Easter Bunny arrives in Oro Valley.


The annual Oro Valley Easter egg hunt was a huge success. The Easter Bunny made a dramatic arrival by helicopter before an audience of excited children.

Easter_ride.jpg Easter_ride2.jpg

Thank you to the Oro Valley Police Department and Golder Ranch Fire Department for a great event.


  1. *

    (Sorry to edit this comment but it was way too depressing. Have a great Easter Sunday!)

  2. Oro Valley Mom says

    So taxpayer dollars were spent to promote a Pagan celebration.

  3. No, they went to an Easter Egg Hunt. All the pagans were slaughtered 1000 years ago. Congratulations, you won.

  4. Oro Valley Mom-
    Are you implying it would have been fine for taxpayer dollars to be spent to promote a Christian celebration?

  5. I’m a Pagan and doing quite well, even in this Theo-con community. Wish to send the Lions my way?

  6. Laugh now……

  7. I meant the actual pagans who may have had spring festivals that the Catholic Church co-opted during Easter, not modern pagans of the Gerald Gardner variety.

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