Drive for Limiting Government Week Begins

Limiting Government Week

State Representative Steve Montenegro, Co-Chair

State Senator Al Melvin, Co-Chair


Phoenix, AZ – Earlier today we emailed our Republican colleagues in the State House and State Senate respectively to seek their support for what we are calling Limiting Government Week.

As Republicans, we are supposed to be believers in limiting government and maximizing individual liberty.  As conservatives, it is not just a line in a Party Platform but a guiding principle.

Yet the work of a State Legislator too often consists of revising laws, writing new laws, and only rarely scaling back or eliminating existing laws.  We would like to see that change and we believe that Arizona’s economy and taxpayers would be well-served by Limiting Government Week.

With enough support from both leadership and rank-and-file members, we propose that one entire week in the upcoming 2014 legislative session be dedicated to eliminating arcane laws and burdensome regulations that do nothing to improve the lives of Arizonans or the economic health of its employers.

There is little debate we are burdened by too much government and all of that government comes at the expense of our wallets and our freedoms.  Limiting Government Week is a good start to reversing that dangerous trend and it is our hope that the positive attention that Arizona garners will send a powerful message nationwide that Arizona is open for business and takes seriously the idea of limited government.

And for those who yearn for Limiting Government Month, we say “Stay Tuned!”

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