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Seeing Red AZ comment section has details on the vote.

Thursday night was the Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Committee meeting. LD-11 Chair Rob Haney introduced his previously announced motion. According to Mafioso the motion did not pass, the vote was 8 for and 17 against the Haney resolution. We do not have a list of who voted which way but apparently chief name taker and McCainiac Shiree Verdone was present to record the names.

The McCain camp is probably relieved the motion failed even though he appears to have the nomination sown up any way. One cause for concern is that Rob Haney has 7 allies that are not falling in line. Reportedly Haney had more votes lined up than the 7 but some allies threw in the towel at the last minute. It was too late in the evening for us to find out if they just decided to move on of their own accord or were pressure in some way.

Speaking of falling in line it looks like some people did not get the message about no booing at the CPAC meeting. I heard McCain’s speech live on Sean Hannity and could not understand why the CPAC crown was cheering so loudly. Now I understand it was to drowned out the booing from the back of the room (see video above.)

At first glance this whole issue seems like little more than a footnote in the ’08 primary. Arizona had one of the lengthiest Republican records in the union because it was one of only 6 states to vote for Goldwater in ’64. Had being the operative word due to a Democratic win of Arizona in ’96 when an aging war hero Republican nominee lost to a Democrat named Clinton. If the McCain camp knows their history they may be keen to make sure there is no trouble in Arizona come December ‘08.

The media has done a good side business interviewing Haney during the primary and may be even more interested in the story during the general election. That there are 7 other holdouts only adds to the angst within the party establishment.


  1. Gone fishin- you are drinking Rob’s kool aid. We need to focus locally on winning back leg. seats (hey! it could start in Rob’s own LD-11 district- where we lost because he was on a Republican warpath); State: with taking back Republican statewide seats and Federal. We have our work cut out for us. Let’s work together.

  2. LAW Supporter says


    A valid contract requires that a person is eligible to work in the field of labor. Illegal aliens are not eligible to work here in any field, as opposed to high school dropouts who are not allowed to perform brain surgery in this country. Or maybe they do.

    Frankly speaking, your irrational reasoning indicates that perhaps you were the patient in such a lobotomy. I think that I will discontinue the discourse with such a sycophant.

  3. Law supporter,

    You are begging the conclusion. And you have now stooped to ad homs.

    Hayek and Mises are conservative economists (sadly, I am guessing you have never heard of either, since you are arguing against them). You are right, we should stop discussing this. next thing we know, you will be saying Milton Friedman and Gary Becker are bad liberal economists. I am lucky to personally know better I suppose.

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