concerns and if a pro-lifer gets that wrapped up in this life it is time to take a break and reflect on the true word and meaning in life. And that meaning has nothing to do with whether Steve Huffman or Gabby Giffords goes to DC. Another issue is that not all pro-life supporters in the Tucson area are Republicans. A few crucial activists are Democrats and will certainly not care about supporting an abortion on demand Republican. 

     Another flaw in espresso’s post is his statement that if Huffman is the nominee “he will have all the grassroots support that he can handle.” The mistake here is that Greg is responding to a point that was never made. No one said that Huffman would not have grassroots support, only that not much would come from the pro-life community. You can tell when someone is flustered when they respond to phantom comments. 

     While on the point of grassroots support there are two candidates in CD8 who do have a lot of “boots on the ground.” There are Graf and Hellon. Randy owns the border issues crowd and social conservatives. Mike has an amazing list of long time party veterans in his camp. The list is impressive: a sitting county supervisor, a current state senator and several former legislators and a long list of Republican activist. No, they do not have as much money as the Huffman crowd but they have a lot more experience running and winning a campaign then Click or Diamond. It is a truly impressive lineup. In a normal year it would be enough to put a candidate over the top. 

     Undoubtedly some of Randy’s crowd will fall in line and support the Republican nominee in November. Some may not. There is a greater chance that more of his supporters would fall in line behind Hellon rather than Huffman. The real question if Huffman wins in September is not what Republican pro-lifers will do. It is what Hellon supporters will do. Steve should be very careful to not directly attack Mike. This may be hard for Steve to do with all his money and with rumors that Mike is polling ahead of Steve. 

     I am glad that espresso walked for Kolbe in ’84. He is welcome to come down to Southern Arizona again and walk for Huffman in ’06. He had better hurry because there is a reasonable chance that Steve might not win the primary. No matter who walks for whom it should be very clear that it is axiomatic that pro-lifers (from whatever party) will not break a sweat for Huffman. 

     Huffman stooge Kolbe is out there saying that Graf cannot win because he is too conservative. The truth is Huffman cannot win because he is too moderate. Gabby will eat Steve alive. A solid Democrat almost always beats a wishy-washy Republican. She has even more money than Steve and a much stronger presence on the campaign trail. 

      The pro-lifers will be out campaigning for the Republican Gubernatorial candidate, whichever one wins. Don has claimed conversion and pro-lifers love and live for conversion. They are faith bound to accept and encourage conversion on the issue of life. There will also be a host of other pro-life candidates to work for in September and October so they will be quite busy if they want to spend the fall working on politics. 


  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    All the more surprising that Greg would say “I will be happy to walk for Huffman in 2006.”

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Huffman is NOT a moderate and we do a disservice to moderates when we lump them in with liberals. Huffman is a free-spending, tax-hiking, anti-gun, pro-abort… Only in the Arizona Republic does that make you a moderate Republican… Hellon “might” be a moderate. We can’t know for sure because he’s never cast a vote. But his liberal social stances on life issues “might” be balanced with fiscal conservatism. But if you’re Steve Huffman and you’ve been rated at the bottom of taxpayer ratings for 8 years, moderate is the one thing you’re not!

  3. To Greg’s defense, I will post a post he made earlier this year…

    January 24, 2006

    The Question that Converted Me.

    This week marks the 33rd anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade.

    When I served in the State House of Representatives in the early 1990s I was pro choice. Since the our political views rarely change after college, it is extremely rare for someone who has actually been elected while holding a pro-choice position to convert later. Presumably, that position has been well thought out and even vigorously defended.

    People occasionally ask me about the question that converted me. (If you don’t care then skip down to the entry about Jeff Flake and John McCain in Playboy. It’s much more interesting.)

    I was pro choice and attended church every week. I have many pro-choice friends who attend church, mass or synagogue regularly. Some of them send their kids to All Saints, or Brophy, they go to mass every Sunday or wouldn’t dream of working on Yom Kippur.

    This question is addressed to them…”where do we go when we die?” Are we like cats and dogs who simply decompose, or is there a God and we spend eternity with Him?

    If you think we are like cats and dogs, then you probably believe in some sort of balancing test that takes into account the inherent value of the potential life of the fetus and compares it to the right of a woman to control her own body. You may oppose late-term abortion and support parental consent but you are probably pro choice. You need read no further.

    But what if we go somewhere? After all, it seems pretty silly to spend Sundays in church if you don’t believe in a living God. What if it’s true and we really go to God when we die?

    That means that a portion of us–the soul, spirit, chi, whatever you want to call it–lives on without us. And this soul has a consciousness that contains the essence of what we were on Earth–our thoughts and memories continue. Once created, the soul is able to live forever, independently of our body.

    So if there is a God, and our soul goes to Him after we die…when does he create it?

    I saw a headline in today’s paper that said “Life Begins at 50.” I thought that might an article about Planned Parenthood, but it was about cruises, spas and retirement.

    Seriously, when would God decide to create this soul–birth? 26 weeks? high school?

    If the soul is independent of you being alive, He certainly doesn’t have to wait until viability. I think the only answer is that God creates your soul at conception.

    That means that if you die anytime after conception, you go to God and live forever–never having been born.

    Could that really be true? I think it is. I think it would be difficult to believe in God enough to regularly attend church and come up with a different conclusion.

    That means that in God’s eyes, you were as alive two days after conception as you were at your high school graduation–and just as deserving of protection.

    It was that realization that converted me.

    Think about that the next time you miss a good football game to go to church.

    And if you attend church or synagogue regularly and disagree, please send me a (polite) note to let me know where my analysis falls short.

  4. So given a Graf loss (which I don’t advocate for) pro-family, pro-life conservatives will have two choices in November:

    1) Vote for the lesser of two evils or,

    2) Vote for no evil

    My speculation is the later will take place, giving a win to Dems. Conservatives are more likely to vote their conscience (not voting at all) than to vote for a shade of evil. It’s a case of passive voting vs. active voting.

    Evil wins the battle with conservatives hoping that in two years they can come back to win the next battle.

    I agree. A Steve Huffman win, as much as I’d like to give him an ounce of hope for conversion, would further rot away the foundations of the Republican party.

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