Early Predictions – McCain to Pasture

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Yes, SA is going out on a limb with this but it appears that Old Man McCain’s campaign may slowly be withering against a robust competition between Giuliani and Romney. The prediction in this is that McCain will fail to raise the money in what appears to be a two-man primary between Mitt and Rudy.

Age will be one factor as many GOP activists face the reality that McCain’s time has come and gone. The energy and momentum now lies with the younger horses and McCain will have to accept the title of elder statesman much like his predecessor Barry.

Ultimately, social conservatives will have to decide whether to trust a candidate once considered liberal on social issues to a candidate who promises to appoint Supreme Court Justices in the ilk of Roberts, Alito and Scalia.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Dear Lord,

    Please send us a fourth option…

  2. Unless a white horse appears on the hrizon, conservatives will get settled with these choices.

  3. If Newt Gingrich doesn’t announce soon, he will have no chance of getting the nomination (as opposed to the slim chance he may have now). McCain keeps pulling away from the base, ensuring his losing the nomination if he doesn’t change course, and Romney can’t figure out what he believes. Giuliani is a nice guy, but his social politics stink. I’m not sure if he can be trusted to appoint conservative judges. None of the other conservatives even break the single digits in the polls. President Hillary Clinton (shudder). Do we really want to allow this to happen?

  4. Hometown Guy says

    McCain has been “pulling away from the base,” longer than he has ever courted it.
    He delighted in his “Maverick” moniker, thinking it gave him the ability to be a “straight-talking” cowboy. The only problem is he was born in the Panama Canal Zone, has never been a cowboy and has never “talked straight.” John McCain is the original “smoke and mirrors” guy. Arizonans, who know him best, like him least.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Wow, how did I become McCain’s defender? Or is that a sign of his troubles?

    It is clever, but inaccurate to say that Arizonans know him best and also like him least. He is a runaway winner in primary polls here in Arizona while he is trailing in primary polls elsewhere.

    I’m not telling you to vote for the guy, I’m just trying to keep it real!

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