Election Records Don’t Back Up Richard Carmona’s Claim that He Voted in 2010

Jeff Flake

Pima County Recorder says it didn’t happen as Carmona recalls

PHOENIX – The 2010 election was an important election with much at stake for the state and nation. Democrat Richard Carmona claims he voted, but election officials in Pima County say he didn’t. Indeed, records prove that he sat out both the primary and general elections.

“If you’re asking people for your vote in this election, then I think people should expect that you take your franchise as a voter seriously,” said Jeff Flake.

And records further show that Carmona has a pattern of skipping primary elections. Carmona’s response has been to say: “I think it’s very disingenuous when I’m an independent to cite me for not voting in primaries. I mean it just doesn’t happen.”

“’It just doesn’t happen?’ Apparently Dr. Carmona, who registered himself as a Democrat a year ago, remains unaware that independents have been allowed to vote in primaries since the law was changed back in 1998,” said Andrew Wilder, communications director for Flake for Senate. “It strikes me that someone seeking to serve in the United States Senate should be better informed.”

Click the image below or this link to watch the report by Phoenix television station 3TV

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  1. So the McMachine expects THIS to pull Jeff Flake out of the Mc-toilet? The lame game.

    Primary and special election turn out in Arizona has been historically piss poor. That is WHY we were saddled with the 1-cent sales tax that most people opposed. That is WHY we have been saddled with the likes of scum-suckers John McCain and Jon McKyl for twenty years. That is WHY Jeff Flake is even in this race against Carmona.

    Back to the Mc-drawing board boys. Oh, wait! It’s too late baby now it’s too late. Be sure to wear your FLAKE-OFF! t-shirts on November 6th.

  2. Conservative American says

    Do I care if Dr. Richard Carmona voted in 2010? No. I don’t care if he hasn’t ever voted. Whether or when Jeff Flake and Dr. Richard Carmona have voted is NOT an issue in this election! The issue in this election is the honesty, integrity and character of the person who is going to represent the people of Arizona as U. S. Senator! Let’s compare Flake and Dr. Carmona!

    Dr. Carmona enlisted in the military. Jeff Flake did not.

    Dr. Carmona joined the Army’s Special Forces. Jeff Flake went on a Mormon mission to Africa.

    Dr. Carmona was in combat. Jeff Flake worked as a lobbyist for a mining company.

    Dr. Carmona was awarded two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts. Jeff Flake received the endorsement of the Chamber of Commerce.

    Dr. Carmona’s call to service call to service led him to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department in which he has served for more than 25 years as a deputy sheriff, detective, department surgeon and SWAT Team Leader. Jeff Flake has no law enforecement experience.

    In 1992, Dr. Carmona rappelled from a helicopter to rescue a paramedic stranded on a mountainside when their medevac helicopter crashed during a snow storm. Jeff Flake was in Washington D. C. crafting his STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation.

    Dr. Carmona received the National Top Cop Award and was named the National SWAT Officer of the Year. Jeff Flake received the praise of Dick Durbin, fellow Mormon Harry Reid and Rahm Emanuel for hiding within his STRIVE Act, word for word, B. Hussein Obama’s DREAM Act illegal alien amnesty legislation.

    The Flake campaign has trotted out Cristina Beato to alledge that Dr. Carmona has an “anger” problem and a “problem” with women. This attempted character assasination doesn’t hold water, especially since Dr. Carmona almost gave his own life saving the lives of two women!

    “In 1999, he happened to be driving by an accident scene in Tucson while in plain clothes and saw an enraged driver attacking a woman; when he stopped to help, the driver shot at Dr. Carmona, who was grazed in the scalp and then shot and killed the driver.”


    The bad guy, Jean Lafitte, had stabbed his father to death earlier that day and also planned on killing his girlfriend too!

    “Lafitte was arrested 13 times between March 1991 and November 1992 for charges including kidnapping, sexual assault, aggravated assault, domestic violence and using the telephone to threaten or intimidate, court records show.”

    “In 1992, he was convicted of aggravated assault for trying to strangle his girlfriend as she testified against him in a Superior Court preliminary hearing on accusations that he had committed domestic violence against her in an earlier incident, said O’Connor.”

    “Lafitte, who was handcuffed, jumped up as the woman was in the witness box and wrapped his handcuff chain around her neck, O’Connor said. She was injured, but recovered.”


    If Dr. Carmona’s intervention in taking out this murderer, who was attacking one woman and planning to kill another, constitutes an “anger” problem and a “problem” with women, then we need more men with those sorts of “problems”!

    While Dr. Carmona was putting himself in harm’s way for the sake of others, Jeff Flake was busy lying to Arizona voters. Flake pledged to serve only three terms in the House. Upon breaking his pledge and running for a fourth term, Flake stated, “I lied!”

