Draft Dean Martin effort begins

Le Templar over at the East Valley Tribune posted an editorial on the possibility State Treasurer Dean Martin would jump into the Governor’s race to challenge Jan Brewer.

“Martin could run for Governor, but will he?”

Apparently, someone has already begun a draft Dean Martin effort by putting up a website which even includes a poll. The website, DraftDeanMartin4Governor.com, only includes an opinion piece by Arizona Republic political writer, Matthew Benson.

We’re not sure who put the website up but it doesn’t matter anyway because Martin is smart and savvy enough not to make such statements and then withdraw such a consideration.

It is very clear, Dean Martin will get into the Governor’s race and he will be a top-tiered candidate in an already crowded field of barely-knowns and unknowns.

Things are beginning to move pretty fast and furious as we head into fall. Such a major announcement by Martin will prompt other candidates considering a run to get anxiety about making their own announcement to get their name into circulation and capture part of the political market share. GOP operative/activist John Munger has been in political circulation for months attempting to rack up market share through his work with Imagine Arizona. He is clearly waiting in the wings for that opportune moment. And there are others painstakingly analyzing the details of a potential run. Timing is everything and any such announcement would need to be dropped without the possibility of being overshadowed by another candidate.

An announcement by Dean Martin will clear the field substantially from other potential top-tiered candidates like Ken Bennett, Mary Peters or JD Hayworth. Martin’s continual warnings about the financial health of the State has bought him some political capital and gravitas over the last 18 months. As State Treasurer, he’s been constitutionally held back from taking any action to solve the State’s budget woes and setting a new financial agenda. Entering the race for Governor will allow him to cast his vision for the State of Arizona. But even more significant, the voters will see Dean Martin as a man on a mission and that makes him extremely formidible in the race for Governor


  1. There’s two completing twitter twits of draft dean and then the mockery of him too. The mocking is very amateur and easily tracted. Those of any position that do this are silly, but if you’re twittering from a blackberry on the oh maybe the 9th floor there, or at GOP hedquarters, you fools best pay attention. It’s obvious. Trust me as I know the good and bad twitter brings: it is public conversation, not a game between you and your friends who think they’re players.

  2. that was competing twitter: @DraftDeanMartin and @NotDeanMartin

    It’s going to backfire, mocking him, and it seems like a naive outside play.

  3. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    I think people would welcome the financial saavy and understanding of the budget that Mr. Martin would bring to the table. Every time I heard him speak he has demonstrated an ability to knowledgeably explain, in layman’s terms, the financial problems that plague our state, as well as their solutions. If he could get that message out to Arizonans, I think he would find a very receptive audience.

  4. I can hear Terry Goddard saying, “go ahead Dean, make my day.” This is just what the GOP needs, more infighting and attacks on a Republican governor. Can anyone say Governor Goddard.

  5. Conservative does not mean Republican says


    I don’t think the GOP is going to put up any viable candidate that supports Brewer’s tax plan. Running on a platform that essentially says, “Yes, I supported raising taxes during an incredibly difficult recession” is not going to win the Republican primary much less a general election. Your criticism, then, should apply to all challengers of the insufferable Jan Brewer. Your beloved Brewer is not going to hold office after this coming election.

  6. Dean Martin can't lead- cause where is the money to fix the budget? says

    Sorry, Fail.

    Where is the support for massive cuts?


    Then raise taxes and do your constitutional duty!!!

    Legislature is pushing epic failure, and you idiots think we are going to elect a Republican Governor?

    The one we have is bad enough.

    I was actually feeling nostalgic for jane Dee today, at least that was competence, in spite of that alt fuels fiasco from Groscost.

    Here is an original idea, vote a huge tax increase in place with the dems, and then republicans can run against the big tax increase for the next decade!!!

    How hard is it to do basis political strategy 101?

    Epic failure will not be rewarded by the voters.

    This is simply getting too big.

  7. Not Le Templeton. It’s Le Templar.

  8. kralmajales says

    Martin is the treasurer who is presideing over the worst budget mess the GOP has ever created. This is what people will remember…hmmm….

