Elizabeth Dole engineers train wreck!

dole.gif     For some asinine reason the NRSC spent over a million dollars propping up Lincoln Chafee so he could loose by a convincing margin. What morons! I wonder if Dole ever thought of saving the money for the Senate race in Montana where Conrad Burns lost by about 3,000 votes. He could have used $1,000,000 to save his seat.

     There has been lots of talk about the vaunted Republican turnout machine and Karl Rove’s political skills. Let’s get to the point. The Emperor Has No Clothes! The NRSC had no idea what they were doing and wasted good money that could have been used to save control of the Senate. They deserved to loose on so many levels.

     If this were not enough now Chafee is thinking of leaving the party. Thanks a lot Liddy!

Friday 11-10-06, 12:45 am


  1. Who gives a crap about Chaffee switching parties????? What’s he going to do??? Run for Senate in RI???? hahahahaha

    Rumor has it that the GOP is trying to get Nelson in Nebraska to cross. This would have the Jeffords affect and switch the Senate back to the GOP

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Chafee’s switch matters only in the context that the NRSC wasted over a million dollars on him that could have been much more wisely used, quite possibly to retain control of the Senate. Chafee’s leaving is the final proof that the “investment” in him was a waste.

    I hope Elizabeth enjoys being in the minority.

  3. The RNC has two years to do the following:

    1. Recruit solid conservative candidates
    2. Clean its own house by dropping any Republican who is ethically challenged.
    3. Raise millions of dollars
    4. Rally behind one candidate for President who has an even temperament, conservative credentials and a track record of successful fundraising.

    The last election was a political anomaly. You see, the country is moving conservative demographically as liberals die off and reduce their birthrate (I know that sounds silly but read up on the “birth dearth”). However, coservatives have a low tolerance for hypocrisy and the Republicans found this out last Tuesday. It is very likely that Republicans will regain control of both Houses of Congress in 2008 if they remind Americans of the dangers of liberalism.

  4. Overpopulation?

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