Dowling Pleads Guilty to Misdemeanor

AZCentral is reporting that Dr. Sandra Dowling has plead guilty to one misdemeanor of employing a relative. This brings an end to litany of overzealous prosecution by the County Sheriff and Attorney General, Terry Goddard. Dowling will face sentencing on August 26th which could mean a fine of $750 or up to four months in jail.

County Supervisors and the County Manager’s Office also¬†face questions of credibility¬†as their pursuit of Dowling’s case has cost Maricopa County taxpayers resources.


  1. Preacher's Kid says

    It’s crazy. All of the charges filed against her were dropped. She pled guilty to hiring her daughter ten years ago. The interesting thing is that she did not break any law in doing so.

    You can hire a relative with consent of the school board and, interestingly enough, she WAS the school board and, obviously, consented. The judge should not have to look too long to throw out this charge since the situation was unusual, but legal.

  2. I hope this means that Sandra Dowling can start to put this behind her. If the outcome of all the charges is a misdemeanor, then she was certainly treated contemptably.

    The public will never know the private anguish that enduring something like this has meant to her and her family. Here’s hoping that today’s action means there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Buddy Breon says

    The charges against Sandra Dowling were dropped because all 25 of those felonies were false accusations. She never did any of those things and, in fact, the evidence clearly showed from the beginning that there were no violations. Lies and betrayals of public trust led to the charges and prosecutors tried to make it look good. Had anyone with less personal strength been facing this, the prosecutors would have gotten a plea on one or more of the charges to get rid of the rest. She stuck it out and got charged with a “crime” that required she waive her rights to the statute of limitations. After all that money and claims by Don Stapley, she pled to a totally unrelated minor offense to avoid a lot of legal fees for a trial that would have exonerated her, too.

    Stapley should be removed from office. He was the kingpin behind all of this. All he accomplished was to ruin school for homeless children. Guess he thought their lives weren’t tough enough. Thank you, Don Stapley.

  4. Dowling’s not the first local politician to be ruined by an overzealous prosecutor. Keep that in mind when you vote for (or against) any one of them who had a part in these politically motivated prosecutions. It’s a disgrace.

  5. That’s what happens with someone helps poor kids against the wishes of developers and the teacher’s unions.

  6. Conservative Activist says

    Check out the article on this at Liberty’s Apothecary –

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