Donald Trump Must Step Aside

Donald Trump

I can no longer hold my tongue.

As a lifelong Republican who believes in a party that is far more principled on economic, international and social issues than the Democrat party, I can no longer diplomatically maneuver through the cesspool that our nominee has created.

Donald Trump must step aside.

Yes, Bill Clinton did some horrible things as President of the United States throughout the 1990’s. Many Americans gave him a second term despite all his liberal social policy positions and personal behavior. (I’m still angry at those who only cared about their wallets and gave Bill a pass when he was leading the charge in the collapse of our moral climate.)

But Bill Clinton is not running for President in 2016.

Don’t get me wrong. I will never vote to return Bill and Hillary Clinton to the White House.

It has now come to the point of full repulsion when trying to defend Donald Trump as the nominee. From all the conversations I’ve had with other lifelong conservative Republicans, I’m not alone.

We’re now 30 days from the General Election and time is running out.

The latest horrifying and disgusting revelations about Donald Trump have doomed the Republican nominee to lose this election, badly.

Trump supporters wanted to “burn the house the down” and now their fire is out of control. Some are even throwing more gasoline on the fire.

Down ballot Republicans are doomed – unless they denounce and distance themselves from the top of the ticket. Even Governor Mike Pence must be in self-preservation mode as he considers his life on Wednesday, November 9th.

I still have a lot of pent-up anger toward Republicans who gave Trump the nomination. Many of my fellow conservatives and I did everything we could to warn voters that nominating Trump would be disastrous to the GOP. We got tired of warning, begging and shouting and shoved that anger deep down inside when he became the nominee.

It’s time for a justified outburst – before it’s too late.

Donald Trump must step aside.


  1. John Moore says:

    Seriously? You didn’t know that Trump did things like this?

    And, what things? He talked badly about women. That is “horrible?” No, it is politically incorrect. It is what lots of perfectly fine American males say to each other in private. I don’t approve of it, but it is hardly the terrible secular sin that everyone is not claiming.

    This is no way makes him unsuitable to be President.

    I do think that it dooms Trump It dooms him because too many people incorrectly believe that this makes him unsuitable.

    That shows how great the power of political correctness in our society. A rapper can say all sorts of violent, racist and misogynistic things, and the left loves him. Trump cannot.

    I did not vote for Trump in the primaries and am very sad that he was nominated. But, this latest “revelation” which told me nothing new will not stop me from voting for the lesser of evils, and the only realistic vote in that context is for Trump.

    If you are not going to vote for Trump because of this hardly surprising event, then you will join the ranks of conservatives whose feeling of self virtue are more important than the fate of our country. I hope you enjoy the warm fuzzies it gives you. What do you think telling everyone this will achieve, other than making you feel good? Do you think the country will be better off with actions that improve Hillary’s odds?

    I will forgive conservative politicians who avoid Trump if it is the only way they think Republicans can stay in power in Congress. I am less fond of pundits who attack Trump and engage in this sort of virtue signalling.

  2. Mike Bertocchi says:

    I am sick of you “I am a better republican than you” republicans who have consistently told all of us that we need to support the Republican ticket all the way even if we don’t always agree with everyone on it. Example John McCain, but have a problem following your own advice.

  3. Go Trump! No libtards!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are an idiot! By urging Republicans to vote anti trump is an endorsement of Clinton.

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