Dr. Kelli Ward: Affordable Healthcare Act Must Be Repealed

Lake Havasu City, AZ – Dr. Kelli Ward, candidate for the Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 5, released the following statement today regarding the Supreme Court Ruling on the Affordable Care Act:

“I am disappointed that the Supreme Court has failed to strike down the overreaching “Healthcare Law”. It is now time for Arizona to resist the Federal Government and the implementation of this overreaching legislation and work with our congressional delegation to repeal and replace this unsustainable law. I plan to work for Arizona to help develop a healthcare system that includes a safety net, accountability and purchasing freedoms while encouraging people to be consumers of healthcare and not just of insurance. To accomplish this, we must remember a fundamental principle: government intervention will not make healthcare more affordable – it only drives up the costs. The same is true when big insurance gets involved in healthcare policy; the costs go up. Only free market solutions will solve this issue. It is time to elect someone to the State Senate that understands healthcare delivery, the difficulty for the underinsured and uninsured and the frustration of providing care without accountability to Arizonans on Medicaid programs. When elected to the State Senate I will advocate the following:

  • -Oppose the Federal Government and state implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act
  • Drug testing with consequences for people getting taxpayer assistance
  • Freedom to purchase insurance across state lines
  • Tort reform
  • Intelligent changes to Medicaid programs to help people get the care they need
  • Decrease the influence of big insurance on the Legislature and policy makers
  • Encourage patients to understand real healthcare costs and become healthcare consumers, removing the health insurance companies and the government from the Physician-Patient relationship

Dr. Kelli Ward is a conservative Republican candidate from LD5 who lives in Lake Havasu City, AZ with her husband, Dr. Michael Ward, and their three kids Katie, Cameron and Nick. She is a family physician with additional experience in small business, corporate administration, medical education, health policy and public health. She is a mom, Rotarian and military spouse.

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