Drinking Problem?

Drinking Problem

With today’s news of the arrest of the daughter of Scottsdale’s Chief of Police, something tells me that we might have an alcohol problem. Ya think?

Sure, lots of people are arrested for DUI but what makes this all the more resounding is when individuals writing the law or family members of individuals enforcing the law get busted. Can you imagine if a board member of MADD got arrested for having a little too much?

Hopefully, these incidents will send a wake-up call to the community that we need to exercise some self control and watch out for our neighbors.


  1. Sadly, today’s young women have become yesterday’s rowdy young men. Statistically, we smoke more, indulge in ever escalating rates of risky sexual behaviors and drink a lot of guys under the table. Check out the weaving and speeding drivers on the roadways. A high percentage are young women. Many have no second thoughts about aggressively flipping off other drivers.

    The ideal of a gracious woman appears passe here. Having been raised in the South, that concept is still aspired to, even by the most career minded, successful professional women. The National Organization for Women (NOW), a political arm of the left, derides the notion that the two can go hand-in-hand.

    Feminists such as Ms. Magazine’s Gloria Steinem (famous for her quip, “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle”) told us there were no differences between men and women. Unfortunately, many took that to heart in destructive ways. The “morning after pill,” abortions and conscious decisions not to have children provide the lifestyle to support provocative attitudes. Many of my friends and colleagues in their 40’s regret those decisions today.

    While we are certainly as capable as men, as evidenced by the higher number of female college graduates and those of us with professional degrees, we need not cave in to the pervasive pressures of bawdiness.

    This is Friday. This evening, the bars will be filled with the people I’m writing about.

  2. Very well said Megan. As a woman who was raised by a Southern mother, I understand your perspective. The idea of femininity I was raised with certainly conflicts with the concept of feminism that is espoused by the radicals you referenced. The Proverbs 31 woman had no need to hold her own in beer pong.

    From a woman who has raised daughters and sons, is blessed with a granddaughter and grandsons, my hope is that they understand the value of their character. The comparisons made between everyday people and the rich and famous seems to be an unattainable goal but one that continues to be a constant driving force in many, particularly the young adult.

    Making no excuses for anyone here, I must say that the personification of success and good times usually involves alcohol. This is the culture we have allowed to become the norm. I am not suggesting prohibition, far from it. I am suggesting we all need to be a bit more vigilant in judging our own actions and their possible consequences. The request to watch out for our neighbors is a good one. And while we are at it, maybe we could check ourselves, too.

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