Does Kyl, McCain coming out against sales tax hike doom Prop. 100, Brewer’s primary hopes?


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, March 8, 2010


Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) released the following joint statement regarding Proposition 100:

“We appreciate the hard work that the Governor and the Legislature have done to try to solve the state’s fiscal problems, and though we hadn’t planned to comment on what is rightly a state issue – the proposed increase in the state’s sales tax – we’ve been asked by various news media for our views.

“We support the right of Arizonans to decide the issue of a short-term sales tax increase on the local level.  However, as Arizonans and Americans across our nation continue to face perilous economic times, we fundamentally oppose increasing taxes on small businesses and working families.

“We recognize the difficult fiscal situation Arizona finds itself in and we appreciate the tireless dedication by our state’s elected officials to solve the budget problems.”


Please post the McCain vs. Hayworth comments on the prior post… here, let’s discuss what the Sonoran Alliance‘s readership thinks of the prospects for passage of Proposition 100… and, for that matter, the prospects for Jan Brewer’s campaign to capture the GOP nomination for governor if the sales tax increase fails on May 18th?   — MBW    


  1. The Mole says

    Here is real news! John McCain actually does something for Arizona! He is famous for throwing supporters under the bus and he really came through on this one!

    Take that Brewer. How do you like your boy now? Good to have friends like him, huh?

    Governor Martin… I really like the sound of that. Thanks John.

  2. Jefferson Smith says

    Is there anybody not on the state government payroll on the dole or feeding at the trough supporting this thing?

    Let’s celebrate the fact that John McCain, Jon Kyl and J.D. Hayworth all oppose this odious tax increase.

    There will be a lot of time between May 19th and August 24th to wage all-out war over the U.S. Senate nomination.

    For me, I feel better about being an Arizona Republican today.

    NO on 100!!!!!!!!!

  3. Stephen Kohut says

    All fiscal conservatives were against this the day Brewer proposed it. It took this long for McRINO and Sen. Minority Wimp Kyl to get on board. They must have been reading the polls before deciding which way to jump. How courageous of them. Brewer now has little McRINO tracks all over her back. There is no one McNasty won’t throw under the bus if he thinks it’s in his best interest.

  4. McCain ONLY came out opposed to the Sales Tax increase because he is under pressure in his re-election campaign and JD made his position clear. What a hypocrite. Johnny has done more to hurt the taxpayers in the last decade than any other Republican. And Jon’s treacherous behavior on Comp. Imm. Reform during his last re-election campaign shows they are both cut from the same bolt of fabric.

  5. nightcrawler says

    In the case, I have to agree. It would have been better for the senior senators to just stay away from this issue. They simply are not exposed to the details of the budget.

    It isn’t right to throw Jan under the bus, especially since she endorsed McCain at her own political peril. I do feel for her, she has given her entire political career to the AZGOP and has always been a team player.

    As I have mentioned before, this type of statement will not change anyone’s mind.
    Just be yourself, that is good enough.

  6. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who Hayworth’s slick consultants are or what “conservative credentials” JD Hayworth is purported to hate. I’m hoping McCain keeps up his efforts

  7. Stephen Kohut says

    The only effort I want from McCain is for him to retire and help Cindy sell beer.

  8. Antifederalist says

    I beg to differ with you on Brewer being a “team player”. She is currently well known for her inability to work with the legislature. If she were a “team player”, she would have worked with the legislature rather than increase spending with line item vetoes, then draged the legislature into THREE special sessions to undo her spending increases.

  9. Antifederalist says

    P.S. – I hope it DOES kill her primary hopes and I hope that, in August, the taxpayers remember at the ballot box that Jan Brewer proposed the tax increase they will be voting on in May.

  10. Hmmm, with all the current grief in RINO Land, I guess this thread will not be visited by Travis and Ann!

    They must be in a tizzy over whose side to take!

  11. The great thing about the proposed tax-hike is that it is left to the people to decide at the ballot this coming May. If the people decide a tax-hike is not in the interest of Arizona, then it will force state legislatures to conduct further cuts in the budget…a necessary move to make Arizona’s sub-government smaller, paving the way for an emboldened private sector solution based on genuine prosperity and increased revenue. Brewer’s plan leaves it to voters. What she really could be hoping is for voters to reject it at the ballot and force the legislatures in which she leads to significantly cut the budget. McCain and Kyl’s non-support for the sales tax should emulate that they truly are conservatives.

  12. VOTE YES ON PROP 100! Honestly… its YOUR CHILDREN’s EDUCATION we are taking about…. never mind republican…. nevermind democrate… and forget the politics…. THIS TAX IS GOING TO EDUCATION! shame on you for not setting aside your views and not supporting education…

  13. i think this is garbage of him to speak out on it. if this tax does not go through those “working families” he speaks of, who work in the education field will be out of a job. We NEED this tax to go through. Do we want a tax increase? NO. Do we NEED it though. YES

    VOTE YES ON PROP 100!!!!!

  14. Bill n Maggie

    We are so tired of all Politicians while running for Office say
    they are going to put our Children First. That Education is the first
    priority. And than they get elected and they never do anything for
    the Schools.
    We are done with all the Political Bull. Your actions not your words will be your Legacy.
    Yes on 100 , because our Politicians don’t do their elected Promises.
    We lose Teachers and our Children get Hurt.
    Vote yes 100 !!

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