“Doing Work” for slick Willie

I know, I know, this is pure tabloid but how can anyone resist — well, the Democrats can of course.

Accused Las Vegas ‘Madam’ Claims She Only Did Makeup for Bill Clinton

The lawyer for an accused Las Vegas “Madam” says she did work for Bill Clinton but only to provide makeup, not girls.

Alleged “Madam” Esperanza Brooks told undercover officers her clients “range from ‘Shaqille [sic] O’Neal to Bill Clinton,'” according to a police report obtained by the Blotter on ABCNews.com.

In the report, Brooks is quoted as saying she employed 40 girls who were “very discrete and only go with upscale people.”

“These are not your average girls,” Brooks said. “Some of them have worked with Bill Clinton.”

…A spokesman for former President Bill Clinton declined to comment to ABC News, but last week told the New York Post, in which the arrest was reported, “Apparently, total fabrications that get made up in Vegas don’t stay in Vegas.”

I guess its just another “he said she said” story and I don’t know who to believe, Bill Clinton or the prostitute.   

H/T Gateway Pundit.


  1. Yes that is a little tabloid. Next time just put in a link to National Enquirer and save yourself the time of writing the story.

  2. I included the link to ABC news. Is ABC part of the vast right wing conspiracy?

  3. And why are we still talking about Bill Clinton??? He has been ouy of office how long now?

    We have far greater problems today then to worry about a former President.

    Remember the guy in there now was going to bring dignity and respect back to the ovel office!!!! HA HA what a joke

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