Early bird squad.



     Calling all early risers! Just a reminder that the Trent Humphries campaign (LD 26 House) will have a campaign kick-off event tomorrow in Oro Valley, AZ. Festivities begin at 7:30 am (we did not pick the time) at the Kohl’s parking lot on Oracle Road north of Ina. The campaign will have a public service project picking up litter along Oracle Road going north.

     For those of you who get up a little later on the weekend Trent will officially launch the campaign at 9:00 am at James Kreigh Park. For more details visit Trent’s website.


  1. Trent’s position on Health Care:

    “Everyone who wants it, gets it. Ensuring a future for our children by creating a business association pool that reaches the smallest of employers with well-negotiated contracts everyone can afford.”

    I think we agree health care is a GOOD thing Trent. Do we take this to mean illegals clogging up our health care system is fine by you?

  2. No. It means that the largest population of uninsured citizens work for small businesses, which have the most difficult time getting insurance, and Southern Arizona is a small business region. Common sense laws and partnerships can make healthcare widely available without government subsidies or mandates. Trent will be presenting a detailed description of what’s possible.

  3. FreeAdvice says

    Well, then he should start an insurance company.

  4. GOP Boomer Gal says

    How about letting insurance companies decide what to cover instead of having so many mandates from the state and federal governments; then people can CHOOSE what insurance they wish to buy.

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