Dowling Counts Dropping, Pappas Doors Shutting

Inside sources have informed Sonoran Alliance that an additional eight charges against Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools, Sandra Dowling, are likely to be dropped within the next week. According to the source, the U.S. Attorney has made the recommendation that an additional eight charges be dismissed. If this occurs, the case against Dowling will continue to weaken as a total of 18 of 25 charges fall.

Of the remaining charges, lead prosecutor, Howard Sukenic, who has been tied up with a jury trial in Pima County, has verbally agreed to meet with Dowling’s attorney, Craig Mehrens, to discuss two of the seven remaining charges which were remanded to a grand jury and may also be dropped.

With five charges still lingering, attorney are likely to battle those remaining through the grand jury and appeals process leaving Dr. Dowling’s legal fate uncertain.

Meanwhile, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors voted late today to shut down the Thomas J. Pappas schools for the homeless. Under hours of mediation, the board voted to close all campuses by year’s end but also voted to provide preferential hiring for teachers and other employees of the school.

Widespread speculation continues that the board decided that the main school was in the way of a plan to expand the biomedical campus being developed in downtown Phoenix.


  1. The monied interests at work again. Stapley wanting to run for Congress no later than the next reapportionment pandering to the McCain-Crow-University-downtown redevelopment real estate and development corporations, etc.

    I bet those poor excuses for humanity are sorry she beat the big C. The dumb part for them was they put her in a position where she had to fight – they left her no other honorable out.

  2. In a state that shouts out about how strong the choice movement is here, what about the homeless child? Where is the Goldwater Institute, Eddie Farnsworth, Clint Bolick and all the others who so willingly allow whatever possible when it comes to other types of choice. Does it not apply to homeless children who have no way to get to the charter school and home school, well…considering they are homeless that is hardly an option. That the buses from Pappas go out and pick these kids up, that the staff actively looks for kids who have fallen through the cracks and brings them in, does that not mean anything? Do we really think the neighborhood district school will be as effective in finding the kids much less educating them?

    These children are being marginalized and used as pawns, someone needs to stand up for them. If they say nothing here, their words will ring hollow in the future.

    This looks remarkably like the New London case. A long time building in a developing part of town that could be used for higher tax purposes; where is the tax man in all of this and how deep and wide does the complicity go? It must go way beyond the Sups, who have no doubt been given a no win deal that they can’t say no to. The eerie silence of very powerful, prominent folks who have supported Pappas, Dr. Dowling’s troubles aside, seems to speak volumes.

    If they want the land and the gold that will surely follow, say so. But do not close the school, move it to another location and put the safeguards in place to see it is run efficiently and effectively.

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