Elections Have Consequences

And we are seeing that adage played out in the budget battles down at the Legislature.

This afternoon, I watched the debate in the Senate over their bipartisan budget bill that includes next to no tax relief. Immediately after the main appropriations bill passed, I saw liberal Republican Senator Carolyn Allen go over and enthusiastically shake hands with Democrat Senator Albert Hale.

That serves as a good symbol for where things stand today for conservatives in the Arizona Legislature. Losses in both the House and Senate last year have put conservatives in the position of having no real say over the budget process.

The reality today is that those losses have effectively given liberal Republicans like Carolyn Allen, Tom O’Halleran, Pete Hershberger, and Jennifer Burns quite of bit of control over the budget in the Legislature at conservatives’ expense.

Perhaps what is going on with the budget bills will at long last send a message to Republicans that the failure to do whats necessary to protect and build your majorities will come back to bite you later on. That biting is going on now.

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