    Who do YOU want to represent Arizona in the U. S. Senate? Do you want a physician who is a decorated combat veteran, a law enforcement officer and SWAT Team leader and a hero in civilian life as well or do you want a self-admitted liar who never served in the military or as a law enforcement officer, who voted against the New GI Bill and who crafted illegal alien amnesty legislation?

    • Pascoe Vale says

      The person posting as ‘conservative american’ is a planted Democrat mole and a fraud. His objective from the start has been to undermine Republicans.

      • Conservative American says

        Hey, Pascoe Valenzuela! How ‘ya doin? 🙂

        Why did you shorten your name to Vale after you sneaked across the border from Mexico, illegal alien?

        Have you told Jeff that he’s your Daddy yet? Did he reject you because he doesn’t want to own an illegal alien kid, LOL!

        Have a nice day, illegal alien! 😉

        • Pascoe Vale says

          Obfuscate all you want. You are a Democrat plant.

          • Conservative American says

            Really, Pascoe Valenzuela? Where did you get those big English words, LOL! 😉

            Now tell me, Pascoe, what do you think about Jeff Flake’s STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation? You like that?

            How do you feel about the fact that Flake lied to voters when he pledged to serve only three terms in Congress? Do you support liars running for U. S. Senate?

            How do you like the fact that Flake, who never served in the military, voted to send our troops to war and then voted AGAINST extending GI Bill benefits to them? You think that’s right and fair?

            YOU are the one obfuscating, Pascoe. You want to engage in name-calling to avoid addressing the issues! It’s the same tactic that the Flake campaign is using. You are as ethically bankrupt as is the Flake campaign!

            If you had any balls, you’d come out and debate me on the issues in this thread. Come on, Pascoe, muster up some testosterone! It’s just words in a blog. No one can be hurt. Come on, PV, grow a pair!

            Have a nice day, illegal alien! 😉

            • Pascoe Vale says

              You are a plant, a fake, a fraud and a liar. You have been playing games with people on this blog for the past year. You are a Democrat plant. This has been part of your mission.

              • Conservative American says

                Are you the director of the Flake campaign, Pascoe? You must be because you’re willing to address ANYTHING but issues, LOL! 😉

                Now come on, PV, do you really think that it was right and fair for Flake to vote to send our troops to war, sit safely on his butt in Washington and then vote AGAINST extending the GI Bill for veterans of the war he voted for… but refused to fight in? Let me hear you tell me that that is fair and right!

                Was it fair and right for Flake to promote educational benefits for illegal aliens while denying them to the American troops he sent to war? Come on, PV, tell me that you believe that was fair and right!

                Was it honest of Flake to tell voters he would only serve three terms and then run for a fourth? Was it funny when Jeff said, “I lied!”? Jeff was laughing! Are YOU laughing? Here, at 10:04 into the video on this page you can watch Jeff Flake say, “I lied!”


                Come on, PV, stop avoiding the issues. Let’s have a debate on the issues which are central to the Flake versus Dr. Carmona contest. Make your best case for Jeff and I’ll make my best case for Dr. Carmona.

                What’s the matter, PV, no taste for anything but name-calling? Or maybe it’s that you really CAN’T make a case for electing Flake! Is that it? You have nothing to offer?

                Have a nice day, illegal alien! 🙂

              • Pascoe Vale says

                You have called people names and played games with people here for over a year. You never seriously engage anyone. And that is your objective. You are a Democrat plant. You are a liar, a fraud, and a fake. You are a mole with a mission of deception. Anyone who looks at the totality of your posts can see that.

              • Conservative American says

                ROFL!!!! 🙂

                Following the Flake campaign strategy, I see that you STILL haven’t addressed a single issue! Who is practicing obfuscation? YOU are, LOL! There simply is no defense for Flakes failed and dismal record!

                I understand that, as an illegal alien, you don’t have a very good mastery of the English language. So let me give you an easier issue to address.

                Jeff Flake received a prized assignment to the powerful House Judiciary Committee. Darryl Issa sits on that committee! How did Flake do with that?

                Flake was REMOVED from the House Judiciary Committee by the Republican leadership for “bad behavior”.

                Now explain to us, PV, how behaving badly and being removed from the Judiciary Committee is reason to promote Jeff Flake to U. S. Senator from Arizona? You MUST have a reason. After all, you support Flake. Share with us your insight on how being booted off the House Judiciary Committee is a big positive and strong point for Flake.

                I’m all ears! You have the floor, PV. Go for it! Make the case for your boy Flake!

                Have a nice day, illegal alien! 🙂

              • Pacsoe Vale: I’m getting the impression that you are some imported, dried up old geriatric whose talents are limited to saliva spatters on your keyboard and monitor.

                WHY don’t you address CA’s questions?

                WHY don’t you address the issues?

                Conservative American documents everything he posts. All you have done so far is demonstrate you are a blabbering fool. Want to spar with the big boys? Then speak up and cease and desist with the TROLL DUNG.

      • Are you related to Ritchie Valens?