    Treasurer means the keeper of the dough. We have ruined financial picture.
    Martin is the treasurer.
    Martin is incompetent.

    He will be so easy to defeat by Goddard that you’d better go with Brewer.

  9. Whoever started this website has registered it through a proxy to hide who they are. I would suggest that this ‘draft’ movement is not very genuine.

  10. I’d say one thing on behalf of Dean

    With enemies and critics like Kral and Todd, he must have quite a few positives to offer both state and party!

  11. Carlist,
    I’m not any more an enemy to Dean than the rest of the likely field. Just stating the obvious that this ‘draft’ movement is a rather transparent attempt to get his name out there without violating resign to run.

  12. I don’t know who started the site but it is common knowledge in media and lobbyists that Dean would very much like to run and win the office of Governor. His “name” is already “out there.” Between now and when he announces (he can’t announce now, he’d have to resign the Treas job) you’re certain to see potential opponents doing the same thing with their campaigns by having supporters start the campaigns and gossip early.

  13. Kral,

    Your analysis is retarded. Nobody is going to blame the treasurer for something he has absolutely no control over. Nice try. Plus, his name is Dean Martin after all. At least some of the voting electorate thinks they laughed with him on tv back in the day, or watched him play second fiddle to Jerry Lewis.

    That being said, I am opposing any Dean Martin run for governor for personal reasons. He is, in my opinion, not the kind of person we want in charge of our government.

  14. kralmajales says


    You are kidding yourself or have no idea how real people think. The broader problem is that you all control all of govt. but the freakin Att Gen.

    Literally, people will associate the budget with the treasurer…and more broadly the GOP. That is two BIG strikes against him.

    Try again folks.

  15. kralmajales says

    “He is, in my opinion, not the kind of person we want in charge of our government.”

    Our debate aside, what is your rationale for this Pdp?

  16. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    I’m not going to support a particular candidate until the ballot is put together. That being said, your analysis, kral, is ridiculous. He didn’t have control over the situation. In fact, he tried to warn people about our state’s imminent financial collapse far before it happened. He tried to meet with JaNo back in December to get some work done on the mess and she flat out refused to see him. She basically told him she didn’t want to deal with it right then (obviously she knew she was headed to D.C. at that point). A grade schooler could see past your line of reasoning, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a few Dems were persuaded by it.

  17. One thing in D.M.’s favor:

    He does not have the fiscal mentality of Jayno or the ultimitte R.I.N.ETTE, Jane Hull!

    Whatever his other shortcomings, that should blow some fresh air into the State’s economic pig sty!

  18. kralmajales says

    Conservative…blah blah Republican,

    This economy and our budget problems is not due to 5ish years of Janet. It is a GOP dominated legislature that blocked her at every level and 40 years of GOP control of that body that has made it impossible to do anything but lower taxes.

    The GOP and conservatives control this state. Can’t deny it now…and…you can blame it on Brewer like you tried to do with Janet, but the real problem is clearly that your caucus wants to cut MORE when most people think that is crazy talk.

    He is the treasurer…he has the reigns of financial power in the state along with his buddies in the legislature that he used to serve with. He supports these policies and as a result the very mess that you all have in front of you.

    The state continues to lose money. We are spending less. Why is that? Is it “just the economy”? Why is our state ranked the worst…even behind Cali in structural budget problems? That aint Janet.

    Bigger than that…why don’t we have a budget?

    We can listen to Dean Martin all day long hem and haw about how he warned people and is trouble, and essentially that he has no idea what to do (which that clip basically says).

    He will lose massively.

  19. Kral:

    I was going to respond to your latest spiel but then I remembered that you advance the U.S. Postal Service as a model of efficiency and cost effectiveness!!

    Savage is right! Liberalism IS a mental disorder!

  20. kralmajales says

    I never advanced it as a model of efficiency or cost effectiveness. Just said it works…and that is how I mail my mail and get my mail.

    I also know that the subsidy is necessary so that people in Cochise could actually get a letter.

    Although we will both soon enough be placated by the fact that technology will have outstripped its usefullness. Email wins.

