Domestic Terrorism in Austin

I was very angry to hear that a bomb was left outside an Austin abortion clinic today (story). As much as I hate, despise and loathe the action of killing and dismembering an unborn baby and exploiting a mother/woman in the process, I strongly condemn acts of violence against those who practice violence on the most vulnerable.

Let’s call it what it is – domestic terrorism.

Some of the strongest pro-life advocates are former abortionists. Many like me, pray and persuade these depraved individuals to leave the business and join the ranks of those standing for protecting innocent human life. Detonating a bomb and killing abortionists and those women who feel they have no other option than to take their baby’s life will not strengthen the pro-life movement. It only disfigures and discredits those of us seeking peaceful, life-affirming solutions.

Let’s not follow the terrorists abroad who hate American and yes, the practice of abortion. Let’s assert and take the higher road.


  1. Bob Orzus says

    Alex Jones predicts 9/11 on live TV, in July of the same year it happened. Watch the video —

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