Doug Ducey: Remember When They Promised the One-Cent Sales Tax Would Be Temporary?

Dear Friends,

I am emailing you to thank you for all the support we continue to receive as we speak with hard-working Arizonans on the dangers of Proposition 204. It has been amazing to see how many people care about Arizona’s fiscal future.

We are greatly pleased with our momentum and the overwhelming number of voters we speak with who are voting NO on Prop 204. But we still need your help to get the message out about how Prop 204 is a PERMANENT sales tax increase that is a bad idea for Arizona families. We were promised the sales tax increase would be temporary, but now special interest groups are taking advantage of the sacrifice voters made in 2010 and asking for a $1 BILLION dollar tax hike that lasts FOREVER.

This week we launched our first television ad, “Temporary.”

Will you please help this ad stay on TV? We are facing a well-funded network of government unions and special interest groups and we need your help to get the facts out on how damaging Prop 204 will be to our local economy. Please consider a donation by clicking HERE.

Any amount is greatly appreciated. Help us spread the word and stay up on the air across the state through Election Day.

Thank you so much for your help. Together we can send the clear sign that Arizona is open for business and that we want real education reform, not special interest giveaways. Vote No on Prop 204!

Thank you,

Doug Ducey
Arizona State Treasurer
Chairman – No New Taxes, No on Prop 204

Vote NO on 204!


  1. No on 204 is the David to the pro-tax hike Goliath. I encourage all good Arizonans to donate to the effort to put Leviathan on a diet.

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