  3. Conservative American says

    VSB wrote, “Glenn Beck calls Jeff Flake a “good man”, a “good solid conservative”, and “one of the good guys that I would trust”

    That’s nice, especially considering that Glenn Beck is Mormon, as is Flake, and that Glenn Beck doesn’t live in Arizona, he lives in Texas, LOL!

    Isn’t it surprising that one Mormon would endorse another and ain’t it grand that Glenn Beck can’t vote for Flake and that Beck wouldn’t have to suffer Flake representing him in the U. S. Senate!

    Next! 😉

  4. Conservative American says

    I have presented a plethora of FACTS about why Jeff Flake should NOT become U. S. Senator from Arizona. I have also presented a plethora of FACTS about why Dr. Richard Carmona is the better man. What do we get from Flake supporters and the Flake campaign?

    From Flake supporters we get name-calling, as with Pascoe Valenzuela. We get “endorsements”. Name-calling does NOT refute or dispute the FACTS. We aren’t voting for “endorsements”, we’re voting for a person! Not one Flake supporter is willing to address the FACTS!

    From the Flake campaign, we get attempted character assassination, through the completely discredited Cristina Beato, and non-issues like who voted when!

    Get real! Flake doesn’t have one solid thing to run on. He has a terrible track record in the House, even having been kicked off of the House Judiciary Committee by the Republican leadership for “bad behavior”, and he got elected to office by lying to Arizona voters!

    While Arizona is suffering the ravages of illegal immigration, and doing battle with the Obama administration over it, Jeff Flake partnered with Chicago “progressive” Democrat Luis Gutierrez to craft the STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation which had hidden within it fellow Mormon Harry Reid’s DREAM Act!

    Jeff Flke is SUCH a hypocrite that while he never served in the military, but voted to send our troops to war, he voted AGAINST the New GI Bill which extends education benefits to veterans of that war! Then his campaign has the gall to tell us that he supports the benefits of the New GI Bill even though he voted AGAINST it! At the same time, Flake’s STRIVE Act included within it the DREAM Act which included all sorts of education benefits for… ILLEGAL ALIENS!

    So Flake sat safely on his butt in his office in Washington while voting for the war and telling those willing to serve in the military to, “Go get ’em!” As a reward for their courage, Flake voted AGAINST an extension of the GI Bill for those courageous warriors! That gives a whole new meaning to the term, “flake”!

  5. Conservative American says


    The Flake campaign has scrubbed the internet of the video where Flake admits, “I lied!” But they missed one, LOL! Watch it before the Flake campaign kills the link! The video is on this web page:


    Flake admits, “I lied!”, at 10:04 into the video. See and hear Flake admitting that he is a liar! 😉

  6. Conservative American says

    Now let’s take a look at Jeff Flake’s foreign policy experience and expertise!

    Flake went on a Mormon mission to Southern Africa. He must have been doing more than disseminating the teachings of the LDS Church because when he returned to the U. S. he was registered as a foreign agent, lobbying for a mining company with a uranium mine in Nambia. That mine was one of the largest suppliers of fuel for nuclear reactors. Nothing wrong with that. It shows initiative!

    The only problem was that 15% of that mining company was owned by… the government of IRAN!

    Today, Iran has a nuclear dagger pointed at the heart of our ally, the state of Israel. Jeff Flake helped to make that possible. Iran is using nuclear reactor fuel and refining it make weapons grade nuclear material. Way to go, Jeff! That’s just the kind of foreign relations experience and expertise that Arizona voters want to see in the U. S. Senate! NOT! 🙁

  7. Conservative American says


    Read all about it!

    “Jeff Flake (R-Arizona)”

    “And this year he withstood a stout challenge from the right for (among other things) having the guts to oppose the awful SB 1070 in favor of comprehensive federal immigration reform.”


    “The American Conservative”

    “By W. James Antle III | April 26, 2011”

    “Flake opposed Proposition 200, a state ballot initiative that required proof of U.S. citizenship before voting or collecting certain government benefits. The referendum passed with 56 percent of the vote, including 47 percent of Hispanics. Flake also opposed SB 1070, the immigration-enforcement bill that thrust Arizona to the center of the national debate and rescued Gov. Jan Brewer’s re-election campaign the way Proposition 187 saved California Gov. Pete Wilson 16 years before. According to one poll, 88 percent of Arizona Republicans favor SB 1070.”


    So Flake, along with the Obama administration, opposed SB1070 in favor of “comprehensive federal immigration reform”. That’s the same position taken by Flake’s fellow Mormon, Jerry Lewis!

    Flake also OPPOSED Proposition 200, passed by Arizona voters, which requires proof of U.S. citizenship before voting or collecting certain government benefits. Jeff opposed proof of U. S. citizenship before people can vote? What!?

    Whose side are you on, Jeff? You’re certainly not on the side of the people of Arizona! Too bad that illegal aliens can’t vote. You would be U. S. Senator from Arizona muy pronto!

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