Equality Arizona likes Farnsworth

We received some heat over our endorsement of Thayer Verschoor vs. Eddie Farnsworth in the LD 22 Senate primary. I guess Verschoor was not quite conservative enough for some. We stand by our endorsement of Verschoor, especially after seeing this endorsement of Farnsworth (PDF) by Equality Arizona, an advocacy group for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Here is an excerpt from the endorsement letter:

Equality Arizona supports Rep. Farnsworth’s commitment to work with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community


  1. Buddy Breon says

    Anyone paying attention this past year would not be surprised at this endorsement.

  2. It is interesting that the “rainbow folks” are happy with Farnsworth since he sponsored the striker amendment to my bill SCR1042 that made it into the the “marriage Amendment”.

  3. Maybe some one filled the survey for him.

  4. kralmajales says

    Love those striker amendments Ron, can’t imagine how you could possibly get anything done in a legitimate and straight (ooops) forward way.

  5. Leroy in CG says

    When you brag in two different debates that you like to work “across the aisle” and specifically name the “lovely” Ms. Sinema as an example of Democrats that you enjoy working with and that you give your pledge to continue finding ways to work with her if elected, I guess that Equality Arizona takes you at your word.

    Of course, Senator Gould, you could be right and that was another dummy on stage filling in for Farnsworth.

    By the way the picture in the Yellow Sheet was just “darling”.

  6. Strikers don’t end run the body they end run committee chairmen. Knowing the rules and how to use them to your advantage is part of the process.
    Kral, I’ll stop using strikers if the left will stop using the courts to implement things into law that they can’t legislate and the people don’t support. Abortion, Gay Marriage, Separation of Church and State are a few of examples activist court actions.

  7. Kralmajales says

    hahahaha The left using activist judges? What you forget is that these judges interpret the law…the Constitution, which is THE law of the land. You end run committee chairmen because your bills don’t have enough votes to pass. That’s kind of lame. Harper breaks the rules and shuts of a filibuster to bring the measure to a vote anyway…which is also pretty illegit to me.

    And on activist judges, rheems of evidence has shown that the Rhenquist Court was one of the most activist Courts in American history.

    In other words, for every example of the “left” using the courts to challenge laws there is an example of “the right” doing the very same thing.

    So, I guess we are left with an eligitimate process to get this amendment before the voters. All because many of you on the right care more about turning out some Christians…note I say some…who prefer to step inside and regulate the lives of others.


  8. Dismissed! Meddling in a Republican Primary backfires for Zerby’s liberal backers

    August 12th, 2008

    Today, the senate ethics committee found that State Senator Jack Harper violated no Senate Rules in clearing the way for the vote on the Marriage Amendment. Democrat Senator Ken Cheuvront, as a well-timed choreograph to meddle in the primary election between Harper and liberal challenger John Zerby, filed an ethics complaint on false pretenses as early ballot were about to be mailed into Legislative District Four. After weeks of meetings that Harper was not allowed to speak at, He was given a chance to make his argument about the invalidity of the faux debate carried on by two openly gay legislators in trying to defeat the Marriage Amendment. After hearing testimony from the Complainant and Harper, the Committee dismissed the charges.

    Today, an Independent Expenditure committee, funding by the liberal fire union and teacher’s union, sent out an automated call urging voters to watch the local news. Much to their surprise, the charges were found invalid. This implies that Senator Cheuvront may have coordinated this attack on Senator Harper at the behest of a militant liberal organization that advocates for homosexual marriage, and the unions that are financing the misstatements and lies on mailers and commercials against Harper, in support of Zerby. Curiously, Zerby has aggressively opposed the Marriage Amendment that will be on the November ballot in November. In the debate sponsored by the Citizen’s Clean Election Commission, Zerby also opposed making the state property-tax cut permanent, instead advocating for the tax to come back on property owners in 2009. The estimated rate for the tax will be $39 for every $100,000 of assessed valuation. In the same debate, Zerby said he was open to new taxes and made the case for socialized healthcare.

    Harper said, “This assault through the ethics committee did not work and pro-higher taxes Zerby cannot run from his statements. My challenger has pandered to homosexual-advocacy groups and labor unions, showing that he running for office as a Democrat disguised as a Republican”.


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