Doug Clark Hammers Back at Carl Seel

The battle in LD-6 continues to heat up as Representative Doug Clark goes to bat for Tony Bouie. Here is the latest autodialer message released on the voters of district 6.


  1. Just Win Baby says

    Good grief. What’s he so upset at?

  2. Keen Observer says

    This message was sent out on the July 31. Why is it here now?

  3. Just Win Baby says

    Alright, I’ll bite. What was he so upset at on July 31st? There would have been even less going on back then, so an angry voice mail makes even less sense. What gives?

  4. Richard Wayne says


    Are you the conduit, or the generator?

  5. The momentum is greater now but it was in full throttle by the end of July. Clark knows Seel and may be plain ol’ sick and tired of his tactics and holier than all others attitude. CQ has never been too careful about letting his plans be known, vanity being what it is and all. This may have been a preemptive strike with the mailers going out.

    Clark has a vested interest and knows what it takes. This guy Seel, may have a heart of gold and a desire to match but… he ain’t got it folks.

  6. Richard Wayne says

    Exactly what is Clark’s vested interest? He came from nowhere in the Republican Party to fill a vacant position, served only slightly more than one year before he announced he was leaving. He not only did not know what it takes, after he found out, he determined he could not handle it.

    He does not exactly have a lot of investment here to protect, unless he has made some sort of behind the scenes deal. That could be something to look at in the coming months.

  7. Considering it was a two year position, serving slightly more than one year and choosing to not seek reelection is hardly desertion. Realizing what it takes after having been there and being honest enough to say so should be commendable and offer credibility. More should do the same.

    He did step up and tried. I did not hear complaints about his service. The toll was more than he was willing to pay, not that the work was too hard or that he was unable to meet the challenge. The number of divorces, bankruptcies, drug/alcohol issues, and domestic disputes among legislators might be an indicator of how stressful that job can be.

    For someone to walk away after giving it a shot is not a bad thing.

  8. And Clark’s vested interest in the race is that he recruited Bouie as his replacement and is chairing his campaign committee. I’ve spoken with him at length about the race and he feels Bouie would best serve the district at the Capitol.

    Ann hit hit out of the park about why he is not seeking re-election: the personal cost was too high. When he announced his decision, he was very open about how the demands of being a lawmaker negatively affected his ability to provide for his family. Those demands, in combination with the prolonged and deeper-than-expected dip in the real estate market, required him to make a choice: focus on his business and family or continue a public service job with tremendous demands that only pays $24K a year.

  9. Clark did not leave because he couldn’t handle the pressure in the legislature. He did a great job. His income earning job is in real estate and he decided with the decline in the market that he needed to focus on providing for his family- something it’s not easy for realtors to do right now.

  10. Did I miss something? Why is everyone defending this Clark guy in this thread? I can’t find where his decision to leave is attacked in any way.

    He does sound completely unhinged in the recording at the top though. What was that?

  11. TONY BOUIE LIED TO THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC EDITORIAL BOARD AND TO THE ARIZONA CAPITOL TIMES. Said he was a Republican while registered in Florida. Problem is, some voters got curious and contacted Hillsborough County elections in Florida–google it. And learned Bouie was registered there–but registered as a democrat not a Republican like he has been claiming all over town. Does Doug Clark still back BOUIE THE LIAR? Appearently SA still does because they are silent on the whole story that was all over blognet and

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