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Jonathan Paton and Senator McCain

There’s a great post by Greg Patterson at EspressoPundit on State Representative, 1st Lieutenant and friend, Jonathan Paton.

One of the interesting points that sticks out in Jonathan’s report is the comment he made when asked by Senator Susan Collins what the troops needed more of in Iraq. Jonathan stated that they need more troops in Baghdad. This obviously contradicts what the generals have reported but I have to admit that the guys on the ground are a lot closer to reality and are much more astute to the real needs and limits.

Could this be a prelude to what will happen in weeks or months ahead? Who knows? I would guess that President Bush will take advice from our own Senator John McCain as he announces his plan to address a “new direction.” If this is the case Senator John McCain may already be leaving his fingerprints on any successes in Iraq especially as he prepares his bid for President.

Back to the real story here. Please read Jonathan’s letter at EspressoPundit to get a heartfelt report on what he’s up to in Iraq. But most important, please keep Jonathan and our troops in your thoughts and prayers as he/they serve in Iraq over Christmas.

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