  21. kralmajales says

    And you were going to respond to my latest spiel, except for the fact that I am right. All you can say is “Janet did it” which is false and simple minded. What you can’t dispute is that your party controls the very govt we are in, and national forces under Bush got us here too.

    A complete and utter failure of governance..and frankly ability to work and get things done too. It is evidence of violation of the GOPs greatest truth that we:

    a) reward hard work, which this legislature and governor is clearly not doing.

    b) ability…they have none.

    c) results…which are cataclysmic.

    On all counts, what you all should say under your own theory is…


  22. Conservative does not mean Republican says


    Your contradictory, crap-filled posts continue to astound. How can the Republicans’ desire to cut back spending be the source of our state’s financial insolvency? Truth be told, there were forces at work here that neither Republican nor Democrat legislators could’ve stopped. No single person is responsible for our current mess. However, among the contributing factors is NOT a desire to lower government spending.

  23. kralmajales says

    Conservative…blah blah blah,

    Here is what is wrong with the formula that I did not describe. We have a revenue problem. The GOP has advanced tax cut after tax cut and has made us heavier and heavier on sales taxes to bring in revenue. They also instituted measures to make it almost impossible to raise them. So we cut taxes which equals less revenue, cut spending which equals less economic development. We gamble on growth taking us out of it, but it doesn’t and won’t during poor economic times.

    The GOP has put us in this mess with 40 years of control of the legislature and a complete inability to function.

    The lack of govt. spending, as the Chamber of Commerce will attest, has placed us last in most everything in this nation. Making it an unattractive (at best) place to move companies, innovate, and do business.

  24. Kral:

    Like Florida and other tourist states, Arizona has higher sales taxes. Always has, no matter which party is in control (and I’m no fan of the process)

    While the CofC is complaining that we’re not spending enough, it might reflect that it’s policies of hiring low skilled, illicit labor at coolie wages hasn’t helped to curtail public wages. Someone has to pick up the benefits and the boys at the Chamber know who to dump it on, John Q. Taxpayer!

    And you libs to keep your inefficient, incompetent public school hold tank system from facing true competition, pound the same taxpayer with sneaky budget override votes in the middle of summer to drive up property taxes!

    It was just this reliance upon a greater property tax bundle to be collected through a housing boom which convinced the Dems, and Rinos, who in tandem wrote the budgets under Jayno that spending levels could be increased!

    Well, the “Nanny” staters are going to have to face reality and they’re not going to continue to “sock it to” the middle classes without a fight!

  25. Kral:

    Your mail got delivered at the cost of a 7 billion dollar deficit this past fiscal quarter!

    And this works!

    Whatever the faults of a GOP legislature, guys like you shouldn’t be within ten miles of 19th Ave and Jefferson!

  26. kralmajales says

    “Like Florida and other tourist states, Arizona has higher sales taxes. Always has, no matter which party is in control (and I’m no fan of the process”

    Exactly. GOP dominated legislatures have dropped property taxes and income taxes to some of the lowest levels in the country and then gambled on sale taxes of tourists to bail us out. It doesn’t work and it is why our state and Florida are bankrupt as hell.

  27. If property taxes have been dropped it’s due to the decreased valuation of houses, not legislative action!

    What was gambled during the housing bubble was the belief that the year to year increase of housing costs would take care of all spending, and the Dems with their RINO buddies used the false boom to kill any spending cuts whatsoever!

    And the real problem comes in as decreased property tax revenues can’t sustain a bloated public education system with a ridiculous pork lined Administration apparatus.

    But the A.E.A.must be genuflected to by the libs just as the CofC must receive kowtows from “Banana” Republicans!

  28. Love4Arizona says

    So basically what we have here is another career politician who is hinting at a run for another office better than his/her “current one”.

    What I want to know is why we allow current elected officials turn to the public trough/welfare for politicians aka Clean Elections when they can’t drum up enough support to finance their campaign.

    If you cannot gain the support to finance your campaign you have NO Business running your campaign off the public’s money in clean elections. I don’t car what party you are from it is not right.

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